Everyone meet Henry.

Henry is one of the chicks that has come to our pre school for plays and educational purposes.

Henry fucking hates it at pre school and too many forceful children at once scares him and his friends. Henry cheers for help but nobody listens.
I’ve been making sure Henry and his friends go back in their tank when things get a little too frightening. I can feel poor Henry and his friends fear and try to listen as much as I can.

But at lunch time I go to make myself a sandwich and sit with the chicks.
It clicks with me I am eating a chicken sandwich.
I look at Henry in disbelief and feel like a monster. I realise I am being a massive hypocrite.

I don’t want to eat friends anymore. Thankyou Henry for waking me up

Copycats! 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

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weird, completely random things the types would do

ESTJ: go to the store at like 1am to pick up paint because they noticed a spot that the painter missed and it’s driving them craaaaaazzzyyyy

ENTJ: at Target they see a set of perfectly aligned, industrial looking clocks that they absolutely must have because the clocks just look presidential

ESTP: eat a battery as a kid

ENTP  climb up the window using a rapunzel wig just to see if the theory is actually plausible

ISTJ: spend all day learning how to correctly paint walls, then not finding the energy to actually paint walls

INTJ: design a fandom poster then think of ways they could sell them for a living

ISTP: try going one full day without cussing………fails in 10 minutes

INTP: “i think i’ll go to bed tonight… shake things up for a change”

ESFJ: make a grilled cheese sandwich for someone, then realizes they are hungry and so they eat that grilled cheese sandwich God forgive them

ENFJ: leave their purse at the public food court, then when they go back to retrieve it, they just start engaging in conversation with the police officer 

ESFP: goes on a “pretty-pen hunt” throughout their house to find all the pretty pens so they can hoard them and kill anyone who tries to steal them

ENFP: tries to cook up a mock Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich recipe but ends up giving themselves food poisoning, God rest their soul

ISFJ: makes a pot of coffee, fixes a cup of coffee, doesn’t finish that cup of coffee, leaves it somewhere in the house, repeats this process 5x a day

INFJ: “i’m going to read this book outside under that tree” *sees bee* “nope” *goes back inside*

INFP: writes incredible 30 page fanfics but is too shy to post them anywhere

ISFP: wants to be a vet or something but can’t even be in the same house as a beetle or a spider