Chidera Anamege

Chiddy, from the under-credited Philly Hip-Hop duo, Chiddy Bang, sends money he earns from being a star to Nigeria to help impoverished people. Yeah, this may be where he’s from, but this dude gets some major respect for wanting to do something about it!

He even talk about it in one of his songs,

“Yes, I’m guilty of being privileged! ‘Cause While I’m in the booth, my cousin is in the village.”

Dope Respect.

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If you didn’t know better, you’d think the guys in Philly hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang are 300 pounds each. Their new album is named Breakfast, they have a mixtapes named Peanut Butter and Swelly and Grab A Plate and they insist their label buys them breakfast anywhere they go. Were their heroes The Fat Boys growing up?

Opposite Of Adults
Chiddy Bang

Opposite of Adults | Chiddy Bang

This is what good hip hop should sound like. These guys know how to sample correctly and mix genres well. Plus the rapper, Chidera Anamege, holds the Guinness world record for longest freestyle rap. If you don’t already listen to this group, you should probably start now. They’re pretty much amazing.