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Wynonna Earp 1x11 spoilers
-praise fucking Jesus dolls did a genetics test I was ready to flip a table if they didn’t
-two Nicole mentions im alive
-thEY hAD a dATe pLAnNeD!!!!
-i remember like two days ago when I watched eps 1-5 and was thriving on the sister angst well THAT SHIT GOT INFINITELY ANGSTIER WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
-“what are you and Nicole best friends now?” Oblivious wynonna is my lifeline
-I still hate docs mustache but I want to be his new friend
-wynonna confirmed #straight u g h
-there goes all the bi!earp headcanons
-Willa freaks me tf out
-I can’t tell if she’s gonna pull something on them and turn out evil
-the fun dude with doc said that SHE will rise in four days and he had to stand with WYNONNA calling it Willa somehow evil
-the random house attack was so random yet so typical just your average day on Earp land
-I LOVE INJURIES SO MUCH how much of a terrible person am I for that I YELLED WHEN SHE GOT SHOT I didn’t it’s 12:11 am I’m “sleeping”
-Nicole is going to FLIP SHIT when she finds out her girlfriend was shot gimme
-“dudes dig scars” “do chicks?” Holy shit waverly
-she isn’t even trying to hide the gay
-she also isn’t trying to hide her relationship with Nicole but she’s still not ready to say it and she’s like putting it out there going wynonna notice so I don’t have to actually tell you and that’s so relatable
-can Nicole please respond someone must’ve heard the artillery happening at the homestead I don’t care how far out from town it is
-wynonna too holy shit I can’t even deal with how well written these character are everything they do is so natural and believable and understandable
-renew this show god dammit
-air it in Canada so I can legally watch it

lol don’t come at me because I’m not clinging to a reason to hate Camille. I like her. I like her for Harry. Some of the shit she’s done IN THE PAST is pretty dumb or immature and I don’t agree with it but overall who she is as a person is a person I think is pretty rad.

Let someone dig through your past pals. I’m sure they’ll come up with plenty of dumb shit you’ve said and done, including what you’re currently doing which is dig up shit on some chick you don’t know just cause she’s dating your fave.

You want to hate her go ahead friend but don’t waste your time trying to drag me cause I don’t.

the-flowerchild  asked:

ss student/teacher au ;)

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

  • sakura is a pre-med student who has sasuke as her teacher for two classes: bio-chemistry, and psychopathology. 
  • she saves him from overtly flirty and overbearing lovesick university girls by approaching him after class, all smiles and patience, asking him if she could bother him with a couple of questions about the project. he’s soooooo thankful cause omg he never has the fucking patience for these girls and he’d rather not have complaints filed against him for being rude AF
  • she likes to ask for extra credit, not to get better grades (she’s already amazing) but because she can see him a little longer and talk to him more often. 
  • she snaps pictures of him all the time to ino and the rest of her girls, gloating about how she has such a hot teacher. 
  • sasuke likes to hang around the uni cafeteria instead of going home to eat, like he usually does, because sakura is there a lot, to either study or grab some grub with her friends. naruto instantly notices this weird behavior and notices him staring at her and he’s all, “OH MY GOD YOU KINKY LITTLE SHIT–she is so hot though, god damn. i can see why you’d be stalking her, sasuke-teme–!”
  • he gives her a ride home once. he promises himself never again because of how much he swore he would have kissed her if he had less self-control–and that is obviously inappropriate.
  • sasuke is so used to her schedule that he intentionally makes sure their paths will cross, most often before she has his classes, just so they can walk together. sometimes he’d walk with her even if he needed to head somewhere opposite to where she was going.
  • he doesn’t like hearing her call him, “sasuke-sensei” and always corrects her outside of class. 
  • she tries to confess to him one night as they’re walking out of the building. he curses and stops her when she starts, tells her she can’t really want to say this because it is wrong and they can both get in trouble for this–especially him. she stays silent for a moment, looks at him straight in the eye, and confesses anyway. he mulls his lips together, hands clenching and unclenching, and then just walks away.
  • sakura doesnt show up to classes for a week, nor is she seen around on campus in her usual hours. he feels horrible about it, but tries to fight against it because it’s just not right.
  • when she comes back to class the next week, she won’t look at him or talk to him. and since he can’t get to her because of the lovesick girls holding him back, he doesn’t get to apologize.
  • he shows up at her door that night, with the notes she missed in hand. she accepts them quietly, but asks him to leave lest anybody be suspicious. she obviously finds it hurtful to be in his presence and to talk to him. he gets all frustrated and pushes her inside her apartment to kiss her firmly. sasuke insists that he won’t give her special treatment, and he’ll grade her just as fairly as he does everyone else, and that this thing between them can’t be public until she passes his classes. she nods her assent, and he kisses her breathless.
  • they wanted to lay low but when sex got involved, it was hard not to act on her fantasies about him fucking her on his desk or in a janitor’s closet. they had to act indifferent to each other several times because people suspected things.
  • naruto of course found out about it as he walked in on them fucking on sasuke’s couch once, and was all, “SHIT TEME LOL OMG YOU’RE DOING THE CHICK YOU WERE DIGGING HEHEHE YOU TOTAL PERV, THAT’S KINKY SHIT I DIDNT EVEN THINK YOU HAD THE BALLS HAHA” and went all “hi im naruto, im this bastard’s best friend and im so glad to finally meet the girl he’s head over ass in love with” while she’s awkwardly sitting there basically naked
  • he likes to smirk and give her these little looks in class full of secret heat, which makes her all warm and tingly and has her mouth running dry, and she likes to retaliate by sending him texts like “you looks so hot, im gonna blow you right after this class ;)” while right in the middle of lecture. and since sasuke always checks his phone for emergencies, he sees her texts and has this pause because he’s so caught off guard, before he resumes teaching and avoids looking at her cause he KNOWS that she’ll be winking at him and giving him those dirty looks. 
  • the smile he gives her when she graduates is absolutely beautiful and so, so damn proud
  • he gives her keys to his house as a graduation gift :)

