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Hi Jackson! I'm thinking I'd like to become vegetarian and so far I've been using that label quite loosely because I'm finding that I just don't know heaps of vegetarian recipes. So I was wondering if you had any favorites you could share? Xox

YES go for it :) it’s such a healthy lifestyle!! 
Googling recipes is my go to haha a lot of the time for snacks and stuff I make buddha bowls, which is just rice and then a tonne of veggies either roasted in the oven or chopped up and thrown into a frying pan… that’s always a good snack :) 
But yeah google whatever you want to cook like vegetarian curry or vegetarian burger or vegetarian pasta and go from there :) 
Some of my favourite recipes at the moment are: (sops’s website looks SO delicious! but a lot of ingredients haha)

Also I don’t always buy ALL the ingredients sometimes cause that can sometimes be quite expensive so i just skip a few!! the burgers are the best though, and then just grab buns, lettuce, tomato, onion and then make sweet potato fries!!! BEST fun dinner to make with friends too or get the family involved and its vegan not veggie ;) even better haha

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I'm afraid that if I turn vegan I won't be able to vary my meals?

you can DEFINITELY vary your meals!! here’s some examples:

pancakes, smoothies, nice cream (which a huge range of flavours - strawberry, mango, chocolate, peanut butter, sticky date, orange, lemon and lime, coconut, summer fruits, persimmon, fig, cashew nut butter, grape.. anything you can think of!), oatmeal (again, with a trillion toppings), granola with almond milk and berries, toast with PB&J, tofu scramble with toast, veggies and beans, green juices, (or any juices!), vegan muffins, bagels, fruit platters, cereal with soy milk, chia pudding, overnight oats

all kinds of fruit, nuts, seeds, raw desserts, vegan pastries (donuts, caramel slice, shortbread, muffins, fairy cakes, cookies) granola bars, ‘rawnola’, dates, dried fruit, whole food bars, toast, smoothies, (soy/almond/rice/coconut) milkshakes, protein shakes (soy protein), carrots with hummus, ice cream (vegan obvs), coyo coconut yoghurts, raw juices, vegan chocolate

toastie with avocado, hummus, grated carrot and BBQ sauce, jacket potato with beans, nutritional yeast and a big salad, a big salad with rice, hummus, fruits, all the veggies you want!, PB&J sandwiches, jam and banana sandwiches, vegemite on toast, tomato and nutritional yeast grilled sandwich/panini/bagel/english muffin, teacakes (might just be a British thing idk), pasta salad, smoothie bowls, nana nice cream, big (massive hehe) smoothies, more fruit platters, tortilla wraps with beans, rice, guac and nachos!

sweet potato fries with guac, chickpeas and a salad, stir fry with all the veggies and rice noodles, veggie lasagne, spaghetti with tomato sauce and veggies, coconut curry, potato curry, dhal, lentil curry, chilli con beans, rice and veggies, rice and veggies with sauce, potato wedges with beans and veggies, bean burgers, veggie burgers, chickpea curry, soup and chunky bread, hot pot with loads of heart warming veggies like potato and carrots and broccoli, etc., chinese noodles (not egg noodles obvs) with veggies and sauce, burritos/fajitas, massive salads with potato and rice and all your favourite veggies!

you can vary your meals on a vegan diet just as much as any other diet! it just requires swapping meat for something healthier and (imo) yummier!! xxx