chicks with dyed hair

Yup, I hate this place

(please excuse my terrible writing and if you love school then great! I won’t judge you for that! It’s totally fine, I just had to use a cliche-ish thingy so yeah)

Yup, I hate this place

Peter Maximoff x reader

(You are a mutant who has technopathy which is basically able to control technology.

Basically you have to go to a normal school because your mum wants you to at least have a normal school life. Since she’s your mum you agreed. You and Peter are also dating but he can’t come with you because, well he just can’t and let’s leave it to that okay?)

I walked down the hallway that was crowded by teenagers. They gave me cold, hard stares as I shuffled forward to the office.

“Hi…I’m uhh the new student here..” I say awkwardly. The secretary darted her eyes to me and then back to the screen.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” she asked while her gum chewing echoed in the office.

“Uhh yes. That is me,” I say. She gave me a pink sheet that I indicate is a schedule.

I excused myself out which then I was cornered by two, I’m guessing, jocks, who gawked at me, like a hunter staring at their prey.

“Oh what do we have here? Are you lost sweetheart?” the first jock asked who seemed to try to seduce me with his voice but ultimately failed.

“No, I am not lost, so can you please get out my way,” I coldly say while making the second almost flinch but just shrugged it off.

“No no sugar, we’ll show you around,” adding a disgusting wink at the end who, hem hem, tried to seduce me. Keyword is tried.

They scowled at me and turn away to their group of “friends” and girls with loads of heavy make-up.

I led my way over to history, which was pretty far. I seated myself to the back corner to be unseen and uninterrupted which failed. I was beamed at multiple times but no one seems to really care which I was totally fine with. A chick with dyed blond hair, caked in makeup, who also wore VERY revealing clothes, that wore high heels to manipulated people on what her actual height was came by to say something.

“Oh hi!” she says putting on a fake smile. “I’m Amanda (AN: Sorry if your name is Amanda, you could change it if you want) and you are..?”

“Y/N,” I respond. Before she could reply, the teacher came in, carrying his suitcase full of mystery.

“Okay class settle down and turn your textbook to page 293,”

Everything was a blur. Each class I had to introduce myself, yati yati, but right now it’s my last block. One of my options block. Of course since one of the options was coding I had to do it.

Everyone sat down and started typing away so I commanded myself to do the same thing. There was half of popular peers because they could do whatever they wanted and then there’s the other half full of nerd I guess they would call them. That’s when it started going downhill.

Well so we had a lockdown. And I know what you’re all saying, “Oh what that’s not that bad!” oh no hun you don’t know the reason why. Well apparently this school is kinda…well..anti-mutant. So a mutant (possibly me) was found and probably getting hunted down right now as I hear stomps behind the wooden doors and yells of commands and stuff.

So we had to hide in this corner because apparently corners are now the place you should go under an “attack” and that’s the most important and safest place to go, not a dumb idea at all! Anyway it’s been at least an hour and I was suppose to be home but yeah. Men (and women, don’t forget about equalization in our country) started filing in and talking to the teacher. For what I could hear over the talking, crying and the jocks who say they can beat up this “stupid” mutant, it was something mutant all right. They say that they saw a blur of silver. Omg Pietro Maximoff what are you doing here. After I thought that a flash occurred making all the papers to fly and swoop down. All the gunmen and gun women flash their guns up faster than you could say twinkie.

Suddenly it seems that all their bullets disappeared huh. They frantically look around until the one and only, Peter Maximoff stood there with a sheepish gin on his face.

“Y-you! You’re t-the m-mutant who broke in here! State your purpose!”a gunman demanded. Peter just shrugged.

“Why I can’t see my girlfriend? I’m sorry but is that illegal or something?” Peter asks. The popular girls started gossiping on which, I quote on quote, “freak” that’s dating him. I did hear someone say that he was kinda hot so that started and now they’re basically fighting over who his girlfriend is, how they’re gonna kill them and who gets Peter after. After like 42543 years later, I had enough. I wanted to go home, catch up on some seasons of Supernatural and stuff. So I said screw it, took Peter’s hand and dragged him off which kinda startled kinda started a few officers but whatever. So umm…yeah. Let’s just say that I’m never going back to any normal school again, just stick to Charles’s and spend more time with Peter.

I told my Mum to screw herself, just kidding she is my mother. I told her that I’m moving back to Charles’s school which she objected at first but then realised that I don’t really belong to those schools. (oh and Peter was there and she pretty much adores Peter) So yeah….my awkward first and last day of non-mutant school. It was a journey and I’m just glad that I was able to maintain a normal lifestyle and, just kidding I hated it and I don’t want to go back to that hell hole. Bye!

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why do anti sjws stereotype sjws as fat dark skinned purple/blue haired chicks with like....facial hair and glasses like i have never seen one (1) sjw who looks like that.

every anti-SJW story featuring a dyed hair chick with glasses has been about the same woman who roams the countryside making strawman arguments and ruining LGBT clubs/gender studies classes