chickens cuddle

saw a sign at tractor supply saying you shouldnt cuddle chickens and i wonder if they ever feel bad about lying


Love your writing! Could you write something where Shawn has a really bad headache and it’s making him feel really ill and you’re taking care of him and he maybe breaks down because he’s just feeling so bad and wants to feel better?


You heard a smash and the distinct sound of a drum set falling over, the cymbals crashing against the hardwood floor made you jump.

“Shawn?” you called.
“In here.” he grunted.
You already knew that he was in the box room that he had set up to record in when he was at your place, and you walked in to find that he had knocked the drum set over and his beloved guitar was also laying on the ground, he was sat with his head in his hands, rubbing his temples.
“Are you ok?” you walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
He didn’t elaborate so you sat down beside him and wrapped your arms loosely around his neck. “Shawn…” you tried to coax it out of him, pressing your face to his cheek and nuzzling your nose against it.
“Hey you’re really hot.” you pressed the back of your hand against his forehead and frowned.
“I’m not feeling too good-“ his voice sounded a little cracky to go along with the high temperature he was running.
“So you took it out on your stuff?”
He looked up at you and shrugged. “I just hate being out of action you know. I cant get sick, I have a show in like two days and I don’t want to let anyone down…”
“Ah so thats it.” you squeezed him into a tighter hug and pressed a kiss to his temple.
“You need to rest, and take a break from all of this.” you gestured to the mess of musical instruments around them.
“But-“ he started to protest but you cut him off with a swift kiss.
“I’m not taking no for an answer and there will be no sulking. All you are doing for the next 48 hours is resting, eating chicken noodle soup and cuddling, do you understand me?” you laughed, nudging him playfully.
“Fine.” he agreed.
A playful grin spread across his face as he lifted you in his arms.
“Hey what are you doing?” you asked, swatting at his arm.
“I’m going to bed, just like you ordered…” he grinned and carried you off through the apartment to the bedroom and dumped you on the bed before collapsing down beside you. You pulled the covers up to beneath your chin and tucked it in around Shawn.
“Here is where you stay now.” you commanded before slipping out of the bed. “I will be back in a couple of minutes with your soup, do not move a muscle.”

You returned after heating the soup in the microwave, around 6 minutes later to find Shawn sat up in bed with the light on having stripped out of his jeans and shirt.
“You look comfy.” you smiled, placing the bowl of soup and a spoon down on the beside table beside him.
“There’s just one thing missing.” he said, patting the space beside him.
“Me?” you grinned.
“Yes you.” he laughed, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down onto the bed beside him, he started tickling you mercilessly.
“You know something?” he asked, giving you enough opportunity between tickles to catch your breath and respond.
“That time you just spent in the kitchen - I don’t ever want to be apart for longer than that.”

Happy Easter from a tiny robot from a galaxy far far away ~☆

History when stressed:

Yijeong: *eats chicken and cuddles with leader* 

Jaeho: *steals everyone’s hidden stuffed animals and plushies to become his audience in his karaoke concert* cue sunmi’s 24 hours

Sihyoung: *lies spread eagle on some street and stays there until he feels better. idk he does what the fuck he wants*

Dokyun: *talks to his dog*

Kyungil: *i don’t think we need to know… but it involves Yijeong.*

Dating Yoo Kihyun Would Include-

- eating chicken together


- no pda

- he’s always fussing over you 


- forcing him to show you aegyo even if he’s not good at it

- you die a little on the inside since he’s so cute???

- when he got an undercut you were just like wHOA SLOW DOWN THERE BOY

- and then stuck came out and you were just like ???? holy fuck bro this shit is lit af my new jam i love it more than kihyun

- then he overheard you and was like well ok then i love chicken more than you

- and then you both laughed it off

- sometimes when he wakes up (when you’re staying over at the dorm) he sees you playing video games in one of his shirts and he’s just like whoaaa

- laughing at his predebut haircut and him whining to stop looking at it

- ok but you do anyway but if you dont he’ll say he’ll show you aegyo if you do

- obviously you need to put it down

- on lazy days you’ll just be walking around your apartment in matching onsies and ordering takeout (that has lots of chicken btw) and singing monsta x songs

- teasing each other about the eachothers height

- if he’s smaller than you you’ll call him a midget and he’ll just be like i’ll show you midget-

- basically he just sits down on the ground and wraps his arms and legs around one of your legs and you’re just like bOI

- if you’re shorter than him and ask him to reach something for you he’ll be like yes ofc i am taller. i am a tall human being.

