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Names for all Possible Parties in Persona 4

I think I caught all of the possible combinations:

  • Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko - Starter Deck
  • Yosuke, Chie, Kanji - Brute Force
  • Yosuke, Chie, Teddie - Physical Comedy
  • Yosuke, Chie, Naoto Special Investigative Force
  • Chie, Yukiko, Kanji - True Inaba Spirit
  • Chie, Yukiko, Teddie - Pettings
  • Chie, Yukiko, Naoto - Yur Harem
  • Yukiko, Kanji, Yosuke - Business Heir
  • Yukiko, Kanji, Teddie - Stop Talking About Our Shadows
  • Yukiko, Kanji, Naoto - Introversion
  • Kanji, Teddie, Yosuke - Sausage Fest
  • Kanji, Teddie, Chie - Most Adorable Badasses
  • Kanji, Teddie, Naoto - Denied Affections Triangle
  • Teddie, Naoto, Yosuke - Surrounded by Idiots
  • Teddie, Naoto, Chie - Icy Glare
  • Teddie, Naoto, Yukiko - Prin(cess)es
  • Naoto, Yosuke, Yukiko - Film Noir
  • Naoto, Yosuke, Kanji - Male Uniform
  • Yosuke, Yukiko, Teddie - Bad Comedy
  • Chie, Kanji, Naoto - Boundary Breakers

My personal party of choice is usually either “Team Physical Comedy” or “Team Bad Comedy”.

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has anyone asked you about your tsukiyama shuu's parents headcanon yet? if not, I'd looove to hear it :)

omg at the Tokyo Ghoul panel I hosted at Youmacon, I babbled so much about his parents but I WAS asked there! I will happily reiterate stuff here though:

- almost certain Shuu was an only child cause he’s really socially inept at times and seems to think things revolve around him (until he breaks that cycle later, with Kaneki). If Kanae turns out to be a sibling, then they must have a huge age-gap that Shuu couldn’t really bond with.
- pretty sure the ~tragic past~ Shuu alludes to was something his parents did to him.
- given that Shuu seems really approval-seeking and attention-greedy but also has this attitude that he should get anything he wants, I think he was spoiled with material possessions but was not nurtured emotionally.
- his house (every house) has a full staff of pets, as in human slaves/workers to upkeep the place, so he doesn’t really understand the repercussions of using the term ‘pet’ for Chie. It’s completely natural to him that if a human works closely with a ghoul, they’re a pet. He doesn’t understand this 'friend’ thing, but that was more aptly the word he was searching for when trying to describe his relation to Chie.
- by 'every house’ I mean his family has a lot of houses– there’s the summer house, the winter house, the rural house, the city house (Tsukiyama lives in the Tokyo one), the European house, the Japanese-traditional house, and so on. His parents can live really comfortably with their family business. I mean, Shuu owns a $250k watch.
- by 'own’ I mean, his parents technically own that watch… Shuu literally lives off of his parents. Not a single yen is actually his. He doesn’t have a job. He’s never worked a day in his life. He does have his own bank account but his parents have free reign and access to it, so it’s not really his after all.
- his parents will put whatever they feel like in his bank account but what seems like pocket change to them is actually quite a generous allowance. He could easily live off of just one of the allowances they gave him for a good amount of time. You know, if Shuu was good at money. He really has no concept of it. He doesn’t realize when he’s running out either cause he doesn’t even monitor it. He’s gotten stranded at a train station at least once due to his monetary negligence. It was pathetic.
- while his parents can contact him through pets at the Tokyo house, they still gave him a cellphone so they can contact him personally, wherever he is. His mom loves to talk his head off. It’s really annoying. He doesn’t even realize the like mother like son that’s happening there. It makes him resent human technology, which he’s really not good with in the first place. Bless Chie for teaching him how to use a computer. Bless Chie for typing up school papers for him while he extravagantly dictated them to her. Bless Chie for translating them into a language his professors would understand.
- Chie is actually his only 'true’ high school friend. All others -even that teacher who tried to protect him- were getting paid and/or threatened to keep Shuu safe and integrated. He still doesn’t know. He thought everyone was just drawn to him and liked him, but no, his parents built his social network with their money and power. They did that with the gourmet restaurant too. He’s not really respected as 'Tsukiyama Shuu’ but rather as the son of the Tsukiyama family. In fact, he’s kinda mocked as 'Tsukiyama Shuu’. Any social contact that his family doesn’t have a hand in? He fails at…he’s isolated. Bless Chie.
- The Tsukiyama family got rich by owning a very successful business. This much was mentioned in the novels, I believe. Therefore, Shuu’s dad is very business-oriented. To put it plainly, that man has a stick shoved so far up his ass… He’s extremely demanding, he’s unforgiving of mistakes or slack, he’s quite proper, he asks you to jump? Your feet better be off the ground before he even finishes the sentence. So, he doesn’t think well of his son who is a bit more whimsical and flamboyant. Shuu is actually terrified of him and resents that he can never seem to please him. Quickest way to make Shuu feel like shit? Dad.
- His mom is the mediator, but also has this guilt-tripping type approach to Shuu. It goes beyond motherly concern and more into emotional manipulation. 'why don’t you call more?’ 'why don’t you see us more?’ 'why is your bank account empty again?’ 'why are you a wanted criminal?’
- He’s not expected to inherit the family business. In fact, after the events of the manga, when shit was going down and all the ghouls in Tokyo were being hunted down, I headcanon that his family bailed on him to save themselves, to save their business and maintain their 'identity as humans’ because picking and protecting Shuu would be too troublesome, would only compromise everything they had worked for. So he’s been completely cut off from them. Oh yeah, and then Kaneki left him soon after. He seriously wanted to die on that rooftop. He didn’t even care if Nishiki was the one to do it, payback for Kimi. But no, the damn punk gave him a can of coffee and told him to live. Asshole, you don’t even understand how unwelcome that kindness was. Bless Chie for finding him though.

