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Saw the halo discourse you participated in, and…

Up until now, Dick was the only halo blog I followed, but then I discovered The Halo Friends(which Yeem is a part of I think?), and was relieved to find some actual fucking Halo optimism. I know 4 and 5 have their problems, but constantly shitting on them gets real fucking old after awhile…

The discourse was so wild, I not only gained followers, but stole the Dick Man’s followers. 

And yes, from personal experience, tumblr has been the only place I’ve found 343-Halo positivity (H4 literally gets more shit than H5, I’m not joking.) It’s actually where I learned that Bungie-purism is wrong, and started to really learn about Halo and come to love it. Even though I detest Halo 5, I’ve still found things about it I love (ie the Sangheilios arc and Fireteam Osiris.) 

And yes, @yeeeem is part of our Halo Group (”Halo Friends” is so cute tho omg), idk how he got into the discourse but I’m assuming pulsar was looking through my blog and found his post (ugh.) 

But if you want more Halo blogs to follow, I have plenty of suggestions!

@haruspis - Literally the Steve Colbert of the Halo fandom. He knows everything about Halo (has a wordpress.) If there’s something he doesn’t know it’s because Halo itself hasn’t clarified it yet. Go to him for Knowledge.

@finiteandprecious @mrs-chief @galway-bae @cortnan @nagunkgunk @betakats and @near-infinite are all really good Halo fan-artists! 

@greenreticule @sailorsanghelios and @thequantumqueer have a lot of good writing and headcanons

some others - @yeeeem @suddenlyoranges (<– both livestream), @eliashaverson @officeofnavalintelligence @thehaloman @masterjuridical @julmdama and @decade-dance (my best friend, also loves Halo.)

Those are all I can think of right now, but they’re my Halo Friends and I’m sure you’ll enjoy following them! <3

We really are #OneChicago. Last night during the season finale of #ChicagoFire the fam went to support our bae #LadyGaga comin home to MSG. And tonight, we’ll tweet the second to last episode of #ChicagoPD for the season! Is this real life? #pinchme #fam