Yooo! Spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich AND Fried chicken biscuit sandwich tho! Found this new place called Burnt Crumbs while looking for a place to eat down in the OC. Hella dope spot! Y'all should check it out! #burntcrumbs (at Burnt Crumbs)

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This Epic Road Trip Lets You Try Amazing Vegan Food Across the Country

Love traveling AND vegan food? We’ve got you covered with MFA’s Ultimate Vegan Road Trip!!

Seattle, WA

Seattle is loaded with delicious vegan eats! Try the wide array of savory vegan grub (including breakfast!) at Wayward Vegan Café, visit Vegan Haven Grocery and load up on goodies, and don’t miss the pan-seared creole tempeh at Plum Bistro!

Boise, ID

Yes, there are even vegan options in Idaho. Guru Donuts offers a variety of vegan donuts, including a sea-salted dark chocolate bar, and Glow Live Foods Café serves up a Thai noodle bowl that is out of this world!

Salt Lake City, UT

SLC is another unassuming place loaded with great veggie options. Try the chicken biscuit pie at the all-vegan Vertical Diner, enjoy the barbacoa burrito at Buds, and don’t forget to grab something sweet from Cakewalk Vegan Bakery.

Denver, CO

Stock up on some treats for the road at Nooch Vegan Market, grab a tofu bánh mì and chocolate croissant at Beet Box Bakery and Café, and try out Native Foods Café, one of the few all-vegan restaurant chains.

Omaha, NE

The all-vegan Modern Love run by famed vegan cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz is not to be missed and well worth the trip. While you’re in the city, try the spicy tofu bulgogi at Crystal Jade Restaurant and grab a latte or cappuccino at Caffeine Dreams.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is home to all-vegan butcher shop The Herbivorous Butcher, which offers 35 vegan meats! Stop by Hard Times Café for the biscuits and gravy, and try the mock chicken parmigiana at Pizza Luce. For dessert? Go to Glam Doll Donuts!

Milwaukee, WI

Check out Beerline Café for amazing crepes and other breakfast favorites, grab a cranberry-walnut chickpea sandwich at Urban Beets Café, and eat an entire vegan ice cream cake from Babe’s Ice Cream!

Chicago, IL

The Windy City boasts a TON of vegan grub. The Radical Reuben at The Chicago Diner and deep-dish pizza at Kitchen 17 are not to be missed. And be sure to stop by the Upton’s Breakroom for an award-winning vegan gyro!

Cleveland, OH

Grab a tempeh salad sandwich at Tommy’s, build your own calzone at The Root Café, and try one of the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches at Melt Bar & Grilled. Don’t forget to stop by Sweet Moses Soda Fountain for a banana split.

Rochester, NY

Visit The Red Fern for the Steak Bomb or Buffalo bleu sandwich, order a focaccia pizza at all-vegan French spot Vive Bistro, and grab a classic chickpea burger at The Owl House.

Ithaca, NY

Stop by the famed vegetarian Moosewood Restaurant, grab a wood-fired pizza at Ciao (be sure to ask for the vegan menu), and order the marinated tofu wings and house-made veggie burger at Northstar House.

Syracuse, NY

Strong Hearts Café is another must-try vegan spot offering an array of delicious milkshakes, breakfast favorites, and sandwiches. While you’re in town, check out the vegan options at Funk N Waffles and grab a Super Vegan burrito from Alto Cinco.

New York, NY

The vegan options in New York are never-ending! Stop by Candle 79 for seitan piccata or a chimichurri Portobello steak, try the Guac Burger with mac n’ cheese at by Chloe., and don’t miss the all-vegan Dunwell Donuts!

Click here for even more delicious veg grub in New York!

Philadelphia, PA

When in Philly, drop by Blackbird Pizzeria for a seitan cheesesteak, order the seared tofu puttanesca at Charlie Was a Sinner, and be sure to put the acclaimed Vedge on your list of must-visit destinations.

Baltimore, MD

When in Baltimore, be sure to stop at The Land of Kush for its award-winning crab cake, try an amazing smoothie or fresh juice at Grind House Juice Bar, and grab a vegan spinach tart from Harmony Bakery.