- if you’re the same height you’ll argue who was taller and who was smaller

- he likes to cook for you btw

- sometimes he just random will be like baBE GIVE ME A HUG

- and you’re just like ki wyd

- but you hug him anyway

- he just says he likes your hugs

- he loves giving you surprise kisses


- he’s not a big spoon or a little spoon, mostly inbetween

- sometimes when he’s annoying you playfully you’ll pull the “your not my bias” card and he gets all pouty

- minhyuk calling you the new parent

- if you’re feeling down he’ll call the members over to your apartment and you’ll all have a sleepover

- but then jooheon starts to snore and you barely have any sleep 

- ok but anyway

- he puts your feelings before his sometimes you need to remind him that his feelings are important too

- and he’s just like but-

- but then you’re like bUT NOTHING

- listening to music everyday


- sometimes wearing a hoodie or sweater of his outside when you go shopping 

- acting unintentionally cute in public

- just one day you’ll be on a date and he’s just like o god what do i do 

- then you smile at him and it feels like hes on his first date again

- so he just laces pinkies with you

- when he’s on tour he’ll call you and text you whenever he has the chance when he cant skype

- sometimes you’re just sitting on the couch watching tv and he puts his head on ur lap and you just rake ur hand through his hair without even questioning it

- sometimes he questions on how lucky he is to have you sometimes and youre like ki no stfu im the lucky one here

- basically dating kihyun is really fun, adorabLE AND CUTE AND FUNNY AND SJDHFJFGJD DEATH, I WANT DEATH. Its really pure tbh :”) he just wants you to be happy

Dating Series Masterlist

Exo Reacting to their S/O having a hard time falling asleep.

》 FAQ // Masterlist 

A/N: Thank you for the request! It was interesting to write, since I have the same problem. And when I finally manage to fall asleep, even the slightest noise wakes me up, so I’m constantly sleep deprived.

Xiumin - Sleepless nights with Minseok would be full of hugs and cuddles because he just wouldn’t want to let you out of his arms – you would get to be treated like royalty.  Firstly, he’d fix you a large mug of delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. He would then wrap a fluffy blanket around both of you and cuddle with you on the couch while playing your favorite movie on TV. While the movie is still on, you’d find yourself falling asleep quite easily - just being in your boyfriend’s strong embrace is enough.

Luhan - This one is as dead as a doornail when asleep, so better start finding something else to occupy yourself. However, he’d probably wake up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water and almost have a heart attack upon finding you sitting in the living room, playing one of his favorite video games with Mr. Cat curled up in a ball next to you. He’d sit next to you and ask what’s wrong and when you tell him, he’d take a moment to process your words since he’d be still very sleepy and then calmly take the other controller in his hands.

“Alright, baobei, prepare to lose.

Neither of you would actually end up greeting the morning - you’d be wrapped up tightly in each other’s arms, sound asleep.

Kris - Making Yifan keep you company during sleepless night probably wouldn’t be such a good idea. It would start fine, with him telling you funny stories from behind the scenes of  his movies. But that would somehow lead to him starting to ask really weird questions (“Why does the word ‘monosyllabic’ have five syllables?”, “If poison gets past its expiration date, is it more or less toxic?”). As if that mess wasn’t enough, it would be quickly followed by deep life lessons and no matter how many times you’ve told him you don’t want to listen to those things, he wouldn’t stop telling them.

“You know, baobei, I truly think that, if people were busy improving themselves, they wouldn’t have time to criticize others. Isn’t life so cruel?”

You’d end up forcing yourself into sleep so that you wouldn’t be able to listen to him.

Suho - This sweetheart is very considerate and wouldn’t mind staying up late with you if you couldn’t sleep, despite his exhaustion. When he asks you what you wanted to do instead, you’d bring him a book you had bought once, but never found time to read. In the end, you’d be resting your head onto his chest as he read the book out loud, making you giggle by changing his voice every time so it could suit different characters. By the time he finished the fifth chapter, he’d be so engrossed into the story and would fail to notice you had fallen asleep a long time ago.

