chicken scribbles

remove that off-green, Hot-Topic core shirt right now young man.

your shirt is entirely too short even like im pretty sure you’ve been wearing the same one for like 6 years at least

here, take this list of 1000000000 reasons why you should be shirtless 100% of the time. this is very important legislation please put it into practice immediately.


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

Miyuki tried hard to keep his head cool when Koushuu had shown him how he wanted to catch more of Sawamura’s pitches. Out of everyone, he was probably the one that understood the excitement while catching for Sawamura. Chris probably understood it to some degree but Miyuki has seen the younger boy grow from having no control to great control, he had wanted to catch his pitches, 


     I need to be careful of him, Miyuki thought to himself while Koushuu stared at him.

Was this karma for pushing Sawamura aside earlier that day in favor for the ace, he couldn’t really tell but he was filled with conflicting emotions. Miyuki wanted to monopolize Sawamura but in front of him was someone that he needed to be vary off.

                                 If I give him an inch, he’ll probably take a whole mile.

“Sawamura! Let Okumura catch for you a bit more.”

While wanting to monopolize him, Miyuki wanted to show him off and he wants Koushuu to catch his pitches so he’ll understand, that Sawamura is not just any pitcher. However confident Miyuki is, for the first time since Chris he feels insecure and worried. What if Sawamura starts calling for Koushuu rather than him.

                                         Would he be able to bear it if that happened?


fw u try to b Cool + Mysterious but ur brother is a Big Affectionate Nerd who keeps hugging u in front of Everyone