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Just came back from seeing Ghost in the Shell. It was amazing. Especially Pilou Asbæk, Michael Pitt and Takeshi Kitano. And of course Clint Mansell’s soundtrack. I’m eagerly waiting for it to be released. And for the haters of that Steve Aoki remix… it wasn’t in the movie.

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Rewatching Stand-Alone Complex
  • ARAMAKI: The Secretary of the Foreign Ministry's been kidnapped, his cyber brain contains state secrets and must be recovered.
  • BATEAU: What should we do?
  • ARAMAKI: Bateau, you and Togusa go to the secretary's apartment, see if there are signs of a struggle.
  • TOGUSA: Do you suspect the secretary is in on it, chief?
  • ARAMAKI: You have to admit, the timing is a little too convenient. Ishikawa, I'm counting on you to find everything you can about him.
  • ISHIKAWA: I'm on it.
  • ARAMAKI: Major...
  • MAJOR KUSANAGI: Yes, chief?
Ghost in the Shell: SAC Awesome Moment #3446

Major: I should have noticed it earlier.

Chief: Hmmm?

Major: Prime Minister Kayabuki is exactly your type of woman, Chief.

Chief: *casual as anything* What, it’s taken you this long to realise that?

Chief Aramaki. Leader of the most badass Public Sector (which he assembled twice), a man of a million and one connections, and has access to the Prime Ministers Office on a regular basic where he slowly (but surely) charms the pants (or pencil skirt) off the Prime Minister.

Not to mention he’s got the most badass character in the entire show as his right-hand woman.