chicon post



i had a hell of a time actually getting there, spending 15 hours total on the road, as my hour-and-a-half plane ride got canceled 30 minutes before it was scheduled to leave. OOF

but i still got in on time for the bus tour, which is the only big thing i’ve really splurged for this year! and it was super fun! that’s when the comic above took place. Scared Dad could not encourage Scared Daughter

in other news:

  • a friend of mine got me a rob op without telling me, so i decided to use it to send a little message to her. I’M HAPPY BUT ALSO DON’T GET ME THINGS GIT URSELF SOMETHIN NICE FOR EVEN CONSIDERING IT–it’s also a good reaction image, in any case
  • SOUNDEN LAIM, the Louden Swain fake cover band, RETURNED! as a REAL COVER BAND! we released an album. and by “we” i mean strob (our norton) did an assload of work, and i did some voice/kazoo work. greatest 2 tracks ever
    • billy wanted to show it to his kids, and didn’t realize rob was hoarding the copy that was meant to be for the whole band
    • stephen wanted a copy to send to his nieces and nephews, he wants to be The Ultimate Cool Uncle in a comic book
    • mike specifically asked me how explicit the language gets in it, because he wants a new book to read to his kids. he also promptly yelled at rob from across the table, who was waiting to be reprimanded for his Dastardly Sins. i found out the book was being kept in the band’s studio. which i believe is in rob’s house. they haven’t recorded anything in a while. i watched them all argue over this
  • there was a surprise swaingel shoot that i was a part of! however, i’m super not into how i’ve looked recently, and i also messed a leg up pretty decent during the shoot but i’m very impressed with how cool everyone else looked
  • SPEAKING of cool people, literally everyone. i sold out of some things, brought a huge stock and got dangerously close to running out of that, i hugged a lot, and SO MANY GOOD BEANS STOPPED BY THE TABLE

i’ve always super super super loved chicago, and this was another really good year. i think i just super love the midwestern cons? i dunno but i’m already all sorts of pumped for minn!! THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT CON, PRAISE ‘N’ BLESS 

~~ chicon giveaway ~~

found these while packing and figured why not so I don’t have to mail anything :D

(also posted on chicon friending group)

~ 4 winners ~
- (1) dean funko pop (I only took this out of the box one time, the left back corner of the box is a little squished)
— or —
- (1) of 2 mini 1967 chevy impala replica (unopened)
— or —
- (1) SPN season 8 blue-ray disc (package opened but the discs are unused, there’s a small hole in the top part of the plastic container)

- you have to be attending Chicon to enter cuz I will personally give these to the winners
- just reply to this post once and tell me which item you want
- ends Sunday (July 16, 2017) at 10 am central time
- winners will be contacted to set up where/when to meet to give their prize (note: I have photo ops after the j2 panel and autos so have to meet before the panels starts)