Washington, DC

Equinox restaurant offers a vegan buffet-style brunch, and the plant-based fast-food spot HipCityVeg serves so many amazing sandwiches, you’ll probably have to go back for seconds. Top it all off with dessert from Cupcake Wars winner Sticky Fingers Bakery!

Asheville, NC

Order the tofu bibimbap or seitan chile con queso at the all-vegan Plant, grab a coconut cream breve at Firestorm Café — a cooperative committed to anti-oppression — and stop by the Laughing Seed Café for pierogies, beet tartare, or the stuffed avocado.

Atlanta, GA

Soul Vegetarian offers a variety of vegan eats, including an eggless salad plate and pocket gyro, Café Sunflower will blow your mind with its fried avocado tacos, and Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen is sure to impress with its stuffed lemongrass tofu!

New Orleans, LA

NOLA has a rich history and tons of delicious veg eats. Stop by tropical vegan café Carmo for the Rico sandwich and Caribbean banana cake, visit Seed for the Seed Gumbo or creole zucchini wraps, and don’t miss Good Karma Café with its teriyaki tofu wrap.

Houston, TX

Yes, you can even find vegan food in Texas! Quan Yin offers a variety of popular veganized Asian dishes, including shredded pork rolls, and Field of Greens will steal the show with its impressive burger selection.

Austin, TX

Austin is probably the most vegan-friendly place in Texas. While you’re there, be sure to stop by Counter Culture for some vegan comfort food, grab a tasty veggie burger from Arlo’s, and don’t forget to visit The Vegan Yacht for the famed freeto pie!

Tucson, AZ

The all-vegan Lovin’ Spoonfuls offers an extensive menu, including breakfast, and Tucson Tamale will blow your mind with its Bisbee tamale loaded with soy chorizo, pinto beans, and potato!

Phoenix, AZ

More vegan food? Of course! Treehouse Bakery has so many amazing sweets on the menu you’ll probably need to take a few for the road. Try one of the many Asian-inspired offerings at Vegan House, and be sure to check out Green — the crab puffs are not to be missed!

San Diego, CA

San Diego (and SoCal in general) is a vegan paradise. Kindred boasts an extensive vegan bar and some show-stopping dishes, and Evolution offers a ton of your all-American fast-food favorites, including a variety of burgers. While you’re in town, be sure to try the Buffalo Bomber at Veggie Grill, another all-vegan chain restaurant.

Greater Los Angeles, CA

Where do we start? Try the Big Mac (on the secret menu) at Doomie’s Home Cookin’, get an Indian kima pizza at LA’s only all-vegan pizza spot, Cruzer, and don’t miss the spicy baked scallop roll at Shojin (it’s torched at the table)!

If you have a little extra time, make your way out to the valley for some applause-worthy Vietnamese food at Vinh Loi Tofu!

P.S. LA is full of vegan donuts. Check it out!

San Francisco Bay Area

Be sure to stop by Millennium for a fancy, animal-friendly night on the town, grab a few tacos at Flacos, and create your own cinnamon bun loaded with toppings at Cinnaholic!

This would also be a great time to visit Vegan Republic, an all-vegan shop featuring everything from snacks to apparel.

Portland, OR

Stop by Sweetpea Baking Company for something sweet, grab some ravioli and tiramisu at the Italian-inspired Portobello Vegan Trattoria, and load up on snacks at Food Fight! Grocery. Don’t forget to drop by Herbivore Clothing Company for a cute sticker or shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few friends and get packing!

P.S. Click here for a list of vegan snacks you can find pretty much anywhere.

I’m not sure Stuart appreciates how much I gave up by moving here.. Grape flavored anything, crunchy Cheetos, chick-fil-a sandwiches, Mexican and Japanese food, and diners!! Like I deserve way more kisses and cups of tea/digestives than I’m currently receiving. ://


BAYFOOD TRAVELS: Ludo Bird (Universal City, CA) - Eating French inspired chicken after a busy morning walking all over Universal Studios had me salivating by lunch! 

A few weeks before I got to L.A., I heard how Ludo Lefebvre (Top Chef Masters, The Taste) opened Ludo Bird at Universal City Walk. I know that his restaurants are well lauded, and having seen him on TV before, I was excited that there was a possibility we would get to try it when visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. City Walk starts at the beginning of the park, and there a bunch of shops and restaurants that you can peruse without necessarily going into the amusement park itself, similar to Downtown Disney. 

