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Underwatched Animated Films I Recommend You See at Least Once in Your Life

EDIT: i didn’t expect this post to get so many notes. for the record, these are just my personal recommendations, not a definitive list of best underrated animation. i also did not include anything made by Disney. I know that they made some movies that didn’t get as much attention as their other hits, but lists of underwatched Disney films are pretty common, so I thought I’d make one of films by studios that aren’t household names. 

Angel’s Egg (1985)

This movie is a nearly silent film with painstakingly beautiful frames and environmental details. All I can say is that it is a real piece of art worth watching and can be watched on YouTube here.

Les Triplets de Belleville (The Triplets of Belleville) (2005)

An incredibly quirky, strange and humorous French film, also with almost no dialogue. The colors, creative storytelling, and almost caricature-like designs make the Triplets a must-see. The setting and timeframe is left sort of abstract, but it’s a clear transition from last-century rural France to the hustle and bustle of urban America. Lots of homage is paid to cartoons from the 1920s.

Mindgame (2004)

This movie, quite like the title says, blew my mind. It’s also incredibly strange and out-there, but the awkward imagery gives way to real emotion and huge payoff by the end. The colors and animation are delightful, and always tailored to the situation. It is an amazing intersection of an altered state, a love story, a struggle to get home, an existential trip, and an unlikely group of friends. I almost always cry when I watch this. Seriously, can’t stress this enough. There is absolutely nothing like Mindgame. 

Le Chat du Rabbin (The Rabbi’s Cat) (2011)

Rabbi’s Cat is a French film based on a French comic by the same name. The comic artist also directed the movie. Honestly, the dialogue  in this is unmatched. Both Cat and Rabbi are witty and have the best banter. The setting is one of the most unique and real-feeling I’ve ever seen a film take place in: a Jewish community in Algeria. It’s wonderful and incredibly charming, could not recommend more.

Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

This movie hits me on a number of levels. I have so much love for the two orphans, Black and White. The story quickly becomes raw and almost difficult, as it touches on a lot of the feelings we see in things like Grave of the Fireflies, but in a much more abstract way and on a much grander scale. Also less sad, but there are very sad parts also. I guess the best way to describe this movie is intense. While there are a lot of sweet, domestic moments, none of the gruesome reality is sugercoated for you. 

The visuals are all completely stunning; the art is on another level. Treasure Town is a rich, fantastical environment and the characters flow through it effortlessly, like water. You gotta see this at least once in your life. 

Chico and Rita (2010)

An American/Spanish romance between an aspiring piano player and a young singer. The film opens in Cuba and has a vibrant and unique visual style while exploring a multitude of music styles and cultural backdrops. It’s touching and sweet, but does not erase the hardships of being a black music star in America or living through the Castro regime. 

Wizards (1977)

Ralph Bakshi is notorious for underappreciated gems. Wizards is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where magic is real and man has survived the radiation to evolve into fairies, elves, and dwarves. It’s a classic nature vs industry story with Bakshi’s unique spin. My favorite character is Necron 99, the assassin robot turned pacifist. I’ll warn you though, Bakshi films aren’t everyone’s taste (he’s responsible for Fritz the Cat, which against my better judgement I recommend as well).

Wizards was completed during the dark age of animation, and its fascinating to see how Bakshi gets around these limitations to produce something that grossed more than twice its budget.

Memories (1995)

Memories is a three part anthology based on three different manga short stories, Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon Fodder. While the entirety of the movie is beautifully animated and worth the watch, the best of these is the first one. It is a mysterious, tragic sci-fi horror short film set in space and worked on by Satoshi Kon (so of course its amazing). 

Sprace Fourth of July Headcanons

-Racetrack and Spot always get really hype for the Fourth

-like, they go ALL OUT

-tons of flags? Check. Sparklers? Check. A poster of Uncle Sam? Surprisingly, check.

-they and all of the other newsboys hang out downtown together and it’s a blast

-they have a yellow lab named Chico who wears an American flag print bandanna

-they bring him with them all over town

-Spot wears like, red and white everything. He’s #verypatriotic with his red shirt, white suspenders, and white pants

-Race also decides to match his boyfriend and wears a white shirt, blue suspenders, and blue pants

-they do basically every stereotypical Fourth of July activity

-Jack paints their faces with little American flags and it’s adorable

-(I’m not sure if this is a Fourth thing for the rest if the U.S. or if it’s just my city but) they help Les build a “race car” out of a bed frame for the Bed Race (this seems like a just my city thing now that I think about it)

-Spot hosts a little BBQ get together near the end of the day and all of the newsies, Manhattan and Brooklyn, hang out and eat good food

-Race cooks the food

-I’m sure the whole fandom just acknowledges that Race cooks a lot, right?


-everyone gathers on the Brooklyn Bridge near dusk to watch the fireworks

-it’s kinda cold so Spot puts his arms around Race and it’s hella gay

-Race is staring at the fireworks in complete awe while Spot is staring at him with just as much admiration and love

-Race notices

-he blushes

-they kiss

-it’s great

-Jack and the Manhattan newsies just hoot and holler and Race is slightly embarrassed but he just keeps kissing Spot

-I just really love Sprace, you know??

First off please forgive me that I am such a deadbeat dad and it took me so long to do this for you, kindly anon. But here in my bedazzled trash can of extraness, I aim to please, so here is my oh so official analysis of the many looks of Liam “Daddy Trash Can Lid Hands” Payne, love of my life.

We’ll start with probably my least favorite era - the Man Capris:

I genuinely don’t even know what to say to this. I’m not entirely sure if he lost a bet or he purchased these in an American Chicos store and, being European didn’t realize that we only sell these to our enemies. Maybe he fought a baby and wore the baby’s pants like a trophy, or he just decided one day to wake up and fuck with me by wearing a soccer mom’s capri pants.  Either way this is probably the darkest period in Limothy Payne’s fashion history.

Nope actually I was wrong this probably is. The only way I can explain most of Liam’s fashion choices during the Where We Are tour is that he was healing from a botched lasik eye surgery or had cataracts that have since been corrected because I cannot for the life of me understand why he would spend two hours blessing a stadium full of people every night with the Liam Payne sparkle dressed like a Home Depot sales associate from 1984. 

2015: Liam Payne’s Ascension

In 2015 Liam got the many concerned messages I was sending via Indian smoke signal and carrier pigeon, and decided to send the denim vest and capris on a reverse rocket ship to the earth’s crust, spending the general year ascending into peak hotness levels with only a few missteps.

he’s literally wearing a canadian tuxedo yet i am  aroused

“me? did i make your bones disintegrate and fall out of ass?” 

 Here you can see he decided to come to the AMAs dressed as the hot moneyed financial analyst that would break my heart and roast me for a lack of 401k. 

At some point during the year Liam lost a bet and was forced to wear clothes that looked like he was the most popular blackjack dealer at the Bellagio.

i know, i’m concerned looking too bud

Caption: a rare photo of me and Liam, who is dressed like the most beautiful Mohegan Sun cocktail waiter

A photo of Liam looking disappointed in me and my choices after i spent 11 minutes imagining what it would be like to build a rustic yet modern home in his patch of chest hair.

2016 (updated):

Liam, looking genuinely disappointed in the amount of places I feel it’s acceptable to show up without pants on. 

Liam continued to get so hot that most of his hair swooned off of his head, and The Brit Awards were a prime example. 

Limothy was out there killing it with a next level smize, ready to make DOW Jones Industrial decisions in the boardroom and then get into his Bat Mobile and run over my withered husk of a corpse from being callously murdered by his flawless moisturization game.