Lay - There’s a high possibility that Yixing would be up late as well, a pen settled between his teeth as he moved his fingers smoothly over the piano keys. When you sit beside him on the bench, placing your head on his shoulder, and murmur that you have trouble falling asleep, he’d turn around and ask you if you wanted to help him with his song, to which you’d agree. After many hours of repeating the same tune and lots of new lyrics ideas, with take-out boxes scattered across the room, he’d be ecstatic about having the song done, especially with you helping him. Then he’d realize you had fallen asleep with your head still resting on his shoulder. He would smile and slowly move his head so that he could kiss your forehead without waking you up.

“Sleep well, baobei. And thank you.”

Baekhyun - He’d get up in the middle of the night to drink some water and let out a scream after seeing you curled up in front of your laptop, watching some show, but clearly not fully concentrated on it. He would ask you what you’re doing up in such an inappropriate time and you would explain, asking him afterwards to stay with you for a little bit and help you fall asleep. At first he’d whine and pout like a big baby he is, saying that he’s tired and needs rest, but after lots of persuading and possibly a kick from you, he’d unwillingly agree. Later on, he’d try everything – he’d crack jokes, act, do aegyo, sing every single song he manages to remember, but everything would be in vain, only managing to leave him extremely annoyed.

“What do you mean, it’s not working?! Forget everything! I’ll just lay here and cuddle this pillow.”

Chen - He’d crack a joke in attempt to keep your mind off exhaustion (“You can’t sleep because I refused to give you cuddles, right?”), but when you respond with a simple death glare in his direction, his grin would drop and he’d quickly motion you to come closer to him and lay on his chest. Of course, when it’s Jongdae, cuddles are pointless without singing! He’d learn all of your favorite foreign songs and sing them to you, making you laugh at his pronunciation errors. When you finally start dozing off, he wouldn’t be able to resist mocking you, even if it would bring him a few flicks in the forehead.

“Wow, jagiya, you really can’t seem to fall asleep without being in my embrace!”

Chanyeol - Chanyeol would also be up late composing, so when you approach him and say you can’t sleep, he’d decide to finally take a small break. He is a very romantic person, so expect something really cute, like building a blanket fort! He’d take his guitar and softly strum its strings, creating a beautiful melody to match his voice serenading you a song about eternal love. After he finishes singing, he’d confess that he wrote that song especially for you. To make it even cheesier, he’d move closer to you and place his arm around your shoulders and let you lean onto him while blushing crazily because of how close you would be. You’d both fall asleep right there – who cares about the back pain that would torture you in the morning? It would be worth it.

D.O - ‘Eomma mode’ on! Kyungsoo would always know exactly what to do to make you feel better, this situation being no exception. Without wasting any time and despite how late it would be, he’d put an apron on and cook you the most delicious meal ever. While you eat, he would sit opposite you and start asking you how your day went, what you did, learned, ate and saw; he’d show interest and carefully listen to you talk about everything. After the meal, he’d cuddle with you on the bed and hum gently in your ear. Listening to his sweet voice would be the cherry on top – you’d be out in no time.

Tao - Zitao would be such a sweet boyfriend. Without missing a beat, when you shake him awake at night and say you can’t sleep, he’d get up and start dressing, telling you to do the same. After you both got dressed, he’d take you on a drive around the city until the dawn breaks and then on top of a hill so you could both lie on the windshield and watch the rising sun. Before slowly dozing off, you’d snuggle into his chest and shyly admit you haven’t slept the whole night, but you didn’t want to wake him. He’d start humming some random song softly in your ear, smiling to himself at how cute and caring you were being.

Kai - “Jagiya, you can’t sleep again?” would be the first thing he’d say after showing up in your apartment late at night after a stressful practice and seeing you lying on the bed with Monggu’s head on your lap. Defeated, you’d nod at him. Since it would be his first time dealing with this, he wouldn’t exactly be sure what to do, but he’d surely give his best. You should probably prepare for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon, chicken and cuddles included! It would be a great method of relaxation for both of you - what else could you possibly wish for?

Sehun - At first, he’d be so annoyed with you. Seriously, he needs his beauty sleep, shame on you for not letting almighty Oh Sehun rest well. But after lots of begging, whining and finally agreeing to buy him bubble tea as soon as possible, he would give in, sitting up and asking what you wanted to do. You two would end up playing with Vivi for hours before exhaustion takes the best of you and you’d drift into deep, dreamless sleep. On the other side, poor Sehun wouldn’t be able to function the whole following day, much to his hyungs’ dismay.