my brother just sent me this:

Imagine this Moftiss conversation:  "we need to bring Moriarty back. Chicks dig him"  "But isn’t he a bit too dead to do that?“ "Shit. I forgot.” “what do we do?” “Why don’t we just reboot the show?” “won’t people notice?” “We’ll put a twist on it. Set it a few hundred years back and give Lestrade massive sideburns” “Bloody genius! The cumberbitches will never know what hit em. ”




Chris told Dylan he was finished with her, but found himself back on her doorstep after his conversation with India.

Dylan: You’re back? Does that mean you’ve calmed down and you want to talk this out rationally?

Chris: Nah, I ain’t got shit to talk to you about. I’m just here to get my wallet. I left it in the bedroom.

She held the door open to let him in.

Dylan: You can come in while I get it for you.

Chris: I’ll get it myself. I don’t need you to do anything for me.

He brushed past her and went straight to the bedroom. Caught off guard and needing to gather her thoughts for what she was sure would be another round of arguing, she stayed in the living room instead of following him. When he emerged from the bedroom, he went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Dylan continued to wait for him, growing increasingly apprehensive as the minutes ticked away. She nearly jumped out of her skin when he came bursting out the bathroom.

Chris: What the fuck is this shit?! Huh?! What the fuck is this?!

Dylan: Oh my God! You came back here to dig through my phone?!

Chris: Yeah, I did and I should have dug through it a long time ago! You ain’t fucking Kasim?! So what is this? What are you doing in his shirt at that grimy ass hotel where he takes all his jump offs?! There are a million texts and phone calls from him all in this phone!

Dylan didn’t reply. She stood staring at Chris with her chest heaving, getting angrier by the second.

Chris: You been fucking him since we broke up, haven’t you?! Haven’t you?!!!

When she still didn’t respond, he continued.

Chris: I just had a nice little talk with your girl, India! She told me everything! How you left her stranded at the club to go lay up him. How you’re jealous of Angel. How you tried to fuck this muthafucker in our apartment while I was asleep! She told me everything!

Dylan: I do not believe you came over here to dig through my phone!

Chris: She told me about this picture on your phone too. I can’t believe you been fucking him all this time - right under my nose. What kind of dirty, nasty bitch are you?!

Dylan: What kind of bitch made nigga are you?! Coming up in here lying and sneaking around like a chick to dig through my shit. Yeah, I fucked him! And?! So what?! You forgot I found you in your drawers with two bitches not too long ago? We never got back together officially, so I can fuck whoever I want to fuck. Do you see any rings on my finger?!

Chris: Out of all the people you could have messed around with, you had to choose Kasim? My family?!

Dylan: Whatever, Chris. Get over yourself! What we do ain’t about YOU. Everything is not about YOU. That’s your problem, you so fucking sensitive and always in your feelings. You need to man up and stop being such a pussy! I’m tired of protecting your feelings all the time. Believe me, I’m just as sick of you as you are of me. Get the fuck out of my house.

Chris stared at her clenching and unclenching his fist.

Dylan: You can ball your fists up all you want, but if you put your fucking hands on me, bet that’ll be the last thing you ever put your hands on. Play with me if you want to.

Chris: Put my hands on you for what? To get locked up and fuck up my life for YOU? I wouldn’t spit on your ass if you were on fire. You can have Kasim. You deserve each other.

Chris opened the door to leave and Dylan followed him into the hallway.

Dylan: What I deserve is long, strong dick. And you don’t know nothing about that! Get outta here you bitch ass.

Chris: Have a nice life, Dylan.

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