chicken shape

Someday, once humans are extinct, I hope whatever species rules Earth makes chicken nuggets in the shape of us like we did for dinosaurs. 

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BTS ideal type vs what they need


he needs that loud girl who say the best jokes ever. the girl is the center of attention due to here stories. always the type to hug you first. No matter what. She’s always out to have fun. Oh we’re going grocery shopping, why not do this and make it more fun? Oh we’re cooking dinner? lets make dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Basically the full on fun package kid. But you know what gets to him? every time she sweetly calls him “Tae oppa” something flutters in his heart. She’d be the type to always hang around in sun dresses or huge sweaters, skin ship is her thing by the way.

  1. Looks
  • Not too small. maybe 163 to 168 ish
  • A little tanned. Goes, this boy has a natural curiosity and you’d just drag him towards you.
  • Doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, he just wants to twirl it in his fingers.

    2.  Personality

  • Very childish
  • Someone who’s loud
  • A 4D human being!!!!!!
  • Someone who can find the positivity in everything.
  • Sweet!!!!
  • Kind!!!!!!
  • they type to love kids

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Even though this all good, its incomplete. Yes he needs someone childish, but at the same time he needs someone who can take care of him. Not someone completely laidback you know. And yes, the skin ship is a major part, but so is the video games and the countess pranks. He needs a friend more than he needs a girlfriend. He needs to be able to lean his head on your shoulder and just calmly talk  about his day. And as tempting as chicken nuggets sound, if you’re a good baker, that’s one more thing for the both of you to do together. In all honesty, he’d probably mess up, but that’s why you’d be there to help him fix all his mistakes.

  1. Looks
  • Not super small… 163 to 168 ishhh..
  • Listen he needs some chubby chubby to poke okkk
  • You know what’d he love the most?? the bright colors of your hair. Like one day you came home and you had red hair, the next week you have a blue ombre?? he’d love to just stand there and admire these beautiful colors.

     2.  Personality

  • Sweet, caring, motherly But not soooo much. More in a friendly way.
  • Really really really childish
  • Hyperactive kid squad
  • Thoughtful and mature
  • gamer, even if not a hardcore one
  • Pranking DUO!!
  • Not necessarily smart, but more so clever (for all those pranks to be planned)
  • Animal lover. (Soonhim is just adorable ok??)
  • A good kisser. **ahem** **coughs** who said that?? **coughs**
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starting out in the ddlg community

Alot of people want to know how to get started in the ddlg community. It’s actually not that hard. Please dont think that you need stuffies, a dom, pacis ect to be a valid little. Also you don’t need a little to be a valid dom. If you want to get started as a little maybe you can start an account about ddlg and start eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables or little foods like chicken nuggets in shapes or pocky. Theres also creating rules for yourself and punishments if you break them like “clean your room everyday” if you break that rule maybe you can have a punishment that says no tv. Theres also watching little tv shows like scooby doo or sofia the first. As a dom you cant really do much without a little but don’t be discourage there are ways to find one.

How to find a dom/little:
There are ways like instagram, tumblr ect but finding a dom or little online you have to be careful like any relationship because not all littles or doms are honest about who they are. I recommend these tags if searching on instagram: #ddlg #daddydom #bdsm #mdlb #littlespace #kittenplay #bdsmcommunity #ddlglifestyle #adviceforddlg #informationforbdsm #Ddlg #ddlgcouple #ddlgrelationship #ddlgcommunity  #daddykink #daddydom  #bdsm #kittenplay #daddysprincess #daddyskitten  #littleplay
(if you’re a dom look at my post ‘how to get a little youre trying to pursue’).

***From here on end it will be for partners so if you dont have one you dont have to read on. Remember you dont need a dom or a little to identify with the lifestyle you are a dom or a little no matter what***

Rules/punshiments: ok so, rules and pushiments are the most fun and most poopy (for a little)

Step 1: have your little make a list of rules they think are suitable

Step 2: look over the list and if need be add a few more. Remember that list with 20+ rules are harder to follow than ones with lets say 10-20 so try to keep it minimum and try not to add useless rules like ‘always say i love you’ or 'always be naked’ those are useless rules and the last one can make a little feel uncomfortable.

Step 3: give it back to your little and if they find it ok then on to punishments. Remember to have them do this in big people space for obvious reasons.