“Let’s repeat the choreography one more time! Sehun, can you- is he asleep?!”

~ Admin Taeyeon


Last Day in the Chicken Yard

Today was spent cuddling chickens as we are moving to the city tomorrow. While they will be well taken care of by their grandmother, it is still sad knowing you might not see them again. Some of these hens have been here as long as we have, so I know tomorrow will be teary.

I knew I wanted a bird as a kid, but I never figured I’d have 40 at one time. XD Hopefully my new county will allow backyard chickens soon, so I can bring some of my girls home.

Gangster Love

Part 7

Shifting myself off Bobby immediately I heard the band of deep voices carry on into the lounge room. I looked over at Bobby who was now sitting up next to me, his eyes focused on the door.

“Fuck.” I whispered half angry that they’d stopped us from having sex, half worried that B.I would come in to my room and ask why Bobby was in here.

“Stay here.” Bobby whispered looking back at me as he leaned in and kissed my lips urgently. But before I got too into the kiss he was already over by the door opening it slowly. All he had to do was sneak far enough down the hallway to seem as if he were in his room.

When he’d closed my door behind him I laid back on the bed thinking contently to myself about the future Bobby had planned for us. I had to admit, at times I’d have my doubts about how committed to the relationship Bobby was. I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t trust him, but for how long would he be willing to lie to his brothers? I knew it was best for us to tell B.I before anyone else did, especially Jimin.

The knock at the door interrupted my thoughts as Junhoe appeared with a weak smile on his face. “B.I’s called a house meeting.” He said softly.

After the meeting I stood up to go back to my room, trying to get the thoughts of Bobby out of my head. It didn’t help that he was sitting directly opposite me through B.I’s boring talk, licking his lips and flashing his sharp jawline in my direction.

“Y/N,” B.I’s voice shook my thoughts as I looked down to where he was sitting in his chair. He gestured for me to sit on his lap as he pulled me down and hugged me tightly. “What the fuck were you thinking.” He mumbled softly but he wasn’t mad.

I looked up at him in confusion as he looked around at the other boys who were chatting amongst themselves, getting eyed by Bobby way too often to be subtle.

“Rap Mon called me.” He looked back at me as he leaned his head back against the headrest. I looked down and fiddled with my fingers as I waited for him to continue. “He told me you went to BTS’ house. You fucking shot Jimin in the leg.” He chuckled slightly with his last sentence. “I know you wanna be tough princess, but I can’t protect you if you do shit like that can I?” He spoke sweetly and I nodded in agreement, pouting slightly. “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me where you’re going, I get it, you’re growing up. But, at least take one of the boys with you okay? Like Junhoe, you trust him huh? I know he admires you.” He rubbed my cheek fatherly as the words came out. I nodded agreeingly again and listened to what he had to say. But was he really trying to set me up with Junhoe?

“Just promise me you won’t go alone again.” I knew that these words meant the end of the discussion, so I complied and nodded.

“I promise.” I smiled softly to reassure him. It seemed to be enough for him as he smiled back at me before taking out his phone.

“I’m gunna order us chicken for dinner, go take a bath and I’ll call you when it’s ready.” He sat up and kissed my cheek before nudging me off his lap. I smiled contently and wandered into my room, getting some pyjamas and a towel before walking to the bathroom to run myself a bath.

Whilst I was waiting for the water level to rise, I looked down at my hand and found myself smiling at Bobby’s ring on my thumb. I left it on the side before beginning to undress. I turned towards the mirror and looked down at my naked form. As the self doubt and hatred began flooding into my mind, I remembered Bobby’s words from earlier. All the compliments he’d given me. It was at that moment I realised that if he loved me as much as I loved him, then looks wouldn’t matter. I know that Bobby struggles with a lot of self hate for his looks, but I think he’s the most gorgeous man in the world.

I stepped into the tub and covered myself in the bubbles. I leaned my head back against the bath and my eyes immediately fell shut in relaxation. My mouth hung open slightly as I breathed in the steamy air of the bathroom. I hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time.

As time went by, I felt the water temperature drop and become luke warm. A knock on the door made my eyes open and realise that the bubbles has dissolved. Before I had time to respond, the door cracked open and Bobby stood there with a shameless smirk on his face.

“Dinner’s here.” He bit his bottom lip as he stared at my body under the water.

“Yah get out.” I chuckled not attempting to move at all.

