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Alexa Chung is known for her highly covetable fashion sense, but it’s not just her clothes that cool girls around the globe look to cop. While her signature cat eye may ignite a #NEEDNOW feeling to anyone with an Internet connection, it’s never been more accessible thanks to a collaboration with her fellow Brits at Eyeko (“Their eyeliner is the best in the business,” she swears). The ‘60s-inspired eye makeup set, which features a limited-edition eye do liquid eyeliner and eye do mascara, will make you a street-style superstar in no time. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Chung to help you score the girl-about-town’s look. KELLEY HOFFMAN

“I came across the brand Eyeko on a shoot. I loved it so much that I collaborated with them to create a felt-tip pen liner that literally feels like you’re drawing with a marker,” says Chung. “I love that I won’t just be a face of the brand, but that I’ll also get to work on the whole creative process.”

“My approach in terms of inspiration was to look at iconic beauties of eras goneby and study their approach to makeup. Also images of cats, imagery in general from the ’60s—which pointed me in the direction of London, the epicenter of cool at that time. The London Underground, buses, Mods, all of it. Eyeko definitely is the best in creating my favorite ‘60s look.”

I worked with Alia Penner, who is one of my favorite artists, and really pieced everything together. Her artwork is incredibly inspiring, colorful, young, fun, and extremely imaginative. I wanted to create an Eyeko world.”

“Think out and up. The trick is to really follow your natural eye shape and tailor the flick to suit you. So you need to look in the mirror and really study the line and then just experiment. I like to draw the wing bit first and then fill the rest in. I hold the pen up and create a 45-degree angle with it between the edge of my eye and my nose.”

“Summery, dewy skin. I learned from my mother, whose makeup chicly consists of just lipstick, that less is more.”