Step 4: talk about punishments and create a list. Some littles might not be into spankings and want time outs. Others might not want time outs but want spankings. Also remember that no tv, no phone, corner time and others could be used as punishments it doesnt have to always be spankings.

Step 5: make sure your little/dom is comfortable with all the punishments you’ve suggested. Remember littles some doms arent comfortable yet with the lifestyle and they need less physical punishments to give you.

Step 6: write it down somewhere. In your phones, on a piece of paper ect and remember that you both can change the rules or punishments but please talk about them before changing unless its like ice cream before dinner then i dont really think it needs to be a rule in order to get corner time.

Important add ons: dear doms, please dont punish your little if she does something like jumping on the bed with a spanking maybe a timeout might be more suitable and if she forgets to clean up maybe not resort to spankings right away. Have a three strike rule. Remember yes, spankings can be fun but if you administer it for every little bad thing your little does its going to be harder for them in the long run. So pace yourself and use the appropriate punishment for the crime. If your little isn’t quite into the lifestyle yet start them off slow and work up

Dear littles, please remember your dommy may not be completely into the lifestyle yet so have patients and start them off slowly.

As for punishments and rules look online for references there’s plenty and tweak them to your liking

Until next time you are all magical unicorns💖

all-nighters in companionable silence, texting in the same room, “shall i doxx those dirty loot-stealers~?”, fetching a pillow and blanket for the first one to pass out, midnight Taco Bell trips, B-movie Netflix marathons, “that firewall’s got nothing on you!”,dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

the YooSeven aesthetic, too strong. too good.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.
Word Count: 10,927
Warnings: Mobbing fans, anxiety attack, swearing, sexuality denial
A/N: Special thanks to @humhallephan and @moondaniel for giving me editing tips, you guys are awesome! This was originally a prompt from an anon so I hope you guys like it!

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Dan knew it was a bad idea to go outside. He knew exactly what would happen when he went out (he could hear the squeals and screams even now), but he did it anyways. All he wanted to do was to go to store to grab some more dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, but of course, he couldn’t enjoy the everyday luxury of going out to the store.

As soon as he stepped out of his flat, a hush fell over the street and he sucked his breath in, waiting to see what would happen. Then, not even two minutes later, he was being pushed, screamed at, and had sobbing girls crying into his shoulder.

And all he had wanted was some damned dinosaur nuggets.

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EXO in Pre-school/Nursery (ot12)
  • Suho: gets gold stickers everyday because he sucks up to the teachers. his work is the most displayed and takes up half the walls. first to learn the alphabet by heart.
  • Kris: is jealous that suho's artwork gets displayed when his is clearly better. takes credit for work that isn't his and rips suho's work down to replace it with his own.
  • Luhan: kicks a ball around. dislikes it when anyone else uses said ball. occasionally shares with xiumin and sehun.
  • Xiumin: admires luhan. learns skills from watching him. his good behaviour earns everyone ten minutes extra during lunch breaks.
  • Kai: brings chicken snacks with him every day. uses the chicken shaped cutter when making cookies with the teacher. cries when others use it. enjoys nap time.
  • Chanyeol: sits with toy instruments. is unfazed that each one can only make three notes. makes music. loudly. all day. teachers are happy when he leaves.
  • Chen: apparently has limitless energy. runs around yelling and screaming and pretending that he is 'Chenosaur'. is scolded for taking this too seriously and biting others. all day. teachers are relieved when he leaves.
  • Baekhyun: spends a lot of time in the ball pit. enjoys throwing balls at others. laughs and is a bad influence on chanyeol and chen. ignores nap time. is loud. all day. teachers praise the Lord when he leaves.
  • D.O.: watches baekhyun from a dark corner beside a radiator. wishes he would drown in the ball pit. often draws this wish in art. his work is not displayed.
  • Tao: teachers like him because he sits in the book section quietly all day. in reality, he has mistaken the picture books for clothing magazines, and is circling the things that look most Gucci.
  • Sehun: behaves like a brat. indulges in the mess he can make during painting sessions. kicks the sand in the sandpit and causes chaos. smiles.
  • Lay: sits in the sandpit all day with a bucket on his head. stares into space. does not notice sehun kicking sand around him. occasionally eats the sand. creates confusing artwork. teachers wonder if the sand causes this.
  • Jaune: if you can't handle me at my existential dread
  • Jaune: you don't deserve me at my dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
  • Ren:
  • Ren: I don't even think YOU understand yourself anymore.
  • Jaune: did i ever