“B.I told me to tell you.” He said acting innocent as he leaned against the door, letting it open a little wider.

“You’ve told me, now go.” I smiled widely at his cheekiness.

“The chicken is getting cold.” He warned me licking his lips.

“Thank you Bobby.” I chuckled shaking my head as he gave me a content smile.

“I’ll save you a seat.” He smiled and shut the door, finally leaving me to get out.

Once I’d changed into a singlet and booty shorts, not seeing any point getting dressed up just to sit around the house, I made my way to the living room to sit with the boys.

I noticed Bobby’s eyes not leaving me as I sat down next to Junhoe and Jinhwan.

“Eat.” Junhoe said before quickly shoving some chicken into my mouth making me laugh as I chewed. It was good to know that there was no hard feelings between us after what happened. The last thing I needed was to fall out with one of the boys. But the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to sit next to Bobby. To hold his hand and feed him chicken. To cuddle him on the sofa at night and wake up next to him in the morning.

After the meal, I took the used plates and cutlery into the kitchen and began washing up. I wasn’t even half way through when an all too familiar body pressed itself against my back, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist under the thin material of my tank top.

“Baby,” Bobby whispered huskily in my ear, his cold hands against my warm stomach sent shivers down my spine. “You’re gunna kill me.”

I licked my lips and dried my hands on the tea towel before turning to face him. “What do you mean?” I asked innocently, tilting my head.

“Look at you, wearing a top so see through I can see your tits as if you had nothing on.” His eyes focused on my chest as I arched my back, letting my boobs press against his chest. “Shorts so short that you might as well just be wearing the panties you’ve got on underneath.”

“But I’m not wearing panties.” I said sweetly, running my hand up and down his chest, letting it run over his muscles.

Bobby smirked and shook his head. “Fuck baby I need you.” He whispered as he leaned his lips against mine.
“I need you too.” I whimpered as I felt the pool of wetness between my thighs get bigger at the thought of how desperate we both were for each other. How long it had been. How much love and passion it would include.

I felt Bobby’s hand run behind my back and into my shorts, squeezing my ass. I let out a little yelp and bucked towards him when he slapped my ass cheek harshly.

“Would you let me fuck you right here if I could?” He whispered against my neck, letting me feel the tiny amount of stubble that had grown. “In the kitchen where any of the boys could walk in. You know it would feel so good baby. Hearing you moan as we cum everywhere. Watching your beautiful tits bounce as I fuck hard into you. Seeing how your body arches itself towards me and feeling your pussy clench around me when you’re close. Having you-“

I cut him off by attaching my lips to his. My hand held his jaw as I tilted my head to deepen the kiss. I couldn’t care if B.I was to walk in and catch us right now, all I knew is that I needed Bobby. He walked us so my back was against the kitchen worktop. His body pressed against mine as I felt the huge bulge in his pants. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and into my mouth as I moaned onto his tongue. His hand moved up my torso and squeezed my boob as I whimpered softly, feeling his palm rub over my nipple.

The only thing that made me pull away was the sound of footsteps coming towards us. I pushed Bobby away and quickly turned around and carried on with the dishes.

“Are you two serious?” Junhoe whispered with wide eyes, obviously aware of what was going on. “I could’ve been B.I, you two need to be more careful.”

I’m not sure what time it was when I heard my bedroom door click open, someone entering the darkness that surrounded me. Everyone was in bed and asleep, apart from now me and as the light showed the intruders face, it was Bobby.

“Baby?” I whispered sweetly and sat up slightly as he shhhed me, crawling under the covers of my bed and on top of me.

“You’re mine.” He growled softly, holding my hip with one hand as he positioned himself between my legs. His lips crashed onto mine desperately as I moaned softly, kissing him back as my hand ran to the back of his head.

I felt his hands tugging on my shorts before pulling them down, desperately pushing up my singlet to let me tits free. My nipples instantly hardened in the cold air as Bobby moaned into the kiss, letting his hand trail over my bare skin.

I sucked on his tongue as I wrapped my legs around him, only parting to pull his shirt over his head, revealing his hard toned abs and cut that was still open and deep. My hand went for his pants but was stopped by his. Bobby began trailing kisses down my neck, my chest, flicking his tongue over my nipples before making his way down my tummy. He got closer to my centre and used his hands to push my thighs apart. I moaned loudly as he left a kiss on my pussy. His tongue soon followed and licked around to collect my juices.

