chicks with dyed hair

The Tables Have Turned (Jason Todd X Reader)

Request: Jason x Reader where the reader is a badass chick with a motorcycle and dyed hair and cool tattoos and Jason tried to flirt with her but is confused when she doesn’t swoon at the sight of him like most women do??

A/N: I liked how this turned out though it feels quite incomplete! Maybe I’ll make this a series if you guys want it to be!

It was love at first sight for the Outlaw; the moment he saw you knock a drunkard out in one punch, Jason knew you were special.

For you, not so much.

Kneeling down, you swiftly grabbed the purse from the unconscious man and tossed it back to its original owner. Your knuckle ached like hell but seeing the shaken business lady looking so relieve made the pain worth it.

“Thank you so much!” The lady said before scurrying away to some important meeting, no doubt. Letting out a sigh, you nudged the knocked out bastard with the tip of your shoe, glad that he hadn’t stopped breathing. While what he did was scummy, you didn’t want his blood on your hands.

Running your bruised knuckles, you strolled back to your motorcycle, surprised to find a young man leaning against it. He was undeniably handsome but you weren’t interested; you could tell he was, though.

“Excuse me,” you said nonchalantly, failing to get to your vehicle since the bastard refused to move. You shot him a glare, crossing your heavily tattooed arms. “What’d you want, man?”

“Your name and number, preferably.” Jason replied smoothly, knowing that in a few seconds your badass facade would crack and you’d beg to go home with him.

You snorted, rolling your eyes, “and why would you want those?”

“Because the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew you’re my soulmate,” Jason replied, surprising even himself with his choice of words. His voice dripped with confidence as he maintained his cool, though internally the man’d begun to panic at how genuinely unimpressed you seemed. Fuck.

“I’m not looking for soulmates,” you dismissed simply, the throbbing in your knuckle was getting worse. Dumbly, you reached out for your helmet with hand that happened to hurt like a bitch, the sudden pain that shot through your fist caused you to drop the helmet. The handsome stranger caught it without a sweat.

“You might need some ice,” Jason said, this time his voice wasn’t cocky or arrogant like before but rather caring and kind. Though it didn’t show on your face, you felt your heart swell with affection for a split second. “C'mon, I’ll buy you a coffee and an ice pack.” He gestured for you to follow him. You did.

From what Jason could tell, your hand was just fine, it was bruised but not broken. He’d take a moment to evaluate it after bringing you to a little cafe that was mostly empty; the place was quiet and peaceful.

It’d been twenty minutes since the two of you entered the place and neither of you said anything. The silence between you wasn’t awkward or tense but rather calming actually. He’d kept his promise and bought you coffee and some ice in a bag, a gesture you found yourself smiling appreciatively at as you took another sip of the warm beverage.

“So,” the handsome stranger said, his deep voice breaking the silence you’d shared, “what’s your name?”

“(Y/N),” you replied, playing with the bag of ice you kept pressed to your bruised knuckle. You avoided his gaze as he stared at you, “you?”

“Jason Todd,” he smiled as he held out his hand, “pleased to meet you.” His smirk grew wider when you finally decided to make eye contact with him; the smile faltering for a split second when he felt his heart skip a beat.

You returned the handshake, your grip firm, “ditto.” Before you could pull your hand away, Jason’d brought the back of it to his lips. He’d expected at least a blush, a hitch in your breathing, a blink?? But nothing. You simply looked at him with an expressionless face.

Jason knitted his eyebrows together in confusion as he let you pull your hand away. You stared at him, raising an eyebrow, as you took another sip of coffee.

“What?” You asked, placing the mug down, feeling slightly awkward as he refused to stop staring at you, confusion written all over his face. He’d expected you to swoon and fall at his feet like all other girls probably would have but you knew better than to give in so easily. You tried your best to resist a smug smile, feigning complete innocence. However, the moment you let the corner of your lips quirk upwards, you knew he’d seen through your facade.

Jason Todd’s look of confusion quickly faded away as he leaned towards you, his face dangerously close to yours. “You’re playing hard to get.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be gotten in the first place.”

“Oh please, no woman can resist my charm,” Jason’s eyes pierced into yours.

“Try me,” you challenged, this time you leaned closer to him, your forehead almost touched his.

Jason was about to throw out some cheesy pick up line before he realised that he was speechless. For once in his life he didn’t know what to say to a girl.

“Did little old me make the handsome Jason Todd speechless?” You teased, smirking when he said nothing, proving your point. Deciding to end this little game, you stood up from your seat, “well, I need to go now-” as you prepared to walk away, you were stopped by his hand grabbing onto yours.

“Did you just call me handsome?” Jason spoke as he pulled you closer to him, you winced as your hip bumped against the table that stood in between the two of you. He muttered a sorry under his breath. You swore internally as your heart skipped a beat from the way he looked at you so intensely; the way he held your hand; the way he muttered an apology in between trying to flirt for hurting your hip.

You tried to retaliate with a snarky remark but found no words escaping your lips. This man was persistent and insufferable but… you loved it. You liked how handsome he was, how his name sounded and how pretty his eyes were.

The tables had turned and you knew you were fucked.