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Looking back on the endings to FO:NV, doesn't it seem sort of implied that the NCR is clearly going to die if they do not win? They mention they've pumped lakes dry and that they'll suffer a food shortage within a decade. Meanwhile, I recall one fan calculating out how much House planned to charge the NCR for electricity should he win the war and it was ridiculous, and Indy lacks a direct option to barter with the NCR, no? Is this intended, or are things like Houses fees an "oversight" of sorts?

Characters like Chief Hanlon certainly spell out some dark times ahead for the NCR, but I don’t think any of the characters makes an airtight case that those problems will definitely lead to the collapse of the republic.  It’s worth noting that the biggest doomsayers are people like Hanlon or Followers of the Apocalypse who are inclined to believe that the NCR’s mission in the Mojave Wasteland is inherently flawed, immoral, or plain ol’ bad.  Confirmation bias can lead people to view the state of things through a strangely-tinted lens.

House planned to charge NCR astronomical fees because he relied on absolute control of the dam, a true hydraulic empire (tiny as it is) backed up by the force of Securitrons.  Independent Vegas, with or without upgraded Securitrons, still doesn’t have the leverage of Mr. House and would not be able to charge the fees that House had in mind.  As with any negotiations between parties that lack a higher regulatory body, the ultimate price is what the buyer is willing to pay – in money, material, land, control, lives, etc.