chicken with pineapple

I made a huge batch of Cuban pineapple chicken that we’ve pretty much been living on for a few days. It’s so easy, healthy and I have to say so delicious that it makes me completely forget that I’m on a diet! Here I had it with 1 cup of rice, but it’s great on it’s own as well or with a salad on the side.

(Utah) Mormon cuisine

The funeral potatoes post make me think about Mormon Cuisine some. And when I say “Mormon”, I’m essentially saying Utah/Idaho Mormon cuisine. There may well be separate Mormon cuisines in California, Arizona, Canada, Latin America, in the Pacific islands, and elsewhere, but yours truly knows nothing about them.

So when we talk about Utah Mormon cuisine, there’s basically two kinds of food. The kind you’d have at potlucks and church dinners, and everyday cooking, the kind you’d have at home.

Here are some dishes typically included in lists of Mormon cuisine:

  • Funeral potatoes, of course. A cheesy potato casserole, with or without a crunchy topping typically made of corn flakes. A staple of funeral potlucks. Growing up, we never had it at home, but then again, my mother, who usually cooked, was not raised as a Mormon.
  • Frog-eye salad. A fruit salad with pineapple and mandarin oranges with tiny pasta (according to wikipedia, “acini di pepe”). This one is relatively recent, I think. I don’t recall having had it prior to the 1990s. Fruit salads generally are both a staple of Mormon potlucks and home cooking.
  • Scones. Now, I use the word “scone” reluctantly, because though Utah people call them scones, they are not anything like what the rest of the English-speaking world calls scones. Mormon “scones” are better called fry bread. It’s deep-fried bread dough, eaten hot with honey butter. Delicious, but absolutely nothing like a scone.
  • Jell-O molds. This used to be the most famous, most typical of all Mormon dishes, but it has gone out of fashion in recent decades. Classically, Jell-O molds, almost invariable lime flavored, would include shredded carrots and peas, and be covered with a hideous topping made with Miracle Whip. These days, Jell-O is probably most usually consumed in “shooter” form, which must surely be the least Mormon way to consume the delicious gelatin dessert, right?
  • Hawaiian Haystacks. You start with rice, top it with chicken, chow mein noodles, pineapple, tomato, bell pepper, gravy, and coconut on top. Presumably it gets its name from the pineapple. Surprisingly tasty.
  • Fry sauce. A condiment consisting of mayonnaise, ketchup, and (optionally) some pickle relish. Once you’ve tried it with fries, plain ketchup will never satisfy you again. This is both a recommendation, and a warning.
  • Homemade root beer. Often seen at potlucks and church dances. It’s just water, sugar, root beer extract and dry ice. But it’s so tasty.
  • Ice cream. Sure, just about everybody likes ice cream, but I think Mormons tend to be especially fond of it. The Fat Boy and Casco ice cream treats are from tiny Richmond, Utah; both BYU and Utah State produce their own ice cream; raspberry milkshakes are one of the most divine treats to come out of Bear Lake; and just about any family reunion in Utah will feature homemade ice cream.

So, what did I leave out?

paleesky  asked:

Sooo for the voltron family au, does Keith tired his hair in a bun when he's working or is his hard not long enough and does Shiro help him tie it or does he tie it himself.....

[The Voltron Family] Shiro had seen Keith in a ponytail so many times, the first time left him staring at his boyfriend back in college. One would assume he’d be used to it, but after so many years of being together and years of being married… Shiro still wasn’t used to it.

Keith in a ponytail was just… gorgeously hot

Not in a sexual way, no. Shiro knew Keith wouldn’t appreciate that, but gorgeously hot in a I-wanna-marry-you-and-bake-muffins-at-4-in-the-morning kind of way, which eventually kinda happened if the rings on their fingers were any indication of that. 

Shiro began thinking his husband was doing it on purpose because Keith seemed like the type, but at the same time Keith didn’t give a damn what he looked like. So Shiro was torn whether he should hate it or love it.

Currently, Keith was missing. He wasn’t in the living room nor was he in any of the three floors, which left only one place: the garage.

With a tray of chicken sandwich and pineapple juice, Shiro went to the garage and he saw Keith tinkering with his muscle bike, not to mention sporting a lose ponytail—a very, very lose one that his fringe fell naturally on his face as he bent down. 

Gorgeously hot. 

Shiro wanted to die. It was so unfair. No one was allowed to look that good while working on their motor-damn-cycle. 

Not wanting to die anytime soon, Shiro cleared his throat. It caught Keith’s attention as he looked up at Shiro, a smile gracing his face.

“Brought you snacks,” Shiro looked pointedly at the tray he was carrying.

“Thanks, love,” Keith said. “Just put it there. I just need to get this—,” he didn’t get to finish as he stuck out his tongue while working on a wire.

Cute. Too cute. Again, not fair. 

Shiro made his way to his husband who had his hair all over his face. Without saying a word, Shiro positioned himself behind Keith and removed his ponytail only to fix it. Keith just hummed as Shiro gently gathered his hair. Shiro knew Keith liked it when he tied it for him. Keith admitted that the sensation of him touching his hair was “nice and pretty calming.”

As Shiro tied the black hair band he softly said, “Done. Good as new.”

Keith turned around and smirked, “I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”

Shiro paused for a moment and thoughtfully added, “Probably poke your eyes with your hair and then die.”

“Oh my, we wouldn’t want that,” Keith snorted as he grabbed Shiro’s waist to pull him closer. “Thank you,” he leaned in to give Shiro a sweet kiss.

“Always a pleasure,” Shiro smiled.

“Pleasure indeed,” Keith smirked leaning in again only to be kissed by a chicken sandwich held by Shiro. 

“Eat first,” Shiro laughed showing no hint of guilt.

“Kiss later?” Keith raised an eyebrow, munching his sandwich. 

“Oh my, Mr. Kogane,” Shiro fake gasped, placing a hand over his mouth. “I’m a married man! My husband wouldn’t appreciate infidelity.”

“I’m sure I can change your mind, Mr. Shirogane,” Keith winked.

“I don’t know,” Shiro crossed his arms. “I’m really into my husband at the moment. You’re gorgeous and all, don’t get me wrong…,” then he leaned in and placed a business card in Keith’s breast pocket. He looked around as he whispered, “Call me.” 

Keith laughed, shaking his head. “Get out of here!”


Grilled Chicken Tacos/Fajitas with Pineapple Salsa & Guacamole 

No real recipe here but here is everything that I used/did. Grilled some stir fry chicken strips (breast meat that is carved into small strips - I buy them already sliced from my local grocery store), seasoned with my own Mexican spice blend (will do another post on this). Grilled some thinly sliced sweet onion, bell & sweet peppers, and mushrooms. Pineapple salsa and guacamole recipes have been previously posted here and here. Wrapped everything together in a gluten free white corn tortilla and garnished with lime and fresh cilantro. 

Feel free to use any taco toppings you want. The possibilities are endless! (this would also be phenomenal with grilled steak or grilled shrimp - YUM)

Delicious is not even the right word.