27.02.14 @ Suvannabhumi Airport : Kim Taehwan & Park Jaegun

got there with my friend after we’ve read for final exam that coming very very soooooooon. (my friend’s final is on 28.02… yes, the next day ㄱㅅㄱ) i was in a creepy nerd look so you will not see my face in the selca i took with them ㅎㅎ

- wait them about one n half hours and finally their van arrived, i’m the only fangirl out there. one of unnies who came with them noticed me and tell them something. i guess (with my little korean skill (・_・ヾ) she teasing them like.. some fangirl waiting you out there guys~ they chuckle and move their luggage to the cart. (/me : so exited how close i were with them)

- after they finish moving their luggage, i walked to Park Jaegun (aka. Jack) who stand near me than Kim Taehwan is. i ask him if i can take selca with him and of course he says yes with a little smile (/me inside : \(*T▽T*)/) my hand a little bit shiver cause i’m excited so Jack ask me to hold my phone by himself the photo will be better (…how poor i am OTL) 

- me with Jack : Park Jaegun [x] ; he look a bit tired but still cute with his naughty style ㅎ

- then i walked to Kim Taehwan ♪ first of all i would like to let you know… if there’re somebody told me Kim Taehwan is the angel on earth, i believe… seriously believe (。・・。) !!

- Taehwan is very very very veryyyy cuteeeeee. how can i describe ((T.T; ) ❤ he is very tall, shine and shy, also his sweet voice. ANGEL on earth.. Kim Taehwan!! i ask him for selca, his act is very attract. he has his camera angle pose ㅋㅋㅋ 

- me with Kim Taehwan [x]

- Taehwan always has a little smile on his face which is superrrrrrr duperrrrrrrr cuteeeeeee (>▂<) ❤❤❤

- walked along with Kim Taehwan … [x]

- i give him the snacks, he says thank you with his angel smile …again (/me gonna faint) he open his bag to keep the snacks with his super duper cute smile that i’m gonna lying on the floor screaming and die there ಥ_ಥ without thinking first i ask him to keep smile like that i gonna keep his shot. and he just doing this to me






view large photo here [x]



tell me how to not falling with him…………………..



end of korean models in Thailand fan account.

report by chicxnanny Kim Taehwan’s slave ಥ_ಥ