“Bobby, I need you.” I whined, too impatient to play his little power games. By the way he immediately pushed down his pants and hovered himself at my entrance, I could tell he was just as desperate.

“Mine.” He growled again and thrusted into me as his lips fell onto mine. I kept kissing him as he fucked me hard. The built up tension and love was what guided his thrusts. They were deep and hard, making me almost scream out with every thrust.

It wasn’t long before my head was thrown back, leaving me wiggling in pleasure beneath him as he fucked us good.

“Mine.” He repeated as I screamed out from the amount of pleasure I was getting from his cock pounding into me. I didn’t care who heard, Bobby’s pleasure was worth any consequence. 

My nails dug into his back as he quickened his pace, still going as hard and deep as before. I pushed my hips up to meet his, clenching around his cock from time to time.

“Only. Mine.” Bobby claimed me between each thrust, making me moan out like some kind of porn star. Bobby’s lips came crashing down onto mine again as I began coming close to my release.

“Cum baby.” I pleaded to him, making his thrusts faster as he felt himself almost cum. I clenched around him once more and with one thrust, I was screaming through my orgasm for him.

Bobby grunted and carried on fucking me, the pulsing of my pussy proving to be too much as I felt him twitch inside me, releasing his load into me. He carried on thrusting as we both recovered from the amazing sex we’d just experienced.

“Mine.” He breathed shakily and slowly moved his hips in and out of me, both of us not wanting to stop until finally, he collapsed on top of me.

“You okay?” I whispered and kissed his lips softly, wondering what was on his mind to have made him so dominant.

He kissed me back and nodded with his eyes shut. “I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Me neither.” I whispered and smiled softly as our breathing slowly came back to normal.

“I love you Y/N.” Bobby whispered as he fell asleep.

“I love you too.” I whispered and closed my eyes, falling asleep too.

Chicken Soup and Cuddles (Requested)


y/f/c=your favorite candy 

y/f/m=your favorite movie

Catching a cold is never fun, especially when your boyfriend just returned from tour. Instead of having a romantic reunion and going out to celebrate, I was stuck in bed and Mikey was stuck waiting on me. I felt really bad I was ruining his break from all of this traveling. I heard the bedroom door creak open as Mikey walked in, attempting to balance a bowl of soup, a juice box and some medicine on a tray. He smiled up at me “How are you feeling hun?”

“Shitty”. I replied quietly, trying to fake a smile. Mikey chuckled and placed the tray next to me on the bed. “Are you hungry? I brought you some soup” he said, gesturing towards the bowl. “I also got some cough syrup, but you need to eat something first. I don’t want you to get an upset stomach”. 

“I’m sorry” I blurted out suddenly. Mike looked up confused,”Sorry? Sorry for what?”

“You know, getting sick and guilt tripping you into waiting on me when you just got ba-” Mikey interrupted my rambling with a loud laugh.

“Y/n, you getting sick isn’t your fault. Plus, your my girl, I don’t mind taking care of you”.

“But we planned a whole movie date and now our whole romantic weekend is ruined”

“Who said this isn’t romantic?” Mikey giggled as he scooped up some noodles with a spoon. He began to carefully help me eat the soup, making plane noises when he guided the spoon into my mouth of course. When the soup was almost gone and I finally gave in and drank the disgusting grape cough syrup. “I’ll be right back” Mikey smiled comfortingly, giving me a quick kiss on the nose before grabbing the tray and exiting the room. He returned a few minutes later with his hand behind his back, a playful smirk on his face. “Guess what I got” He isn’t singsonged, making sure to drag out the “got”.

“Whaaat” I mimicked back.

“Ta-da!” Mikey pulled up a bowl of popcorn from behind his back. A pack of y/f/c and y/f/m. “I know you were bummed out about not being able to go to the movies, so I thought I would bring the movies to you!”

“Aw Mikey, you didn’t have to do all this”

“I wanted to. Were gonna have a nice, romantic movie date. More romantic than anything in those sappy love books you read” He laughed as he put the movie in the DVD player.

“Actually, their romantic novels” I said matter of factly.

“Ah the sass,”he groaned as he clutched his heart. “Scoot”. I rolled over to the other side of the bed, giving him so room to lay down. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest. “I love you Milky Way” I teased, watching him blush lightly at the silly nickname.

“I love you too, y/n”