When we got there around noon, it was relatively empty, mostly because it was raining. They only have tables outside, so it scared off the locals from sitting outside! That was better for us, honestly, since we didn’t have to wait that long for food, heh. 

Since Ludo Bird is all about the chicken, I ordered Chicken popcorn bites, which had an amazing seasoning on them! It was SO GOOD. The key herb that I could decipher was rosemary, and it made me want to eat an insane amount of chicken. It was tender inside and perfectly crispy on the outside and not dry at all. I also shared an order of fries, which were nice and thick, but what really made it were the sauces. We ended up ordering all six - Piquillo Pepper, Béarnaise, Spicy Sauce, Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Special Sauce - but the Béarnaise sauce was the big winner. It’s butter, egg yolks, vinegar, and herbs mixed together to make a really creamy, buttery sauce. Their ranch also had a slightly different taste than traditional ranch with the herbs. 

Other things ordered were the Buttermilk Provençal “The Original” Sandwich and the Honey Lavender Biscuit. The sandwich has seasoned fried chicken with coleslaw piled on top. The biscuit, which was basically smothered with the honey lavender was so good! The biscuit was thick and butter, and the honey lavender added an extra level of sweetness without being too heavy while also balancing out the saltiness. 

Definitely get a chance to stop by Ludo Bird if you’re in the area - I still think and crave that popcorn chicken and lavender biscuits!

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her whole album is cute! im from arkansas, so, its to be expected lolol. all the better to smile ab southern things mccree would do. my fave thrift store has a sign up that says "i could sop you up with a biscuit!" he def says this to hanzo

Yes he 100% does?? He also drinks iced sweet tea and Hanzo nearly spits it out on the floor the first time McCree offers him “iced tea.” Actually just the concept of Southern Soul Food in general; Hanzo’s from Japan and his arteries probably clog instantly as soon as McCree talks to him about Chicken Fried Steak or Biscuits and Gravy or Fried Okra.

Eventually McCree sits him down and cooks him a nice meal made of wholesome Southern Hospitality and Hanzo goes into a food coma after like five bites because it’s so rich and heavy.  


Summer Vacation Part 1: Emerald Isle, NC

I was so excited to see my gals from Peace Corps! We got to stay in Emerald Isle where my friend’s parents have a beach condo. That thought in itself was astonishing to me…people having “vacation” homes. Yeah, people do that here in CO, but these condos were amazing!

We arrived on Friday, after first having chicken and biscuits for breakfast (it was my first time in the south, so I had to do as the locals do), and we went straight to the beach. We took a nice stroll to the point and came back to a delicious shrimp and sausage boil dinner.

On Saturday, we went to the beach (this landlocked girl couldn’t get enough of the sand between her toes!) and then went to town to rent some beach cruisers to ride around. I was obsessed with those bikes! After some more beach time and delicious homemade cheeseburgers (AMERICA), we took a sunset ride to the pier and saw real sharks. Like LEGIT, not contained in an aquarium, sharks. It was terrifyingly awesome. We had some Sweet Spot ice cream (omg yum) and rode back to the condo.

On Sunday, our last day in Emerald Isle, we took a 14.5 mile bike ride down the island. My friends, each living in DC and NC, felt rough afterwards; I felt great! Thanks, sea level! After feeding some turtles, we had some lunch, then drove back to Durham. We met up with my friend’s partner and after having ice cream from the Parlour (omg yum), I grabbed the bull by balls and called it a night.

On Monday, we all went to Dame’s (almost) Famous Chicken & Waffles for breakfast (OMG YUM). I seriously have been craving C&W ever since that amazing meal. I’d go back to NC just for that alone. DC gf and I then headed to the airport where we flew up to DC and enjoyed Part 2 of my Summer Vacation… (to be continued)

Sidenote: While in NC, I used the men’s room a few times and never got ID’ed. Middle finger to you, HB2!

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chicken biscuits are so weird like first bite is always???? because it’s a cookie but it tastes like meat, but then u get used to it and the rest is just delicious


installing the wiring harness :: OTB_vlog_184

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