I’m so sorry that this is pretty long and still very much incomplete, as I have many scenarios to add but a friend is waiting outside for me right now so I’m posting this! Feel free to ask for more!

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I hope this doesn't sound stupid but I'm wondering about "Re", Touka's shop. It's in the title, so it ought to be very relevant to the plot right? And yet Touka is an "old" character who had the less time with Haise so far, so do you think it can mean that we'll see her and Nishiki more in the next arcs? I'm just worried about it since she told Shuu that she didn't want to get involved with Sasaki unless he was the one to reach for her.

(omg it took me so long to answer you, sorry, my schedule has been crazy :/)

Hi, don’t worry it’s not a stupid question, because Touka being the main female character of the first TG series and her shop’s name showing up in the title of the sequel mean for sure that she’s still very relevant to the plot and to Sasaki’s story! :)

Besides, don’t know if you’ve noticed but she’s the only “old character” so far who never made a move towards Haise because he was the one who always came to her since their first meeting in ch9. 

After all Uta sent the mask, Nishiki fought with Haise, Tsukiyama went after him and Hinami saved him from Takizawa, but Haise is the one who stepped in Touka’s shop at the end of the very first volume (and once again this shop’s name is part of the title~).  So I’d say this proves she’ll be relevant until the very end and you don’t have to worry about seeing a lot more of her in the future. :)

… Since we’re on the subject, actually I’m thinking the way Ishida has been writing her in ch42 means it won’t be too long now before she becomes a part of the main focus again. She provided useful advice to Tsukiyama and we know that she has her own wishes when it comes to Kaneki/Sasaki, so I’m thinking that Haise might slowly find his way to :Re again and soon.

The thing is…

…That’s Haise’s state of mind right now. Even though Akira comforted him the best she could about that, he still wants to know about his past and he’s scared to think that his current life and self could disappear because of his curiosity, which coincidentally is really similar to Touka’s own opinion on this situation…

So it’s not like she doesn’t want to get involved, because she wants him back too, but rather that she doesn’t want to force him to come back when she saw how Kaneki post-aogiri had become so destroyed by their world (ch120 of TG).

That’s why she said…

…Because she witnessed his entire transformation and saw how the pain swallowed him three years ago.

Touka was one of the few characters who could always understand perfectly how Kaneki was thinking (“truthfully it’s just that you just don’t want to be alone”) and it seems to be the same with Sasaki even though she technically barely knows “Sasaki Haise” (which means that Kaneki and Sasaki are really similar even though 3 years passed by). 

So don’t worry about it Anon, it’s true she wasn’t shown too much yet, like Yomo and Nishiki, but that’s because Ishida needed to take care of the “old characters” who had trouble really understanding Kaneki/Sasaki first, haha. :)

Seriously though, of Kaneki’s old crew, only Banjou and Hide weren’t reintroduced yet, so the focus might shift on Touka soon, especially since Uta made sure to send Haise his old mask the day Touka told him she wanted to “continue doing what she decided to do” (aka waiting for Kaneki in a place he could call home should he need it).

