Yes I Do
Chicks On Speed

Deep down they say I’m vermin
Got more faces than Cindy Sherman
Gaultier fashion victim in the air
Shaved off all my pubic hair

Remembered Chicks On Speed today. When is that whole, early ‘00s, monotone, talky, synthpop sound a la early Le Tigre, Peaches, NYPC coming back? You know, when everyone was like also a performance artist for some reason? Come baaaack to me. 


Chicks On Speed feat. Peaches - We Don’t Play Guitars


What are words worth?

Wordy Rapppinghood - Chicks on Speed

The original, 80’s version of this song was on RRR this morning.


Till now, for me, this is probably stíll the most cheesy video clip + song ever.

anonymous asked:

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, but can I ask why you think so? (i think I have an idea but I'm curious to hear your opinion)

i’m guessing this is about my “cap 2 is shit” post? Well Here We Go:

Why Captain America: Winter Soldier Is Shit:

  1. OVERHYPED. Before I saw the movie (three times with my friend because it was her birthday and she paid for it because back then I loved Steve Rogers [not anymore. thanks cacw & fandom]) tumblr was just a FuckBoy about it. Going on and on about how it was the greatest movie ever. That no other movie compared. (I’m sorry? But, The Help, Miss Congeniality, White Chicks, The Blind Side, and Speed are all better movies.) When I saw the movie, I was expecting a lot of awesome shit, with a lot of depressing shit in return.
  2. EMILY VANCAMP INTENDED TO BE LEADING LADY. Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter was announced as the co-lead next to Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers when the movie was first announced. Instead they gave her characterization and lines to Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff (around the same time the fandom was asking for a Black Widow movie - almost like Marvel thought if she got a co-lead the fandom would shut up - which actually kinda worked).
  3. FUCKING TIMELINE IS SHIT. Zola’s involvement with the Winter Soldier makes no sense what-so-ever. Zola was on the team that created The Winter Soldier even though he was captured almost immediately after Bucky fell to his death. But Zola explains that HYDRA rooted themselves throughout S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.S. government, and that he himself had a key role in this conspiracy. This means when he was captured he quickly was released and went back to working for HYDRA in a secret capacity.
  4. FAILED BECHDEL TEST. Natasha, Sharon, and Maria are seen in the movie (test 1: It has to have at least two [named] women in it). Only Natasha and Maria have scenes together, and while they talk to each other (test 2: Who talk to each other) , it’s about Nick Fury (test 3: About something besides a man). Effectively failing the third test.

the next points are nit-picks.

  1. NIT-PICKY HISTORY SHIT. During Zola’s presentation, it is shown that, when SSR becomes SHIELD in 1945, and it’s ZIP code 20595. The United States Postal Service did not start using ZIP codes until 1963. And the Captain America display should be in the National Museum of American History instead of the National Air and Space Museum shown in the previous scene (with the Spirit of St. Louis, etc).
  2. NIT-PICKY TECHNOLOGY SHIT. During the Zola scene, the computer monitors show news headlines and stories that elaborate on past events Zola tells our heroes about. But these are “black and green” monochrome computer monitors; they would not have been able to produce full colored images like this, let alone with the crisp HD quality they are presented in.
  3. OTHER NIT-PICKY THINGS. Triskelion S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ building, the latitude/longitude are given as “38N 53'33.78” 77S 3’ 38.91". Longitude is given in ‘E’ or ‘W’ (East or West), not ’S’ (South).

most of all:

Stucky/Bucky/Seb Fandom Ruined It For Me