ahh today was really really good!! i hung out with my stepdad today - he took me up to macy’s so i could get some shorts (which are. too sheer, but im going back up to silverdale later today anyway) and tights

then we went to the kitsap county fair!! which was really fun!! we got some delicious greasy fair food (including a caramel apple, which ive never had before!! the person who gave it to me sliced it for me too she was so sweet) AND the animals were all so good…..

i also saw ayam cemani chickens for the first time!! i mean id seen them before but never like, in real life? they were a bunch of little baby chickies and they were SO CUTE i cried

there was also this tent with a bunch of really huge, beautiful samples of gems, including smokey quartz and LAPIS LAZULI but my stepdad wouldnt let me get any……….

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relationship status: single :))))

fav color: :///

pets: 2 dogs & chickies

time to wake up: 6:00am usually

cats or dogs: BOdogsTH

coke or pepsi: coke I guess ?? I don’t rlly have either

day or night: *spongegar

text or call: callin is easier (so I can multitask)

chapstick or lipstick: I don’t like either :00

city or country: country !!

song i last listened to: love like you

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sometimes people will reblog my posts with these crazy tag clouds and i’m like “what the fuck commentary are you reblogging this sounds intense” but i click through and they’ve just reblogged my original post but they’ve tagged it #linguistics and #metanarratives even though it’s a post about, idk, chicky nugs

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I thought Brienne was called Brienne of Tarth because she is a travelling knight and knights like that are often called "x of y" so she is Brienne of (the isle of) Tarth. Her proper name might be Brienne Tarth (it just so happens that the name of her home and her family name are the same). I don't remember Selwyn ever being called Selwyn of Tarth... (I'm not saying you are wrong, I haven't read the books in a while)

I realize there’s a lot of garbage “”””“meta””””” on tumblr, but if I say something without qualifying it by saying ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’ or ‘to me’, then it’s something I consider to be a fact.

He is called Selwyn of Tarth. 

For instance, in the Clash appendix (not that I consider the appendices absolute proof, obvs, but it’s far more likely the Clash appendix was written by George):

And then we have the only time Selwyn’s full title is belted out in the text–and this is Brienne talking, so one assumes she would know his name. Jaime I, ASoS:

He is never, not once, referred to as “”””Selwyn Tarth””” in the text of ASoIaF. The only reference to him as “”””Selwyn Tarth”””” is in the appendix of Dance, which I say again, I very much doubt George wrote/compiled himself and I therefore consider that instance to be a mistake as it contradicts all information that came before it.

There are people with the flat-out last name of Tarth (ie Endrew Tarth of the NW). One assumes they are a cadet branch of the family ala the Lannisters of Lannisport. 

Brienne is called “of Tarth” because it is clearly the style of the lords/ladies of her house.

Nothing beats salad and sammiches on a hot summer day! I was busy last night and love my food processor: (left) roasted eggplant, parsley and carrot spread, topped with marinated onions and tahini sauce (right) chicky tuna salad spread from #isadoesit, (I have used walnuts instead of sunflower seeds and made spread like, not like in a recipe though), topped with roasted paprika and tapenade.
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The last two hatched! I sadly missed both of them hatching (I came like right after and they were all wet) but it was still a welcome surprise <3 they are so cute and they all seem well. Now hopefully some of the other eggs start showing signs of hatching and we can get them loaded up in the incubator as these guys should be done drying soon and will be ready for their own little space

Cool Down

Request/Scenario: @strange-amy Chickie! <3 Yoongi drabble please~! When reader is trying to wake him up, and decides to just throw ice water on him ^-^ Hehe

Authors Note: Bunny! I hope you like it! :D Sorry its so short… T^T

Band + Member: BTS ~ Min Yoongi

Word Count: 252

Genre: Fluff

“Min Fucking Yoongi!!” You yelled as you slammed the door to his room wide open. “Wake the fuck up!”

He groaned and rolled over to his side, not wanting to go anywhere today, especially with the raging rays outside the window.

You puffed your cheeks and scowled. “MIN YOONGI!!!”

All he did was grab a pillow and place it over his head, blocking the sound of your voice.

If anything, that angered you even more. You climbed his bed and straddled his waist, pinching him all over his back in an attempt to wake him up.

He let out a sleepy groan. “(y/n).. no… its hot outside…”

You rolled your eyes. “Wimp! We’re going to the water park! You’ll cool there! Please Yoongi!?”

He shook his head and closed his eyes. “ Sorry, maybe another time (y/n). I’m too hot… both ways.”

“Fine. I’ll cool you off your royal highness.” Hoping off of him you ran to the kitchen and grabbed the ice. Running back to his room, you snatched the blanket and the pillow away from him and poured the cold ice all over him.

You heard a low yelp, watching him hop off the bed and growl lowly at you. “(y/n)!? What the fuck!?”

A small devilish giggle escaped your lips. “You’re awake, you’re cooled off, now lets go!”

He rolled his eyes and nodded. “Just wait till you’re asleep one day (y/n).”

You smiled and pecked his lips, hurrying off to prepare for a day at the water park.

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I'm so fucking proud of you for getting out of there! Go live your life chickie!! We all love you and we'll always be here for you! ❤❤❤

Well I’m trying to but I really haven’t left my bed

I eat a lot of chicken cos im #hashtagbulking and so the way I cook it is like I glaze or Sauce the chicken then get a frying pan and like put it on a medium high heat til the skin is like just getting golden brown then I chuck the whole frying pan wit the chicken in2 the oven at 180 for 25 mins and flip it at 15 mins in and what I wanna know is how do U lot cook chicky I must KNO!??

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*Smile my child,-u-

♪ …

♪ H…hey Birdie… I-it’s been… a very long time, huh? I know I don’t look like the same Frisk you last met, but it’s really me Birdie. The same one who always come and visit you. The same one who comfort you every time you feel sad and lonely. I told you stories, showed you stuff from the SURFACE world, and gave you that egg. You did a very good job on taking care of the chickie. I’m happy.

♪ I’m guessing you’re wondering why I’m here right now? After I suddenly disappear on you like that? I guess some silly faceless people cast a SPELL on me to be back somehow and… and…

♪ …I…

Wow i was pretty fucked up yesterday but good thing @lauroara always knows what to do, patched me right up with some chicky nugs and video games.

Anyway have you guys played Inside? cuz like THAT is some fucked up nonsense