Cold Platter

Vegetable terrine, left - Me
Seafood sausage, center - Michelle Van De Bogart, me
Chicken terrine, right - Michelle Van De Bogart

Thanks to Steph Valle for her teamwork with the platter. Her terrine’s gross piece was smashed by someone else. Tragic; it was beautiful.

This pink Bolly is a charmingly perfumed wine that shines like rose gold and pavé diamonds in the glass. With creamy yeast scents, and the aromas of malolactic fermentation fuming from the glass, I just know I will lust after this again for its fierce fine bead and excellent peach cream foam.

On the palate it is dry and zesty, with slightly under-ripe nectarine and bright yellow grapefruit.

There is a touch of a medicine like flavour right on the end of it and a clear bright and crisp to dry finish. If anything, I would say it is a touch short, but the lovely light style, makes it perfect for sipping with pre-dinner foods. This bottle was drunk before dinner with rabbit terrine and chicken liver parfait in Paddington.

The Bolly set the mood for an evening of roasted beef fillet, homemade pesto, roasted tomatoes and cabbage gratin shared with Matthew Darke.



Garde Manger practical

-Chicken and poblano terrine
With sweet and spicy pear chutney
- Corn and sweet potato salad
- Cilantro and jicama salsa canapé