chicks on fire

The signs as quotes from white chicks

aries : “MOVE BITCH”

taurus : “Triple T, KA. Time to totally kick ass.”

gemini: “Ohhhh you wanna talk about mothers, its mother time”

cancer : [cries] “ I can’t even wear a short skirt and a top without looking like a fat pig”

leo: “It’s not “just” a hand bag. It’s prada”

virgo: “Someone get this jiggaboo away from me”

libra: “ Making my way downtown walking fast, faces pass and I’m home bound”

scorpio: “Your mothers ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King’s about to pop out and say “Only in America!”.

sagittarius: “What’s up money? You gotta problem ? What you looking at my ass for? No yo hold my poodle , HOLD MY POODLE”

capricorn: “ Your mothers so old that her breast milk is powdered, you breastfeed like this 😚💨 ”

aquarius: “ For the lady perhaps a salad? perhaps not

pisces: “She’s having a bitch fit!”


So last night I rewatched Fire (as you may have seen from my obnoxious post). I wanted to do Fire for the @txf-fic-chicks challenge since I’ve been shocked at how few fics there are about this awesome episode! It has everything: cute pouty Mulder, shirtless Mulder, flirty Scully, jealous Scully, a random plot point that CC never references again. 
Anyways I wrote up this fic in record time and @alittlemissfit cleaned it up for me (as she always does an amazing job of making my words make sense)
So enjoy! 
@piecesofscully @kateyes224 (thank you for this fun challenge!) 

It might have been petty of me, but I hated Phoebe from the second I laid eyes on her. I know what you’re thinking, and no, my dislike was not due to her kissing Mulder.
I knew how I felt about her from the second she opened that car door and scared the shit out of us.
One second I’m listening to that cassette tape thinking, alright, this is how it ends, in a courthouse parking garage with Mulder. The next second I’m staring a bug-eyed Englishwoman in the face. I know, commenting on looks is the lowest form of criticism, but really, what did he even see in her?

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today was like.. the busiest day i’ve seen so far @ work and i’ve been there for 3 weeks but 1) it made time fly by and 2) i somehow managed to not take it personally and catastrophize whenever a customer would get irritated for having to wait a few more seconds (not even that many ppl DID get irritated, even) bc it’s like.. you are in a 🍬🍭 shoppe. a crowded one @ that. you can wait. how can you b irritated surrounded by sweets and knowing you’re abt to take a big ol’ bite out of a 🍫🍎.. sincerely. and i did well according to multiple ppl there who have been there for ages + like. the head cook. so. 🍾🥂💫✌️

Fatesona 30 day challenge- Day 10: With any other (or more) fatesona/s

I decided to takle her friendship problem with day 10^^

So on this one we have Nayume asking Raven (by @ominousrain ) to be her friend.

Why Raven?
Well, her thinking was, if she can approach the one who she thinks is the scariest and survive that, then maybe asking others isn’t that nerve wrecking anymore.
Actually she wanted to say “Please be my friend! I also got this cute little raven chick as present for you”, but due to her being super scared, it became the sentence we see above, haha xD

Hope you guys like the new drawing!^^

PS: huh…day 11 is with her supposed rival? I have no idea xDD That will need some research and lots of thinking.

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