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Animal Souls being a thing… I just love all the fox images linked to me <3 Marylin kinda is fox, it has been so long since I drew anything fluffy?? I used to draw animals so much in past. ( and Esty, my another oc a magpie LOL ).

@karawek and I are doing four quick collabs of the chloya love square because it’s a universal fact that it’s blessed. so here’s the first where she sketched and i linearted & coloured the two raging civilians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Coworker just walked through my office carrying a real, live chicken. 

I feel like that was totally the high point of the week, and I should pack it in while I have the chance. It’s not going to get better than that. 


fw u try to b Cool + Mysterious but ur brother is a Big Affectionate Nerd who keeps hugging u in front of Everyone

Chicken soup for your health

Okay, so this is the recipe for my mothers chicken soup. My mom is a kitchen witch and this shit works wonders on any illness I have ever had. So let’s get to it Witches. Chicken soup to cure all ills.

- [ ] Jewish penicillin, a recipe.( this is what my mom has ever called it. Supposedly she learned it from an old Jewish woman)

- [ ] Needed equipment:
- [ ] 1 large stock pot
- [ ] 1 pair tongs
- [ ] 1 wooden spoon
- [ ] 1 colander

- [ ] Ingredients:

- [ ] 1 whole chicken, bone in

- [ ] 1tbs white or apple cider vinegar

- [ ] About a cup each of Carrots, celery,onion (or leek, if you prefer) medium dice (add more veg if you see fit!! This is very basic recipe)

- [ ] 3 cloves crushed garlic ( you can use more if you want, this is an approximation. Also garlic helps with blood flow so, if you are using it as a remedy you can’t reeeeaaaaally have too much)

- [ ] 1-3 bay leaves

- [ ] To personal taste : salt, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and any other spices you would like

- [ ] How to do the thing:

- [ ] Early in the day ( this shit takes a while) take your whole chicken and place it in the stock pot. Just barely cover with water , add salt and pepper. Let it simmer until the meat is tender and falling off the bones. Use your handy dandy tongs to aid in this process!! Add vinegar and veggies and the bay leafs and other spices. Add more liquid as need it will reduce down quite a bit. Simmer for one and a half to two hours more (add more liquid if you feel it has cooked down too much) . Remove bones and serve!!!

- [ ] Note: you can add egg noodles to the broth at the tail end or make them separately and add later. (That’s where the colander comes in handy)Me, I don’t like noodles in my chicken soup, I know, I’m a weirdo.

The magic: While I cook this I visualise being healthy, I put my will in while I stir and think of my mother, warm and wonderful woman that she is. If you feel the need say a spell over it, weave your words as you stir ( clockwise). If you have quartz charged, set it near the stove or on the lid for the stock pot while you cook.

HAPPY cooking my dears!!

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Imagine Steve going to an animal shelter to help someone pick out an emotional support animal and finding one for himself too

For all that Sam’s an Adult Who Copes With Things, Steve thinks, there are moments where it seems glaringly obvious that he’s not handling something well.

They’ve been back from a particularly harrowing mission in the Amazon for an entire month, and Sam’s still struggling.

It seems, in a way, like they should have thought of this three weeks ago; three months ago; maybe even three years ago, Steve thinks, watching Sam sit on the floor next to a giant dog and braid its thick fur. Something in the way Sam’s holding his shoulders looks different, more relaxed maybe, than he’s ever seen.

The trainer is a nice older woman, her house a menagerie of animals, including a trained service duck that Steve’s avoided thus far, because he hates ducks and ducks hate him. She’s given both Steve and Sam big mugs of coffee and left them alone while she finishes baking dog biscuits.

Relaxing into the couch, Steve puts the coffee on the side table and picks up a magazine. He’s deeply entrenched in an article about some new young adult dystopian thriller book when a cat climbs into his lap and worms its way under the magazine to interrupt him.

“Oh, hi,” Steve says. It meows. “I’m Steve. Nice to meet you.”

The cat slides further up, its paws on his chest, and levels its face with his. It meows again, loud. “Your breath smells like cat food,” he tells it.

The cat smacks its lips and rubs its face against his neck, starting to purr.

“Okay,” Steve agrees, and goes back to his magazine.


Sam turns to him nearly half an hour later, the dog lying across his legs, braids all along its neck. “He’s my guy,” he tells Steve, scratching behind its ears. “His name’s Penguin. Who’ve you got there?”

The cat is still lying on Steve, its head on his shoulder. Steve finds the tag on its collar, craning his neck around so he can see it while the cat mrrps in protest. “This is Sammy,” he says.

“And you’re taking her?”

“I–” Steve hadn’t even considered it. He blinks at Sam for a second. He feels…the knot of tension at the base of his skull feels smaller than usual. “I guess so.”


Happy Friday eve 🤗

Dragged my ass to the gym this morning and had a good upper body workout. Do I have shoulders like @aubernutter yet? 💪🏼😋

Breakfast was legit 🍳🥓 but not enough coffee ☕️

This filter is amazing 😽