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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Luki O’Keefe

There’s something about Luki’s photos that standout amongst the thousands of other surf photographers, and for us it’s the way she captures tranquil moments in the ocean with a modernized retro vibe that gives us all the nostalgic feels. We’ve spent hours scrolling through her Instagram feed getting lost in the serene colors and gorgeous light she snaps, and just had to learn more about her. We’re chatting with Luki about how she inherited her love for the ocean, and what her dream shoot would be (hint hint, this one includes time travel!).

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Send “Who Are You?” and my muse will reply with one of the following:

#1-50. Pronouns [we, I, she, he, ect] are free to change. Optimal for vigilantes.

  1. Concerned… Third party? 
  2. Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. 
  3. Considering [___], I’d say I’m the guy who just took your job. 
  4. I’m here to help you. 
  5. Just say we’re in the same business, fixing problems. 
  6. I’m the guy who still has time to save [name].
  7. Tell [name] I’m the guy that just put him out of business. 
  8. I’m like you, I give people second chances. 
  9. One of the only people who know you’re innocent. 
  10. Detective [name]. *NOTE: they stole a badge and are impersonating*
  11. One of these days I’ll have to come up with a good answer for that one.
  12. You can call me… [name].
  13. Who I am doesn’t matter right now. What matters is, I know who you are.  
  14. My name is [name]. Your mother sent me. 
  15. If you find out, let me know. *NOTE: Could be about someone else*
  16. My name is [name] and I help people out of tough situations. 
  17. *silently continues what they were doing*
  18. The guy who shot Detective [name] and stole his badge. 
  19. Your ride home. 
  20. *about someone else* The guy who helped me save your life tonight. 
  21. I’m the guy who stopped you two jokers from killing each other. 
  22. We help people, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. 
  23. Just a guy who needed a ride. 
  24. I find it hard to answer that, even to myself. 
  25. I’m the partner of the man in your backseat. 
  26. As far as you’re concerned, [name], we don’t exist. 
  27. *snippily* [first name].
  28. Let’s just say that ultimately, you and I work for the same entity. 
  29. I could ask you the same thing. 
  30. That’s not important. 
  31. Right now, an easy target. 
  32. Tonight, hostage negotiator. 
  33. [A] Concerned third party. 
  34. Someone who knows what this is about. 
  35. Right now, your only option. 
  36. We’re merely a couple of concerned dog owners, [name]. 
  37. As of this moment, [name], we are your judge and jury. 
  38. Not important.
  39. The night watch. 
  40. Concerned citizen. 
  41. I’m the guy that’s gonna catch you when you fall. 
  42. Never Mind. 
  43. A concerned frequent flyer. 
  44. You can call me [name]. And this is my partner [name]. 
  45. I may be the only person here who thinks you’re innocent. 
  46. Security advisors… Of a sort. 
  47. Right now I’m the getaway driver. 
  48. Ordinarily I’d be the chick kicking your amateur hour ass. 
  49. The frigging Dalai Lama.

autumnhobbit  asked:

Damian and Tim trapped somewhere waiting for rescue while Damian's hurt--post Damian's death. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry it’s so bad T.T

“Damian…Damian, no!”

Tim shoots off after him, fingers reaching and curling around the boy’s shoulders like claws. He opens his mouth to speak, but glances down at his little brother’s face.

It’s pale. And he’s sweating. His lips are turning blue, and Tim doesn’t realize that he’s been talking until Damian snaps, “We have to!”
Tim casts a glance at the ground. Oh. A chick.

“She kicked it out of the nest,” he muses, trying to steer the boy away. 

Damian yanks himself out of Tim’s grasp. “No!” he shouts, kneeling down in the mud. “It fell out. It’s too windy for it. It needs help!”

“Dames,” Tim sighs, keeping an eye on the makeshift tourniquet. Why isn’t Bruce here yet? Why won’t he come? “Sometimes nature just works that way.”

“I know how nature works,” Damian spits. His eyes blink, zoning out for a moment. Loss of blood. Tim reaches out to him again, but Damian jumps up and skirts his arms. “No!“ 

“Damian!” Tim finally snaps. “You have two stab wounds, a broken arm, and I highly suspect a concussion. I know you hate me but for the love of God, do what I say and sit down!”

Damian’s face goes blank. He shakes his head. Tim opens his mouth to rip him a new one, really lay on the guilt, but then. Damian’s lip trembles. Tim’s anger doesn’t melt away, but the tension in his shoulders rolls down to the pit of his stomach. Shit.

