chicken wire fence

Hello Chickens! It’s me the Easter Bunny! I’m here to collect eggs…..yes eggs…to hide for the kids to find on Easter day! You can trust me I promise I’m not going to eat the eggs!

Petah Coyne
Untitled #1243 (The Secret Life of Words), 2007
Silk flowers, curly willow branches, chicken wire fencing,
specially formulated wax, silk and rayon duchesse satin fabric,
spray paint, white pigment, pearl-headed hat pins,
fabricated steel understructure, chain, cable, cable nuts, wire,
Velcro, thread, quick-link shackles, and jaw to jaw swivel
92 x 37½ x 43 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Lelong, New York

You’re Learning

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A/N: Cheryl because Cheryl. Also half of this is just my interpretation about how the squad would meet the serpents…like most of them, I don’t know I got carried away with the start but that’s okay because I’m the one writing it so I’m allowed.

Summary: Cheryl meets the serpents for the first time, and immediately catches the attention of one girl in particular. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 3,048

Warnings:none??? there’s some smokin’ and some drinkin’, some of which can be assumed is underage but they’re in a gang so it’s to be expected yes.

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Baseball!Jungkookie AU (Ch. 1)

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Chapter 1 (1/3)

Genre: Angst, fluff, Badboy!jungkook

Warnings: maybe a curse word or two

When your dad got hired to coach the nation’s top high school baseball team,  moving to the upper east side of Seoul wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Getting used to your new high school and your new position as the team’s manager was the easy part - getting used to the team’s quiet, badboy pitcher was a different story.

ch.2 ch.3

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there’s nothing but fog around us, a dark gray sky that blends with the surrounding mist, the barest traces of short scruffy grass and a chicken wire fence between us and a chasm of fog that drops off into nothingness

there is no ‘us’ and there never was, only me and her

the only colour anywhere in the cold gray scenery is her hair and her expression is empty and unforgiving. like it’s not even worth her time to explain what’s wrong or to hear what I have to say

I want to be forgiven, I want to forgive

Welcome to futuristic Chicago, a series of dilapidated skyscrapers, a lack of Lake Michigan, and some sort of ugly chicken wire fence to keep the birds out.  Ever since the brutal war 100 years ago, some order needed to be restored, and boy was it ever. 

Here’s where Beatrice Prior comes in, our heroine for the next two hours and fifteen minutes.  You see, Beatrice has just turned 13, had her Bat Mitzvah, and now it is time to make the one decision that will impact the rest of her life.  Which of Chicago’s great factions will she choose to join: the nice Amish, the anti-war Amity, the brutally honest Candor, the war-mongering Dauntless, or the people who have an IQ over 100 Erudites?  To keep things simple just remember Candor and Amity do not matter at all in this movie.

To help make Beatrice’s life easier, she takes a quick psychological test where she has to choose which weapon is best to fight off a wild dog, a slab of meat or a knife.  Fortunately, Beatrice is vegetarian so her choice is easy, but before she gets a chance to select the knife (game lag perhaps?) the items mystically disappear and the dog lunges.  Unfortunately, Beatrice has lived her life Amish so far and thus does not have any fighting skills. The virtual dog beats her up a bit.

Because Beatrice does not select fast enough, she is deemed a Divergent (hey that’s the title) and must keep this secret, because as we all know, people who do not fit into one cookie-cutter category are horrible.  Beatrice’s stats are as follows: an IQ over 100, is war-mongering, and still is Amish.  This certainly is a problem isn’t it.

The following day, Beatrice must choose a faction to call her own.  This involves sitting in a large auditorium waiting to be called down to cut her hand with a knife (everyone uses the same knife; there are no blood-transmitted diseases in the future apparently) and drop some blood on the faction’s cauldron of her choosing.  When it is Beatrice’s turn, she cuts her hand with the gross knife and then is about to pick the Amish when all of a sudden a large gust of wind pushes her blood droplet to the war-mongering Dauntless bowl.  Sorry Betty, there are no take backs.

Betty now has joined Dauntless and must prove herself in a series of hazing rituals before the 2nd in command guy will make out with her.  His name is Four because there are five factions.

Eventually Beatrice figures out that the people with an IQ over 100 are bad and plotting to make the war-mongering people take out the Amish.  This upsets Beatrice because her parents are Amish and she herself is 1/3 Amish.

All of a sudden everyone in Dauntless lines up to be brainwashed.  Beatrice doesn’t really feel like getting brainwashed, but they inject her with the brainwashing drug regardless.  However, since she is Divergent, she is fine.  The brainwashing drug only works on people who are solely war-mongers, of course.

The smart people activate the mind-control device and the Dauntless folks all file into downtown Chicago and start rounding up the Amish, the greatest threat to world peace.  Betty tries to pretend like she has been brainwashed along with love interest Four, but they are quickly discovered.  Four is captured, but Betty escapes because her mom is one good shot with a paintball gun. 

Betty and her mom race through Chicago on their way to meet up with Dad, but her mom is not fast enough and gets shot in the street.  Betty cries for 23 seconds before continuing on her mission to find her father.

After ringing several doorbells, Betty eventually finds her father and her brother (he’s not important) and a couple of other Amish farmers.  They decide they need to infiltrate the Dauntless headquarters because for some reason the Smarties have taken it over as their base of operations for the mind-control operation. 

Betty and the Amish clan invade the HQ, but Betty’s father decides he wants to play hero and gets shot by a paintball gun.  He needs some time to recuperate so Betty goes on solo into the deep, dark HQ.  There she finds a bunch of smart people and her love interest Four.  He is super Divergent so he is immune to mind-control.  This is great news, because these two alone know enough martial arts to take out all the smart people.  Betty stabs a smart lady in the hand with a knife because she wanted to try out her knife throwing skills that she learned back in training.  Smart lady turns off the mind-control and the Amish are saved. 

