Day 573 - Chicorita | チコリータ | Chikorita

Chicorita evolves at level sixteen, any newbie knows that. Johto trainers are given Chicorita as a starter. They’re really easy to raise and aren’t fussy. There are; on occasion, Chocorita that rebel and stay wild. They don’t hide in the winter, even in harsh storms. The cold doesn’t bother them anyways.

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The signs as Pokèmon starters from generations I through IV

Aries: Charmander

Taurus: Turtwig

Gemini: Totodile

Cancer: Torchic

Leo: Bulbasaur

Virgo: Piplup

Libra: Chikorita

Scorpio: Treecko

Sagittarius: Squirtle

Capricorn: Chimchar

Aquarius: Cyndaquil

Pisces: Mudkip

I had a billion messages in my inbox and I finally found some time to reply to them all :’D I’m really sorry it took SO long ;_;

BTW this is the last time I’m doing requests. I’m sorry but they take too much of my free time and I prefer to draw something for myself instead of doodling pokemon for others. I hope you understand!

You mean Spiritomb and Sableye? I like both (Ghost type is my fav) but I never had any of them in my team so I don’t really mind that they have some weakness now :P

My favorite is Scrafty/Toxicroak/Greninja/Pikachu/Typhlosion/Garchomp (one of them but not sure which)

Hello anon I luvdisc you too C:

Quagsire is easier to draw :P (I love both of them though. Blue pokemon are best pokemon)

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