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Erwin & Armin - I love you

I hate them. I hate Armin. I hate Erwin. I hate Winmin. Please go away and take my feels with them… Why are you doing this to me? T^T

I was tired and I tried to sleep but my Winmin feels were overwhelming so I got this idea while snoozing… obviously, I had to draw it.

what we learned form chapter 86

- Erwin was right.

- There is an advanced kingdom outside the walls.

- Eren’s power is from the original titan Ymir who made a deal for the titan powers.

- Ymir died and made nine titans with her powers, they made the Eldian kingdom.

- They destroyed everyone else, but the marley kingdom came back and went to war with them.

-The marleyan’s won, the eldians lost, and the Eldian king, king fritz escaped the land and started the island of paradis, the three walled kingdom were are story takes place.

- The maleyans opressed the left over eldians.

- Grisha was an eldian.

- His sister was brutally murdered, and he saw how cowardly and evil everyone was.

- He learned what happened to his sister when he was older from a rebel army the Eldian Restoration Movement , he joined them, to make the cruel word right again, and ended up leading them.

- A descendant of the fritz family joined them, and grisha married her and they had a kid.

- That kid was Zeke, making him Eren’s half brother.

- The Marleyans wanted to conquer the Eldians and paradis to get the original titans power.

-They recruited children 6-7 years old, were a select few received titan power, and were made warriors.

- Bertholdt, Reiner, and Annie were warrior children, and didn’t deserve to suffer so much.

- Grisha sent Zeke to be a warrior, as their last hope, so they could stop the marleyans.

- Zeke turned in his parents and the rebels, and they were sentenced to utopia, where they were turned into titans to roam and eat their own kind for eternity.

- Utopia is where the survey corps have been exploring all this time.

- Being an asshole runs in the Yeager family.

Not Everything Is Black and White

Chapter 2

Co Writer: @furrynachogamer

“Hey Yeager! can you come in here a second” Chief Erwin yelled from his office

“Yes sir what is it you need?” Eren asked as he saluted Erwin and closed the door

“I have this new case for you but I need to know if you’re up for any danger” Erwin asked as he dropped a manila file folder in front of Eren

“I’m up for any danger sir so please tell me how I can help” Eren said seriously

“You might die you know” Erwin said

“I don’t care as long as I serve my country and bring people peace” Eren said

“Alright well there’s this case on a mafia boss Levi Ackerman” Erwin said and Eren was shocked that his captain was giving Eren this case. This case was huge! No one has ever been able to catch Levi and his group and whoever got close to catching them they were killed. Eren picked up the file folder and flipped through the papers in it

“He’s committed multiple crimes such as robbery, drug deals, rape and even murder” Erwin said as Eren continued to read through the reports

"He was last spotted in queens and is said to have a spy on his trail” Erwin said

“We’ll be sending you and your squad to Queens to investigate the scene of the last crime” Erwin said standing up

“Last crime sir?” Eren asked

“Yes his last heist was a jewelry store where everyone was knocked out with sleeping gas and the entire store was robbed” Erwin explained

"In his murder case it was a strawberry blonde haired girl named Petra. She was a 22 year old intern at Lenox Hill Hospital” Erwin said

“In New York he was almost caught with his major drug cartel but made a last minute escape” Erwin told Eren

“And his m.o for rape brunettes in there 20’s-30's” Erwin said

“Please don’t take Levi lightly he will taunt you and it’s likely you’ll fall for his tricks but don’t be discouraged” Erwin said

“Thank you sir it’s an honor to be on this case” Eren said standing up taking the reports

“Wheels up in 30 make sure ur at the airport by then, oh and assemble your team” Erwin instructed

“Yes sir” Eren said standing up and walking out of his Captains office hurrying over to his desk to gather some things before starting to leave for New York but before he left

“Armin, Jean, Marco you’re on my team we have a mission we’re going to Queens hurry and pack your shit and met me at the airport in 30 minutes!” Eren said quickly before rushing home needing to pack some stuff before leaving. He hurried into his bedroom and throwing some clothes into a bag. He felt two arms wrap around his waist

