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I just want to know if the chick in the black hat and maxi dress is supposed to be some ruthless LA PR or publicist person. (This is my headcanon but also my wish since Louis needs some kick ass PR right now.)

Yeah I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be part of the lawyer team or doctor team or something else entirely. I can’t see her props. It would be cool if she was a ruthless PR person who was actually on Louis’ side though. He hasn’t had one of those publicly…well…..ever. He more than deserves one.

Thread of Skam characters' qualities

Isak Valtersen:

- smol
- Snake™
- He’s in love w/Even Bech Næsheim
- Obsessed with parallel universes
- Wants to be w/Even in every parallel universe
- Looks at Even like he’s the most beautiful thing in the world
- Snapbacks™
- In a complicate relationship with his locker
- Hoodies
- Loves sharing clothes with his boyfriend
- Co-founder of Eskimo kisses™
- Cardamom
- Cheese toasts
- Invented softness
- Cares about his hair more than anything
- Gay AF
- The purest
- Can’t hold his breath under water
- Best at crying
- Needs to be protected 24/7

Even Bech Næsheim:

- Playboy
- He knows how to do it™
- Takes desperate to a new level
- It works
- Blonde Elvis
- He’s in love w/Isak Valtersen since the first day of school
- Wants to protect Isak
- Master at kissing
- Everyone has a crush on him
- Killing you with eyebrows raising since 1997
- Co-founder of Eskimo kisses™
- Loves to draw Isak
- Loves sharing clothes with his boyfriend
- His smile is the sun
- NAS but 5 Fine Frøkner
- Cheese toasts
- Loves dramatic love stories
- Baz Luhrmann, man
- Would do anything for his boyfriend
- Cardamom
- Protect him

Jonas Noah Vasquez:

- Eyebrows™
- The friend everyone would like to have
- #1 defender of gays
- He knows how to go down on chicks
- Weed
- Hats lover
- Would never say no to Kebab
- Trouble times with Eva Mohn
- Scared of fake boobs

Magnus Fossbakken:

- #########1 EVAK SHIPPER
- Actually so cool
- Wants to have sex
- He has a crush on Even
- Loves cats
- Wants to hook up with Vilde Lien
- He’s actually in love with Vilde
- Desperate
- Would pay anything to see a series on Evak on NRK

Mahdi Disi:

- Loves waffles
- Hates family dinners
- Pansexual and bisexual are the same thing
- Cares about weed
- Does he even know Isak Valtersen
- Underrated wearer of snapbacks
- Always smiling
- Troubles with Isak

Eva Kviig Mohn:

- In love with alcohol
- P-Chris
- Kissing in the corner is religion
- Bisexual
- Fav quote: who wants to hook up with me?
- Hair
- Might steal your boyfriend
- Parties call for her
- Enjoys making out with Vilde Lien
- Loves Noora Sætre
- Always drunk
- Queen of falling to the ground
- Needs someone who looks up for her at parties until she finds P-Chris
- Needs new friends

Noora Amalie Sætre:

- Feminist
- Kills you with red lipstick™
- She may be a nutritionist
- She’s in love with William Magnusson
- Good taste in music
- But obsessed over Justin Bieber
- Needs to clean 24/7
- She can teach you how to clean a wall
- Can sing for you anything
- Lovely
- Loves Eva Mohn
- Lofty
- Cares about refugees
- Madrid, girls

Eskild Tryggvason:

- Proud Gay™
- Has a gay radar
- Thinks everyone out there is gay
- Guru
- Gay Prides Ambassador
- Cares about his friends
- Saves people by bringing them to his apartment
- Loves partying
- It’s Britney bitch

Vilde Hellerud Lien:

- Cute
- Most of her questions are indiscreet
- Obsessed over William
- But loves Magnus Fossbakken
- Nose™ & Teeth™
- Kosegruppa
- Enjoys making out with Eva
- Russ
- Worries about who’s hooking up with her the next time

Sana Bakkoush:

- Brilliant
- Strong woman
- She knows things
- She always has the right answer
- Bad at biology
- Badass™
- Her hijab will protect everyone
- Has a soft hidden side
- Would kill for her friends

Chris Berg:

- Thinks Sana is the coolest
- Yogurt
- How come Isak Valtersen is gay
- Has a creepy boyfriend
- Paillettes

Christoffer Schistad:

- Fuckboy
- Eva Mohn
- Always has blood on his face
- Awkward
- Penetrator
- Likes butts
- Corner kissing master
- Cool walk

William Magnusson:

- Penetrator
- Asshole
- He’s madly in love with Noora Sætre
- Would do anything for her
- Cool walk
- Breaks bottles
- Actually good at writing
- Knows how to do it with Noora
- Cocoa lover

Linn Larsen Hansen:

- Depressed
- Needs to sleep 24/7
- Hate is the way
- Knows how to put balls on a Christmas tree
- Actually loves to party
- Can’t play Fifa