chicos tacos

How to make Chico's Tacos at home

For anyone craving an El Paso favorite, I got this recipe from a friend on facebook:

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  1.  frozen beef taquitos (fry until crisp in oil 2-3 minutes)
  2.  large bag finely shredded cheese (mexican mix good)
  3. One large can whole tomatoes (any brand, whole only- tried other combos, this works)
  4. 4-5 jalapenos (cut off stems, I leave seeds)
  5. 2 cubes tomatoe base boullion and 2 cubes chicken boullion
  6. 1 gallon water
  7. salt to taste ( should need almost none b/c of boullion cubes)

Boil can tomatoes with cubes in gallon of water until rolling boil for about 15 minutes.
Remove tomatoes only and blend on liquify in blender, return to pot of soup
Take fresh jalapenos and blend on liquify with a small amount of water. (you should see only very minute pieces)
Add jalapenos to soup. Remove from stove. Store in plastic containers.Can freeze some of this.

Deep fry beef taquitos until crisp about 2-3 minutes. Place in a bowl that has about a cup of hot soup, cover taquitos with cheese.


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For their green jalapeno sauce,

8 fresh jalapenos
4-5 tomatillas
lime juice, salt

Boil whole tomatillos with cut up jalapenos ( leave seeds) in enough water to cover them and boil until soft. Pour off excess water, blend tomatillas and jalapenos on liquify until it is a smooth sauce. Add a couple tablespoons of lime juice and a little salt. If you want it really hot, Add some serrano chilis to this for increased heat.


Culture Swap!

-Sherlock, no habia ninguna necesidad para dar me tu bufanda. Realmente no tengo tanto frio.

-Oh por favor, John, practicamente estas temblando.

-Callate y comete tus papas fritas.

Okay, so I’m from this little town in Texas called El Paso, and I think it’s one of those places that Sherlock and John could actually be found living in. Located in El Paso is our military base Fort Bliss and right across the border, we have Juarez, Mexico! And if you’ve heard about Juarez in the news, then you know there is plenty of murder to keep Sherlock going for years. But that’s not what I am focusing on. What I decided to focus on is my town’s ‘romantic/date’ culture. I’ve heard a lot of guys and girls talk about how they often go on cheap dates because they lack money or their just cheapskates. One date combination that always comes up is a combined trip to Chicos Tacos and Scenic Drive.

Now, let me tell you about Chicos. It is a glorious place where the food is cheap but it’s also really good. They serve burgers, fries, tacos, grilled chees, hot dogs, and burritos (and some other things but I can’t remember right now). Of course, if you aren’t a native to EP you’d be hesitant to go because of how the food looks. But once you try it, you can’t stop having it! Scenic Drive is just a little drive up the Franklin Mountains so you can look out into the city. It’s really nice if you go at night (especially with a date) and it’s super free.

So in the above picture we have a bit of Johnlock going on with dinner and a view. They have just solved a case from across the border and are enjoying each others company, Sherlock has given John his scarf because John is cold. Sherlock isn’t because he is used to lower temperatures from home. It is winter time, but EP has really bipolar weather during this time so it’s common for people to not have jackets or sweaters with them. Now I did try to make John kinda look Hispanic. I thought it would be neat to have John be the local of many years, while Sherlock is the Brit who has been living there for ten years and is now fluent in Spanish.

This was interesting to do since I’ve never drawn people sitting down and I’ve also never drawn from this specific angle. I should probably point out that the building with the Christmas tree is the Wells Fargo building. They usually change the buildings image depending on the holiday or occasion. Any who, hope you all enjoy!

Translation: “Sherlock, there wasn’t any need to give me your scarf. I’m really not that cold.”

“Oh please John, you were practically trembling.”

“Shut up and eat your fries.”