chicken tender and fries

I look forward to the day I can take my wife out to a fancy dinner after a long exhausting week of work and spoil her with options of extravagant entrees while laughing when she decides on chicken tenders and fries from the kids menu. Followed by us counting down the seconds until we go home between each bite and curl up in eachothers arms to our favorite movies and a pint of ice cream for the night. I’m tired of the immature relationships that don’t work from no effort. I want more. I want something that is real, something that will last, something more than going out and drinking constantly every weekend. I want something more then reckless actions, thoughtless texts, empty conversations. Show me you want me and you want us. Prove to me we have something irreplaceable that’s worth working towards for the rest of our lives and I promise you I’ll never leave.