“It needs its mother,” Damian insists, whispering hoarsely. He blinks several times in rapid succession. The wind picks up and Damian kneels next to the chick, protecting it from the sudden raindrops. “It’s too little. It needs its mother.”

“She may not take him back,” Tim reminds him morosely, kneeling down across from him. He monitors the boy’s stab wounds. They’re bleeding again.

Damian swallows. “It’s too little,” he insists again. “It needs someone to take care of it.”

“Maybe it will survive. Animals generally do well with independence–”

“No!” The shriek echoes in the clearing. Tim’s head snaps up, startled. “It’s too little! It needs its mama! It needs help!" 

Damian’s voice is tight. His teeth are clenched. He’s shaking with repressed emotion. The raindrops in his eyelashes trickle down and– 



"It’s too little,” Damian croaks. “It’s too little." 

Tim swallows, head feeling swollen and warm. “Yeah,” he agrees, looking at Damian’s large eyes. “Too little.” 

Tim scoops up the baby bird and deposits it in his lap. He takes off his gloves and wraps them around it. He hands the creature off to his little brother, who sags in relief. 

"C'mere,” he gestures, dragging the boy closer. He puts his arms around him, trying to dispel the shaking. “It may still die,” he reminds him, ever the realist. 

Damian wiggles against his chest. Tim is surprised at how comfortably he fits there. “It won’t,” he assures him, sounding positive at his own control in life that the universe would not dare cross him. 

“Okay,” Tim breathes out. He figures he’ll believe him. His fingers are freezing. “Are you warm?”


Tim wraps his coat around the kid’s front anyway. He flexes his stiff fingers in realization. Tim is not a good older brother. He knows this. It wasn’t in the job description. But it’s funny, how little things can connect and mean something. Because sometimes being an older brother meant being cold. And sometimes being cold so your little brother could shiver less meant…well, everything. 

“You don’t believe in God.”


Damian shifts. "You can’t say ‘for the love of God’ because you don’t believe in God.“

The rain is pattering on the grass. Lightning flashes in the sky silently. 

"Oh. Habit, I guess. Your dad says it.”

Damian doesn’t reply for a moment. He’s gazing down at the chick, who seems to have fallen asleep, safe in both boys’ hands. 


The top of Damian’s head is wet. Tim rests his chin on it anyway.  


Kick-Ass Chicks: Babes of BAN.DO 

No two days are the same when you’re working in a massively creative atmosphere such as Whether it’s conceptualizing a new campaign or animating dancing cats (What?! Jealous.), you can guarantee Danielle’s day-to-day as Lead Digital Designer is anything but ordinary. We sat down with this creative wizard to learn what makes her tick, and what her favorite Jen Gotch quote is.

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I’m definitely glad this poster came out cause we got more of the personalities of the ninja through it.

Nya: can def tell she’s a super pumped awesome chick. She’s ready to kick butt 24/7
Jay: we already knew he was a nerd but LOOK AT THE SMILE
Lloyd: finally, not dark and brooding. He honestly looks kind of laid back, maybe sassy. Seems like a good spin on him cause that’s how I actually pictured him before watching the show.
Zane: ok we can definitely tell he is NOTHING LIKE THE SHOW. But we now have solid proof that he’s probably pretending to be human but is obviously not. Amazing. Not humans trying to be humans is my favorite story trope and although I still prefer usual Zane, this one looks great.
Kai: I was so afraid based on the trailer that Kai was gonna be an angry egotistical teen. Now we can see he looks like one of those party animal teens. Good.
Cole: I don’t have a comment for him really. He honestly just looks like normal cole with a manbun.

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Jasmine Wright

Paving her way through the mostly male dominated tattoo industry is bad-ass tattoo artist and San Diego native, Jasmine Wright. Her insane tattoos may have been the first thing to catch our attention, but her “anti Pinterest” style and no excuses attitude had us itching to know more about her. We had the chance sit down with Jasmine in her downtown San Diego studio and watch her work some serious magic while chatting about tattoos, life choices, and shrimp brokering.

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Eight reasons why you should watch Sense 8

1. The plot is intriguing.

2. There is a Korean chick who kicks ass better than an American Police

3. There is a Spanish actor who is gay (lot of gay porn! :3 )

4. There is a Nairobian who loves Van Damme so much that he names his bus “Van Damme” (who thinks the korean lady is Van Damme’s spirit :D)

5. I am an Indian and the show captures Indian sentiments very well, judging by that, you get to know a lot of different cultures

6. There are those moments of exhilarations where the sensates help each other out which are my favorite parts of the show

7. The music is amazing

8. You can binge watch the whole season on Netflix at one go! No more waiting.