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Why does no one remember Dorothea Raukes? How many other proto-electronic females can you count?

synthwanderer  asked:

The door of Acadia opened and the tall Vault Dweller with leather armor and glasses walks in. He got a big box in his arms. This made the old synth curious, getting from his chair and greeting Vaughn. "You remember you told me where to find radchickens? Well, guess what: they had babies and I bring you some of them here!" Vaughn said, opening the box. Tiny little featherless peepers started to chant when they saw DiMA.

The corners of his eyes became soft creases as a bright smile lifted the corners of his lips upwards. Hands which were capable of bending steel rebar carefully scooped up a flapping, cheeping chick, handling them as gently as any mother had ever held their child.

The tip of one finger disappeared inside the greedy beak, making him chuckle and tut a fake admonishment.

“It seems someone is quite hungry. Apologies little one, but you will have to wait until I can make you some healthy chick feed.”

Caressing the little ball of.. skin with his thumb for a moment, he forced himself to put them down with the rest of their clutch. He took the box, put it down on the ground, then pulled Vaughn into a fierce bear hug.

“Thank you for bringing them to me Vaughn, they’re beautiful. I’ll take good care of them rest assured.”

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