Love interest Four and Betty ride off into the sunset and move to the suburbs to live a quieter life where they can practice knife throwing in peace.  Betty refuses to marry him until he changes his name to a cooler sounding number.

If you like Ellie Goulding, there are 3 Ellie Goulding songs that play throughout the movie.  If you like people running fast to jump onto moving trains, there are also exactly 3 of those scenes. 

3/5 stars because I felt there could be more Ellie Goulding and running fast to jump onto moving trains scenes.

My male had cancer so I had to let him go. My female was absolutely lost without him. I thought I found a good companion in Northern AZ. I drove 4 hours to find the saddest situation, 2 mix breed dogs because the owner wasn’t responsible. These poor dogs were kept in a chicken wire fenced area about 6 by 6 with a plywood house. I could tell these dogs hadn’t had much human contact. This wasn’t what I was looking for, but I couldn’t leave. I have regret because I only took the female puppy. I wanted to take them both, but I was concerned how they would react with my dog. So I ended up taking the female named Patches. It was a long ride home with this poor dog and her nervous stomach. Once I got got her home and watched her jump straight up onto my kitchen counters, I realized I was in for some work. Long story short, she still has her wild child moments, but she is the most loving, intelligent, loyal dog ever. I really hope her brother is ok. Wish I could have taken him also. I hope someday rescue pets are an anomaly.

littl3hugger-deactivated2016110  asked:

was skookum hard to train as a puppy? :o

OH MY GOSH YES. I mean, he’s still not super well trained, but at least he’s house broken and generally of sweet disposition and temperament. One of the trainers we used said he was the most stubborn dog he had ever worked with, and that it was very lucky he is nice because it would be extremely hard to fix his behavior if he was neurotic or otherwise ill-tempered.

We actually knew he was kind of a rambunctious little pup, and when we were deciding between him and a different male puppy I got them mixed up and thought we were getting the calmer, nicer one. But LOOK AT THAT BELLY AND BIG PUFFY POOFY HEAD!!

It turns out that we got the crazy one who had torn down the chicken wire fence to get to his sisters, since the males were separated from the females, and who kept nipping at all his siblings and climbing over them and barking like crazy. 

Jason actually realized that I was mixing them up, but thought Skookum was so cute that he didn’t correct me and we ended up with the beautiful, sometimes psycho, magnificent beast that is the subject of this blog, and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Childhood Memories

Author: @javistg

Rating: Everyone’s invited to this fluff fest!

A/N: Canon compliant prequel.  

“…I was only just thinking of those chalk drawings we used to do on the paving stones. Yours were so wonderful. Remember when you made each one a different animal?”

“Yeah. Pigs and cats and things,” says Peeta. (Mockingjay, p. 189)

I want to thank @burkygirl, @booksrockmyface, and @randomthoughtsforfuturereference for being lovely people, taking the time to look at my work, and make it better. You guys rock!

There was nothing six-year-old Katniss Everdeen liked better than going out into the woods with her dad.

Every Sunday morning Katniss woke up at the crack of dawn. Her father’s warm hands tenderly brushed the hair away from her face as she lay in bed, welcoming her back from the land of dreams.

Dashiell Everdeen smiled as his daughter stretched lazily between the sheets, and hummed softly as he carried her into his room, where she changed into her hunting clothes without waking her baby sister.

Cold, crisp air, thick with dew, kissed Katniss’s cheeks when she stepped out onto the unlit street.

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A Saga of Incompetence Part 2

Permanently stuck in first gear, they make their daring escape at 10mph, rolling over the tarmac, slowly crashing through the chicken-wire fence and out into the fields. After a little while they realise they’re being chased by two Sentinel walkers and a Chimera light tank, and it doesn’t take long for them to catch up. In a hail of Multilaser and Heavy Bolter fire the stair-car is shredded and flips.


Rolling a crit success, Tymaret forward-rolls out of the car and lands guns out. York is not so lucky and the car lands on top of him, forcing him to crawl out from underneath it in an undignified fashion. However one of the walkers attempting to shoot him rolls a crit-fail, trips in a ditch and faceplants, breaking the driver’s neck.


York attempts to cast Doombolt multiple times, mostly failing and summoning light gust of wind after light gust of wind on the Phenomena table. Eventually he succeeds and strikes the Chimera with five bolts of psychic death, leaving it a smoking wreck. As the last Walker advances he tries one last time. It doesn’t work, but instead he rolls technology malfunction on the Phenomena table, shorting out the Walker’s multilaser. Darting forward, Tymaret succeeds in a Called Shot on the Driver, as well as setting him on fire with his Flamer, eliminating the threat.


At this point, a cog-boy - aka a random friend IRL who had just turned up at the house - crawled out of the wreckage of the tank. York noticed him and charged towards him, trying to Compel him to drop his gun. He failed yet again, but managed to call up a slightly stronger gust of wind which made the cog-boy fall over. He kept hold of the gun though and tried to shoot anyway - crit failed and fried his own foot. Tymaret ran over to try and keep him from dying so they could interrogate him. He then promptly crit failed and slashed open an artery, flubbed the roll to fix his fuck-up, and the cog-boy died.


Not ones to let horrific incompetence get in their way, Tymaret commandeered the tripped Sentinel whilst York hung onto the back of it like a grotesque backpack, and they set off for the city. Of course, since Tymaret still didn’t know how to drive, they did this by moonwalking backwards the whole way. Upon arrival Tymaret tried to turn around so he could shoot things but failed, simply moonwalking in place. Sighing, York got down, picked the Walker up and physically turned it around the right way. Tymaret then set some trees on fire.