“you’re home early” Mikasa said

“I have a great case! I’m leaving for Queens in 30 minutes” Eren said

“oh? What’s the case?” Mikasa asked as she kissed his neck

“you know the Levi mafia case” Eren said

“yeah” she said quietly

“Erwin gave me that case! This is big for me Mikasa!” Eren said excitedly

Mikasa stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a light kiss on the lips

“please be careful Eren” she said quietly and run her hands over his chest. Eren smiled

“I will” he said and gave her kiss back before finishing packing saying goodbye to his girlfriend and heading off to the airport.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

I’ll only answer one, but I got this ask 4x times via anon >_> Thank you, lovely anons! <3

I’m a bit reluctant to ‘praise’ my own writing. After I’ve written (and published) something I usually do not read it again since I tend to not like it very much? But on the other hand, I feel like this might be a good chance to think about my writing : ) So thank you for the ask!

5. Can you see my scars? [completed]

My first ever published Eruri fanfic in English. It’s a super long one shot and it would probably work better in chapters. This was created within the frame of Eruri Secret Santa 2015. FTM Levi, Trans!Hanji, charming Erwin, fluff, romance & feelings <3

4. Do you still love me? [completed]

My second Eruri fanfic in English. Another one shot and super long >_> This was created within the frame of Eruri Secret Valentine 2017. Established relationship, actor Eruris, lots of (hurt) feelings, Erwin in a uniform : > and probably the longest Erwin monolouge I have ever written xD

(I was too reluctant to write in chapters back then, I’d guess?) 

3. Lord Smith and his maid [completed]

Fanart inspired vampire / werewolf smutty, kinky one shot. No regrets here : > Just took me ages to finish  >_>
Inspiration from the wonderful @machina-su with this sexy Halloween Eruri art.

2. Can you hear me? [completed]

My 700 follower giveaway for @tiny-heichou. She gave me the prompts:  “modern AU, mute!Levi, angst and (lots of) smut” and I did the rest. Drama, love confessions, from strangers to lovers. Smut-bonus chapter that made me blush while writing it xD

1. Dirt & Velvet [ongoing]

My Victorian age AU fic that will take away years of my life to write xD This is so dear to me and I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in it. Huge universe, a sh*tload of characters and slow burn from hell. Thug Levi, Chief Police Inspector Erwin Smith - rape, drugs, blackmailing, murder. I need to continue asap, my brain has it all mapped out already <3 

Bonus: Dancing in the Dark [completed] - Colab work with @zedsdead1001 for @kittyboo8015‘s birthday

Established relationship, professional dancing Eruris, secret relationship, feelings, fluff and smut <3 

I just realised that my fic names are either questions or a quote from the fic or both? xD [Except Dirt & Velvet & Lord Smith and his maid ^^]

TitleCode: Paperwork

Word Count: 925+ 

Pairing: ErwinxJean (Erujean)

Rating: M (for smut-related content)


“Jean, meet me in my office in five.”

The announcement gets more than just a few people’s eyes on him. In the corner of the lounge, he could easily spot Ymir snickering on the side, her eyebrow raised with amusement. Next to him, Armin is blinking curiously, his gaze switching between him and the man standing underneath the doorway of the lounge, while Eren is cocking his head to the side, imitating as much of Armin’s curiosity with his own suspicious look.

Jean could only feel the heat rush to his face and to the tip of his ears as he grounds out, “Yes, sir, Chief Erwin.” The look he gets in return makes his stomach churn. There’s a glint in Erwin’s eyes, the kind that only makes the heat in his cheeks get even hotter.

“But,” Jean starts, averting his eyes away from own Erwin’s cool gaze boring into him. “I still have to finish that report with Armin, sir. Could I get to you later?”

After the sentence slips from his lips is when Jean realizes his first mistake. The look in Erwin’s eyes changes, making him catch his breath.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Then, when Erwin’s lips lift into a sort of sly grin, Jean can practically hear the gunshots being fired in the distance, the warning signals ringing in his head, the sound of his stomach sinking so low. He shouldn’t have said that; he shouldn’t have thought twice.

The one thing that not many know about Erwin Smith is that he does not wait for no one—and he can be a little greedy too. Jean knows that a whole lot.

