Observing Mexico’s meaningful moments with @chicosanchez

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Spanish photographer Chico Sanchez (@chicosanchez) walks the streets of Mexico as an observer. “I like images with a meaning,” he says. “Not only beautiful pictures, but something that conveys a message.”

Chico says some of his photos are artistic, but others are just informative. “That’s what entertains me, capturing things without judgment,” he says.

After spending seven years shooting in Venezuela, Chico moved to Mexico, where he’s been focused on photographing everyday life. “Mexico is magic,” he says. “There’s an impressive diversity, an impressive cultural richness. In Mexico, you open your window anywhere and immediately can take a picture.”

Chico particularly likes shooting with his phone as opposed to a heavy camera. “I travel with it and I’m capturing everything I see,” he says. “It’s like writing an encyclopedia.”