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This post is for all you UDD fans who just followed me here on Tumblr. =D *waves hi* 

Just like you, I’m a fan too. I first saw them in 2000 somethin… It was probably the first Terno night in Saguijo. I can’t even remember if it was Terno Inferno or Terno Au Go Go… Anyways what happened was, just like you, they blew me away. You guys know what I’m talking about.  

Here are some of my personal favorites from that Turn It Well music video shoot. Since the only way to shoot video is by using continuous lights, I had no hope in bringing out my flashes. I had brought 5 speedlights, and they were all cased up in my Pelican, that was being used as an apple box. With the whole video lighting rig, I found myself settling somewhere between f2 - 2.8 at 90-125th of a second, ISO 1,250. Pretty crappy conditions, if ya ask me. I hated it. The fact that I couldn’t use my gear was torture. It was nice that they made good use of my century stand, and the McNally reflector, but to not be able to use my strobes was paralyzing. 

And then at the very last moment, I had a tiny ass window of opportunity to shoot their portrait. It was in those brief moments of wrapping up the video shoot, tearing down, and right before going home. I had no time to test anything, and I needed a huge light source. I was gona pull out my parabolic umbrella, but I forgot my umbrella bag at home. The biggest source of light I could generate in the fastest amount of time was in the form of a single sb800, shooting through a 2-stop McNally triflip diffuser. It gave that hard-ish light at the distance I had it in, but the spread was enough to cover all four of them and give me some dramatic shadows. The remainder of my time was spent getting the guys to react to me so I could nail that expression. 

It was Armi’s suggestion to not look into the camera. I guess she’s camera shy like that.  Her gazing off on that last frame was just perfect. On the other hand, Ean, Carlos and Paul were like pros giving looks into the lens. They got the pressure-on-the-brow-action goin on pretty well. =) The four of them were such great subjects. Super easy to work with despite the long hours of shooting the video. Thanks, guys! You’s made it breeze. 

I’m looking forward to Capacities on vinyl. I just placed my order.

Till next time, guys. Cheers!