When Erwin Smith wants something, he gets it.

“I see,” Erwin muses. That’s the first sign, Jean can tell. “Well, if it’s alright with Armin, we can just push the deadline for it a little back. After all, I really need your help with some paperwork, Jean.” Erwin smiles. “Will that be alright with you, Armin?”

Jean knows what ‘paperwork’ means; after all, Erwin always comes to him for help with ‘paperwork.’ And although he hates to admit it, he never really denies Erwin in the end. And yet, why was he still hoping for mercy?

“Of course, chief! No problem at all!”

Ah. That’s right. His back still hurts from yesterday.

When Erwin looks back at him, he doesn’t get the same smile given to Armin. In fact, Jean can see something different in Erwin’s eyes now, something different in Erwin’s demeanor.

The guy looks exhausted

“Thank you, Armin, and sorry for disrupting your lunch, everyone.” Erwin nods his head. “And Jean,” he starts again, offering a warm smile. “You’re the only one I can count on for the job, so I’ll see you then.” With that, Erwin turns on his heel to leave lounge, but not before giving one last final reminder.

And yet, Erwin doesn’t let anything go.

“Oh, and Jean? You’ve got five minutes.”



“Jean.” Wrapping his hands around Jean’s hips, Erwin presses his lips against the male’s shoulder and grazes the sweat-slicked skin lightly, dropping kisses as he lines them up and down. “Keep moving your hips. You’re slowing down.” He hums low, causing a slow rumble against Jean’s skin.

Jean, on the other hand, takes a sharp inhale between gritted teeth, his face scrunching together out of pleasure. “Shit,” he gasps out, exhaling with a long breathless blow. “You’re just going too fast. Slow down.” Jean gawks, moving one of his hands to grab at Erwin’s chin, turning the male to meet his own gaze. “Are you stressed out or something?”

All Erwin does in response first is kiss at the hand holding onto his chin before burying his face into the crook of Jean’s neck. He pushes up, thrusting himself into Jean with no signs of a warning. The room is heavy and incredibly hot, but he thinks Jean’s moans are even hotter.

When a string of mewls follow after, Erwin still keeps his pace, nice and slow, not the way that the both of them really liked when it comes to having sex. He finally answers, still keeping his face buried. “Just a little tired.” Out of his own amusement, he chuckles. Working five nights straight on without much sleep could even a strong man down in some occasions. “You know how it is; getting some backlash from the higher-ups.”

Jean then leans himself against Erwin’s bare chest, hissing when Erwin then starts pushing at a different angle. “Then what are we doing here? We should take the rest of the day off—haah…”

“Trying to bribe your boss?” Erwin muses, sinking his teeth into Jean’s shoulder and eliciting a long moan out of him. “Don’t forget that we still have about four more hours of work left today. What’ll people think if we both leave right now?”

“That you’re a lazy boss and that I’m a fucking fantastic employee who deserves a raise and more paid vacations,” Jean smirks widely before contorting his face into a twist of pleasure when Erwin suddenly gives a rough slam at just the right spot. “After all, who’s the one who helps you with your paperwork the most?”

All Erwin could do then is chuckle at Jean’s remark. He actually finds it endearing—Jean’s attitude—and cute; he doesn’t know why Eren always files complaints about him every end of the month.

“Maybe,” he tells Jean, pursing his lips together. “Only if you’re still willing to still help me finish up some other paperwork.”


Note: And I am sorry, anon! I have no idea what I was writing here! I loved the idea though, but I bet you had something else in mind, right? Well, in any case, the last code means after-sex cuddling! Also, I kind of made Jean a little sassy and sarcastic piece of shit, didn’t I?


Pictures (AU)

My first proper contribution to the Rivetra fandom, a fic that ended up being much MUCH longer than I planned for it to be. 

Also a little present for lance-corporalackerman and mikimagic, my two tumblr senpais who are somehow able to put up with me. Happy Valentines Day you two :-) have some Rivetra babies.

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Not On His Watch

based on my previous Platonic Rivamika post (hey there, I’m K-lionheart! :D) I’m taking a small request and writing one of the headcanons I mentioned! 

