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I was tagged by lunagoes1d thanks babe! ily xx

Questions I received:

1. do you read fanfiction (don’t lie we all do) and if yes, what’s the weirdest story you’ve ever read? 

yes, sometimes. mostly just oneshots and blurbs. i dont want to say cause i dont want to hurt their feelings if they see this hahah

2. which song has made you cry the most number of times?

glee songs. anything that cory monteith sang. i still cry. i love him so much rip baby :(

3. what’s the one movie that you wish your life was like?

hmm…i have no idea honestly. this is hard. but tv shows i could say several! revenge id be emily her life is so exciting and crazy or supernatural i wanna hunt demons or teen wolf id wanna be a badass werewolf omg or kardashians i just wanna be one of them thanks

4. what are the three things you like about yourself personality-wise?

im wise, im mature, im smart

5. what are the three things you like about yourself physically-wise?

my lips are aight, my forehead is a good size, my ears are normal and not huge 

6. are you a prose or poetry person?

prose for sure 

7. seaside or the mountains?


8. what’s the one hobby you’ve always wanted to have but never actually tried?

guitar i havent learned yet

9. what was your favorite subject in elementary school?


10. what’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

uhhhh i used to drive drunk and that was very stupid and dangerous

11. if you could choose one person to get life advice from, who would you pick?

dr phil

And here are my questions:

1. what is your biggest fear?

2. what are your goals in life?

3. what charity would you sponsor if you had a lot of money?

4. who was/is your favorite teacher and why?

5. what are three of your favorite songs and why?

6. if you met a genie, what would be the three wishes youd make? remember, wishes must be specific!

7. if you had to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

8. spotify or pandora?

9. what is your favorite memory with your mother or father?

10. do you think that everything happens for a reason? why?

11. describe your best friend personality wise.

i tag chickenmcnialls even tho shes already been tagged, zouisonweed, harryslimpnoodle, sexonhoranlegs, harcld, drowningwithoutodair, damnitharry, craicthatniall, rapniall, drtymouth, louistomlinton

chickenmcnialls-deactivated2014  asked:

Melissa, Melissa, bo-bissa, Banana-fana fo-fissa Fee-fi-mo-missa Melissa!

I’m doing ships! To receive one you mbf me and reblog this! Then, send me an ask with your name! xx


ship: niall obviously

why? (you must have an about me page for this): because youre pretty and niall likes pretty girls ayyy

ship name: miall

best friend: louis

secret lover: liam

how you met: at american jewelry and loan in detroit where you were receiving seths autograph for me  

first date: a super fancy restaurant that didnt fill you up so he took you back to his hotel room where yall watched pay per view and ordered room service yasss

his favorite thing about you (you must have an about me page for this): your brains and your coolness

wedding dress: 


how many kids: 3 boys and 1 girl whoa nelly