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Your blog is gorgeous, you are so pretty, and I swear you are magical because you make perfect gifs that are under the limit awoiefjawoiejf I want to hug you.

;_; Thank you so much!  I really love your screen caps as well!  You capture the best moments in Naruto.  *_*  You are too sweet, let’s hug and be friends!  *hughug* ❤

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Your blog is always beautiful ;__; Your new theme looks really amazing (: MIMI I LOVE YOU & YOUR BLOG. But mostly you.

omg stop, you’re making my heart melt ;_;  Thank you, Maggie.  You’re so sweet.  I love your messages so much.  You have a beautiful soul, Maggie sobs I love you and your blog too.  Mostly you. *3*  ♥

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omg please Sophie.

Yeah, but I have a bunch of things I need to sort through first XP
My French is definitely good enough to teach beginners, but I need to weed through my Quebec slang and pick out things that people in other French places wouldn’t sniff at.
Also, I dunno if I’m that great of a teacher.

Give me a few hours (or minutes, whichever, right?) and I’ll think of an answer XD