chicks dig that!

I hate to be That Guy™ that tries to make something out of nothing but that’s exactly what im going to do rn.

So… Jack’s ‘scars look good’ line is a Evel Knievel quote reference: “Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars.”

And 76 says it almost exactly the same, “Bones heal, pain is temporary, and scars look good.”

Yannow, except ‘scars look good’ is kinda sorta 100% gender neutral.

Hamilton Song Titles by me (all)
  • Alexander Hamilton: DO NOT FORGET MY NAME
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Shut The F Up by Aaron Burr
  • My Shot: Squad Goals
  • Story of Tonight: Drunk Frat Boys
  • The Schuyler Sisters: FEMINISM!...and Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: Stick To The Status Quo
  • You'll Be Back: Yandere England
  • Right Hand Man: Meet Your New Dad
  • A Winter's Ball: Chicks Dig Founding Fathers
  • Helpless: Awwwwwwwwwww
  • Satisfied: Eponine Learned How To Rap
  • Story of Tonight(reprise): Drunk(er)Frat Boys
  • Wait For It: We Have To Make You Like The Bad Guy
  • Stay Alive: WHEEEEEEEEEE
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The Only Time A Good Guy Wins A Duel
  • Meet Me Inside: You're Not My Real Dad!
  • That Would Be Enough: Awwwwwww Part 2
  • Guns And Ships: French Fuckboy Raps Fast
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: Don't Fuck Up Now
  • What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.
  • Dear Theodosia: I'm a Dad Yay / LOOK AT MY SON
  • Laurens' Interlude: OH OK HE DIED ANYWAY THAT'S FINE
  • Non-Stop: You Are Filled With Determination
  • What'd I Miss?: 'Tis I, Your Local Asshole
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Awwwww Jr. / Just Chill
  • Say No To This: YOU HAD ONE JOB ALEX
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr Is Salty
  • Schuyler Defeated: I Thought You Were My Friend Wtf
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Daddy's Callin
  • Washington On Your Side: The Bad Guys Squad
  • One Last Time: I'm Tired, I Wanna Go Home
  • I Know Him: Why Is This Guy Still Here?
  • The Adams Administration: Ooooh Hamilton's Pissed Now
  • We Know: Even The Bad Guys Are Judging You Alex
  • Hurricane: ALEX NO
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: GOD DAMNIT ALEX
  • Burn: Look What You Did Alex, She's Burning Things
  • Blow Us All Away: Don't Do Duels Kids
  • Stay Alive (reprise): I'm Not Crying, You Are
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *Ugly Crying*
  • The Election Of 1800: Hillary Or Trump?
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive Agressiveness/Sexual Tension
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: Awwwww Part 3
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Congratulations, You Shot Your Only Friend
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Burr, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda

I’ve been asked by several guys why ‘chicks dig Alistair so much’. I never thought it was that big of a secret why, but in case you aren’t in ~the know~, here’s why:

He’s nothing but a gentleman to F!Warden. When he meets her, he’s kind and joking, while providing any information at her request. He doesn’t mansplain or talk down to her because she is a woman. If anything, he treats this woman, this recruit whom he knows may not last the night, as his equal and his friend. If romantic feelings bud, Alistair is a perpetual romantic. He does sweet things because he wants to. Not because someone told him he should or because he hopes for ‘compensation’ later. He does it because he wants her to be happy. But likewise, he isn’t overbearing. If F!Warden wants space, he’s happy to give it to her. He asks for consent to kiss her. And again to have sex with her. And, if she refuses, that’s cool. She doesn’t owe him that, and it’s her body to share, not his to take. He’s honest, if awkward with his feelings. He doesn’t make her play guessing games to decipher what he’s thinking. He’s also completely content just being friends if that’s what she wants.