#10: Levi threatening anyone who dares disrespect Mikasa because it his job to keep her in line. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Rated T for language

During important meetings, she always stood at his right hand side. Their energy; completely united and synchronized. To clarify, she would never shadow him, because she was not a shadow for him. She had been trained, specifically by him, to become his equal, in strength and in mind. She was free to leave his side whenever it suited her, and Levi was perfectly fine with that. And when she did feel it was necessary to step away from his side, for the most part, they stay out of each other’s way.

He had his duties, she had hers, and every once in a while (if they passed by each other down the halls or bumped into one another down a street or if he needed to pass orders to her and her squad) they would exchange a quick greeting and affectionate–well… maybe that word was a bit big for what it was–nod of acknowledgement. 

It is widely known that Captain Levi hardly demonstrated any sympathies or emotional dispositions any more than his usual sour boredom and crass commentary, the fact that Mikasa Ackerman became his one and only star pupil almost trumps the previous fact. To say that they had once been inseparable would’ve been presumptuous and would’ve lead to a serious punch in the gut from either of them–but it was true. Now, with her rising the ranks and he charged with forming a different squad, it was seldom to see them together save during special occasions. 

If there was anyone else aside from Erwin Smith or Hange Zoe that Levi trusted in, it was Mikasa Ackerman. That much was inarguable. 

One would have to be blind to not notice Mikasa was a complete sight for perverted eyes. She was gorgeous, athletic, and with a voice that could stun a lesser man to silence. Of course, no one dared approach her for anything other than professional matters of order. So it would be complete ludicrous idiocy that would make a man think he would get a few sly comments in at Lieutenant Ackerman and get away with it. This happened a few times whenever the MP’s would make routine meetings with the Survey Corp about matters of state and tact. 

And it just so happened, this would be one of those rare times that both Ackerman soldiers would be present and one single self-obsessed idiot would try to make a move on her. 

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the weirdest aruani au

That time Phae and I actually came up with a genuinely good Twilight au



  • Armin moves to Washington to live with his dad Police Chief Erwin and falls in love with the mysterious obviously-a-vampire Annie. HOWEVER they actually start off getting to know each other first and texting and joking around
  • Annie’s vampire “siblings” are Reiner (Emmet) Bert (Rosalie) Ymir (Jasper) and Christa (Alice). Yes, she is the token straight. Levi and Hange are Carlisle and Esme equivalents.
  • ANYWAY Armin figures out she’s a vampire pretty damn fast and Annie keeps skirting around the subject like “Hahaaaa yeah sorry nah no sunlight for me.” “Cause ur a vampire.” “Because I burn easily god Armin don’t be so insensitive.” “Listen,”
  • Armin’s childhood best friends Eren and Mikasa (who are together) reconnect with him and they become close again however they have a ~mysterious~ dislike of Annie and her fam.
  • Yeah they’re the werewolves. Both of them because honestly the whole “only dudes can be werewolves” thing in Twilight always felt pointless to me like srsly
  • And yes Eren and Mika imprinted on each other
  • Neither of them are in love with Armin obvs, there’s no stupid creepy love triangle. Only best friends who are fearful of their precious friend getting in with a vampire chick. 
  • ALLORA, Armin finally gets Annie to open up about her vampirism and she introduces him to her family and they’re p damn accepting of it except Bert’s a bit prickly because idk man this au is half shit posting
  • Armin is v horny but Annie does not wish to accidentally fuck him to death. yes this an actual plot point in Twilight.
  • Half vampire baby still happens. We p much threw out most of the BS rules Meyer set up for her mythology because. Well. Can u blame us.
  • AND INSTEAD OF CREEPY ADULT BABY IMPRINTING. Armin and Annie’s half vampire baby is imprinted on by Eren and Mikasa’s little werewolf son and they genuinely grow up alongside each other and fall in love 
  • Backing up, Armin plans to get changed after their wedding night but shit happens and he eventually gets changed after Annie has Abby because idk he probably passed out from seeing aaaall the blood lmao
  • I could go on but I feel I’ve gone too far.