chief bone

When u gon eat dat good good, be sure to compliment the chef ;)

Bum sniff ya feet
Chrome flick the chief
Bone Apple Tea
Phone Apple Feet
Great Barrier Reef
Call me Gour on ram see
Bong Asshole sneeze
Blind Refugees
Bone App the Teeth
Lone Stab a Chief
Mom Tap the Beef 
Bone Cap the Tweet
Bob Ate the Meat
Bonjour Sewing Kit
Chef Boiled Tee
Bone Altitude
Flown Half a Beet
Boner Ankle Three
Bone Ate da Teeth
Boing Application
Kick Out the Teeth
Ron Cracked the Sleep
Blonde Amputee
Boneless Feet
Mom I have fleas
Bony African Feet
Bamboozle Chief Keef
Bone Ape Tit
Phone Apple Jeans 
Bone Appdta Teat
Both Hat and Feet 
Bomb the Japanese
Bone in my Cheek
Bench a Plate and Ski
Bangin Apple Geese
Pianos Become the Teeth
Bone Ate the Toot
Chef Boy Yard Tea
Bang a Pianos Teeth 
Boner Halloween
Bode of the Teeth
Bad Credit Score
Benjamin the tenth
Bone Appidtitty
Boner Petite
Spicy Chicken Meat
Bramley Apple Tea
Scone App the Beef
Blonde Apple Trees
Born with no Teeth
Bone Smack my Teeth

Bosnia Apathy

Bow at the tree

Now at the sea
Bone apple cheese
Bow Snapple please
Joan play the keys
Wow imma sneeze
Joe eat the leaves
So how is he

You were about to make a medical comment, Jim?

So, instead of studying for my impending pathophysiology exam, I was thinking about what a goddamn badass Leonard McCoy is.

Actually, I was thinking about drug shortages. I am a resident in the United States. The United States of America. First world medicine, folks. And sometimes - all too frequently - I have to revise the treatment plan of a healthy patient undergoing elective surgery because I do not have access to the ideal drug.

In other words, I compromise.

That’s a sickening feeling, friends. 

Which brings me back to Bones.

Bones, Chief Medical Officer on a five year mission in deep space, where no man has gone before. Bones, who cares so goddamn deeply. Bones, desperately filing requisition forms for medications that he has no hope of receiving in the foreseeable future. Bones, elbow deep in a unfortunate ensign that caught the wrong end of a blast in engineering, sweat dripping in his eyes, nagging thoughts of, “is his name Jason or Joseph?” Bones, mad as hell because medical takes another budget cut. Bones praying frantically to a god he doesn’t believe in, “oh, please, not again.” Bones, eyeballing a unknown species and making a quick judgment call, based on a hasty heart rate calculation and estimated weight, the effective loading dose of a - probably - renal toxic drug. Bones, hissing at Spock to shut the hell up, all the while making his own calculations. Bones, who years after the mission has ended, bolts up out of a dead sleep in a panic of adrenaline, because endless nights of  call have made gentle awakenings impossible. Bones, staring dumbstruck at Starfleet Medical’s supply rooms. Bones, dedicatedly carting his tiny medkit on his hip, facing an alien world with a tricorder and a few hypos. Bones, hiding in his quarters for days, pouring over all of the federation’s published xenophysiology records, searching for a connection, wondering where it went wrong. Bones replaying the day’s scene in his mind, fear still gripping his chest as Jim sleeps peacefully in the biobed. Bones alone in the field, performing a bilateral finger thoracostomy on a blue-lipped yeoman who reminds him a little too much of Joanna (if somebody does not write this fic, I will). Bones, fresh out of med school, feverently murmuring his oath with conviction and wide-eyed naivety. Bones blaming himself. Bones bitching about the unpredictability of genetically modified antimicrobials. Bones needing a goddamn drink. Bones, contemplating the nuances of therapeutic nihilism. Bones, forcing himself to meet Jim’s eyes as Jim officiates a funeral. Bones, calculating pharmacokinetics in his head. Bones, knowing there was nothing to be done, but dammit, what if? Bones, painstakingly documenting his every discovery, every treatment plan, every failure and every triumph, for the next generation of medical professionals. Bones in his office with his head in his hands. Bones, absolutely giddy and shaking with relief, “Don’t be so melodramatic; you were barely dead.”

Practicing medicine is terrifying. Every day, I am horrified at the thought that I will not be able to provide for my patients. I love my field with every breath in my body, but the responsibility is overwhelming, and sobering.

Disease and danger, wrapped in darkness and silence, indeed.

“By golly, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day.

Yeah, Leonard McCoy. I think you can.


Imagine Jim having to tell Bones that you’re in love with him.

“Stop pulling my leg,” Bones grumbled, shooting Jim an annoyed glare. “We both know that [f/n] isn’t interested in me.”

“That’s not what I heard,” Jim insisted, lips quirked into a childish grin. “I’ve heard from a very reputable source that [f/n] took a shining to a certain chief medical officer.”

Bones raised an eyebrow skeptically, “And who might this ‘reputable source’ be?”

“I am bound to secrecy. My lips are sealed,” Jim shrugged but his grin never wavered. “Though I will say that you should probably go talk to [f/n]. Wouldn’t want the attraction to go to waste.”

“I hate you.”

“Hey! You’re talking to your captain!”

“Fine. I hate you, sir.”

“Much better.”

Gif Credit: Bones

Happy birthday to me! =D

I just wanted to say that today is my 26th birthday!
I swear on my life, that I am 26 years old - I know that I look really young but sometimes that happens! 
It’s genetics or just how we were made. 
It gets annoying when people don’t believe you.
That’s why sometimes I feel the need to show my ID (I do not, though) which might be weird but I find ID’s not that personal. 
You show them in order to buy certain medicine at stores and at the doctors, places like that or is that only where I live?
Anyways, I just wanted to say that I know that I haven’t been active much but usually, when I am on here I mainly browse.
Would anyone be willing to write me a short drabble or miniature ficlet?Montgomery Scott is my favorite character from Star Trek but I already have a request with him coming from another person so maybe I should request McKirk or maybe a Reader Insert.
If not, that is truly okay! 
I am honestly sorry if it seems like I am guilt tripping someone into writing something for me - I really am not I just was curious since it does not hurt to ask.

Tuesday Mixtape.

DOOMSTARKS - Lively Hood

Denzel Curry x Yung Simmie - Everywhere I Go

Xavier Wulf - Incase They Ain’t Know

Playboi Carti ft.Ethereal - Beef

Yung Simmie - WEED MAN

Nickelus F - Jonts

Robb Banks - Crunchtime

J.K. The Reaper - Ray Allen (ski)

Chief Keef ft. ASAP Rocky - Superheroes

$uicideboy$ - No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel

Bones - BeanNighe

Surrenderdorothy - Illgettothebottomofthis