With everyone, he approaches them with a lighthearted, friendly nature. Yes, he’s Maric’s illegitimate son, but being Prince of Ferelden doesn’t make him better than anyone. If anything, he’s humble. Doing menial chores and helping his friends is not beneath him. Making great sacrifices for the greater good is not beneath him. He takes great enjoyment in learning about other cultures and how people unlike him live. He’s accepting of all people (except Morrigan, though she’s an exception) regardless of race, religion, gender (including trans and non binary folk) age, sexual orientation, or anything else. He’s extremely patient, and while goofy and a bit of a ditz, a competent King with a big heart. He takes what others say to heart and uses that as opportunities to learn, and he shows a great deal of respect to his elders. He supports the mages, opposes slavery, and generally is a mouth piece for the little guys all across Thedas who don’t have many allies. He loves animals and seems to like children. And, while sterile the last we heard of him (fingers crossed the Warden finds a cure), he seems to romanticize the idea of having a family of his own.

Basically, Alistair is the dream boyfriend/the sweetest cinnamon roll there ever was.

Remus: I’m sorry… 

Remus: It’s really bad, Sirius.

Sirius: I don’t give a damn about the scars. I don’t think they’re “bad”… I don’t think they’re “gross”, or whatever the hell you always call them. They’re you… and I… I like you…

That includes the scars. 

Remus: *stares* 

Remus: *nervously unbuttons his shirt* 

*The scars are carved all the way down Remus’s torso, several near his stomach looking as if the wounds had nearly gutted him*  

Sirius: *shocked by the intensity of the scarring* *hesitates* 

Sirius: Remember how I always told you chicks dig scars? 

Sirius: Guess that makes me a chick. 

Remus: ………. *snorts* 

Remus: You’re an idiot. 

Imagine Castiel practicing with Sam and Dean, your Valentines day dinner. 

“Will she like this meal of burgers and fries”, Castiel asks. 

“Oh yeah, she’s a laid back chick. She’ll defiantly dig the vibe”, Dean responded. 

Sam nodded in agreement, winking at the enlighten angel. “Just remember, she just wants to be with you but still put a little effort. Like, add a rose to the table”, Sam suggested. 

Castiel nodded mentally taking notes from the much experienced brothers. “I hope she enjoys this evening”, Castiel thought out loud. 

“Oh I think she’ll have the time of her life”, Dean smirked. Causing the angel’s cheeks to fluster at the sexual thoughts.   

beastly (movie) sentence meme

fee free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “maybe that’s just me being the defensive scholarship kid.”
  • “do me a favor. save the sob stories for your heart to hearts with mr. clean.”
  • “and only idiots screw with witches. careful now…”
  • “what can i say? i’m substance over style.”
  • “you have a year to find someone to love you or stay like this forever.”
  • “what happened to romance? sappy, soppy, longhand love letters?”
  • “high school unquestionably sucks ass.”
  • “chicks dig blind guys.”
  • “why don’t you start with ‘wassup?’”
  • “your daughter for my brother. someday, i’ll find her.”
  • “i wanna protect her.”
  • “if she stays with me, she’ll be safe.”
  • “so i’m here, okay? you come near me, i taser your ass!”
  • “i love you but when it comes to hair, you are a clueless wonder.”
  • “pretty gruesome, huh?”
  • “i googled ‘modern poetry impress girls.’”
  • “she would like it when you are being kind.”
  • “blind guy climbing! …OW! blind guy tripping!”
  • “i look at you and i would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”
  • “fortunately, the scary guy’s right next to you.”
  • “i think i love you.”
  • “she’s still talking about running away.”
  • “i guess this cage set me free.”
  • “i think i may be in danger of falling in love with you.”
  • “you took one look at me and still said you’ve seen worse.”
  • “somehow, when i’m around you, i don’t feel ugly at all.”
  • “can you imagine that love?”

willozsummers  asked:

Did you have a favorite Disney princess as a child? I feel like this is an important gay question

for some reason when i was little i considered nala from the lion king to be a disney princess and i adored her despite the fact that she is literally a lion 


“Chicks dig the mask!”
[September 30th, 2002]

Kane, you cad!