chicks with hits

Listening to blue öyster cult today… 👽

Thanks for following me and being my tumblr friends 💖💜 my Lil blog is at 2.5k followers! So here it is… my first stop drop and take a hit! I’m tagging my favorite bloggers (in no specific order), go check them out and give them a follow! 💚🌸✨🤗


This is the third time I’ve tried posting this today 😔 I was tagged by the adorable @qushqween !💞 I’ve been such a mess lately, I’m so thankful for being able to smoke ugh. I don’t really have anybody in mind to tag so, if you see this take a hit and tag me in your vids or whatever 😄

I was tagged to take a hit by the beautiful @bongripsandacidtrips! Getting all my hits in before getting my wisdom teeth removed in the morning…😖

I tag @bakedlilbae @paradisiak @thelittlefae @daddyslilweedfairy and @godshideouscreation to stop drop and take a hit tooooo 💞💞

Finally doing this stop drop and take a hit!

Tagged by @sonofsaam @siriusbaked @like-a-huracan @lunaingenue & my @mamaganj  💞💫

I want to see these babes take a hit as well! @whospilledthebongwater @thepalestprincessinthekingdom @ha-ha-charadeyouare @weed-kitten and @potheadgirlfriend  💕 

I’ve been tagged by a whole bunch of people to take a hit, and I’m just a shit person and keep procrastinating. So long, that I can’t even tell you who has all tagged me , and to you guys I am sorry for that! I hope you guys all have a great weekend! Be safe, have fun ❤
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(I’m really high and having a hard time remembering URLs so if you see this you’re tagged too)