(Uta’s actions are actually very interesting imo, because he also was the one in TG who helped Kaneki understand Touka better in ch11. I’m still thinking he/the Clowns will be the one telling Sasaki about Kaneki, because

  1. man, the symbolism, when they’re the ones who are responsible for him becoming a half-ghoul
  2. “tragedies aren’t popular anymore” and since Uta knows Touka is waiting for him, he could give Haise a push in the “right direction”)

Hope it helps Anon ;) I’m sure Touka will reappear soon because I miss her too (and Tsukiyama might end up seeking her help too, since all he has left are a distraught Kanae and “his pet” Hori Chie). 

Thanks for passing by!

Q: Do you think kaneki is handsome?
A: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Okay, next question…

Q: Would you say that the mental visions of ken kaneki haise is having are an accurate picture of ken kaneki post torture?
A: Not really, that “Kaneki” seems to be an embodiment of power and insanity rather than the entirety of Kaneki post torture.

Q: I think we will probably see Kaneki’s return by chapter 60, I mean if it is Re then that would make sense
A: That’s what I thought, too.

Q: When donato said that that ghoul was one key to unlocking sasakis memories, who do you think were the other keys?
A: There are many candidates such as Touka or Hide, or pretty much everyone else that he knew in TG. But I think the most important one is whether Sasaki himself is willing to unlock it.

Q: What do you think abt haise and touka? Will there be something happen between them? You know what i mean :3
A: That’s up to Ishida-sensei. I’ll just grab my popcorn. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Q: Hiiii~~|!!! My question is: Do you think Touka knows that Haise is Kaneki? Or if she have any suspicion of who he is? Because I’m really confused to say if she knows or not. - sorry for my bad english, also, i love you blog, helps me a lot.
A: Personally I think her lack of reaction indicates her uncertainty, and her somewhat sad/painful expression indicates that Sasaki reminds her of a certain someone.

Q: Do you think that Arata kirishima (touka’s father) is still alive? If im not wrong we never got to see what happen to him. So there ‘s still the posibility of him being alive and captive by the CCG?
A: Yes, I think he’s still alive. They are harvesting him for Arata armor.

Q: There are a lot of theories regarding this, but why do you think Arima’s hair grows whiter over the years?
A: I have no idea. It could be anything really, be it hair dye, stress, genetic, illness, experiment, etc.

Q: This is just a theory, but I think Saiko has been leaking info to Eto or someone who is giving the info to Eto. If not then someone in the CCG is leaking info about the Qunix’s. Because Hinami knew about them. I really think it is Saiko though, also I think she my be the strongest Qunix, Crack Pot i know, but hey I may be right.
A: Well so far, among the Quinx, Saiko is just… the strangest. I don’t think she’s only there for comic relief, so I belive there’s more to her that we don’t know yet. As for what, I have no idea. It’s too early to say if she is related to any of the antagonists.

Q: What is your theory on the relationship between Rize and Shachi?
A: Rize is likely Shachi’s adopted daughter as she used Shachi’s surname and called him “father”.

Q: I’m a bit lost with the Tsukiyama and Chie thing and then the guy that looks a lot like Tsukiyama - is their anyway you can explain the relationships there?
A: Tsukiyama and Hori Chie attended the same high school, and became a long time “friend” despite Hori Chie being a human. I put “friend” loosely here because they have a very odd relationship dynamic, with Tsukiyama seeing Hori Chie as a pet, while Hori Chie just wants Tsukiyama to entertain her. As for Kanae, he’s Tsukiyama house servant. He dislike Hori Chie because she is a mere human.

Q: i wonder, do you think banjou can be connected to no.12 of arcana major (i haven’t heard about it before, sorry if it’s known)? i’m rereading tokyo ghoul and in chapter 49 page 20, it seems he has 1 and 2 on his sleeves (the short from the back, he’s saying “don’t let your guard”)
A: That’s actually the back of Ichimi and Jiro. “Ichi”mi = 1, “Ji”ro = 2.

Q: You said that Kanou needed one-eyed ghouls to destroy the “cage” and you speculated that is the “V”. Why Kanou need to destroy it? What will happen if he manage to destroy ” V”
A: Dr.Kanou didn’t reveal anything beyond that, so we don’t know why he wanted to do that.

Q: Hi~~~ my question is: who you think are the hands in TGA opening ? Some people are saying that is Hinami or Eto ( O-o ) but i think it can be Touka, i don’t know why, but every time i see the opening i think it’s Touka. But what’s your opinion ? What do you think that hands represents? — sorry for my bad english// i love your blog and your art is amazing!!!// sorry if you have already answered a question like mine. Thank yoooou ~~~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
A: I also think it’s Touka, or maybe it’s black-haired Kaneki. I think the hands represented of what changes others have brought to him. The first pair of hands, (likely Rize) was the one who made him into a ghoul (thus the mask). The second pair of hands removed it, making him gain back his humanity.