chicken sashimi

Torisho, Tokyo

Sure, yakitori tend to get all the buzz in Japan these days, but when it comes to chicken dishes, there are myriad Japanese preparations one can enjoy if you know where to look. And one such place you should be looking is at Torisho in Tokyo…

Torisho is a small restaurant not far from Roppongi that those “in the know” consider one of the city’s best palaces of poultry. Yes, they have yakitori, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. It’s cozy, it’s quiet, you usually don’t need a reservations, and their food is as good as it gets. They get their chickens daily from a few specific farms around Japan and only serve limited amounts of a certain number of their most popular dishes, so while they are open late, it’s best to get to Torisho early if you want to feast on their freshest fowl!

Here’s a look…

There’s always a small amuse bouche when you sit down, this night it was fried eggplant and poached chicken breast with umeboshi plum sauce…

One of Torisho’s house specialties, grilled white liver skewers…

Their most popular dish, melt-in-your-mouth foie gras-like chncks of inner chicken goodness painted with a secret sweet glaze…

Their deep-fried chicken karaage, where unlike other standard Japanese preparations, they cut the thigh meat into strips, spice it before frying, and serve with a house-blend curry powder…

Grilled breast meat covered in melted Hokkaido cheese and grated parmesan…

Another of their house specialties, and not for the faint of heart, Torisho’s chicken sashimi platter…

This particular platter is all breast meat, composed of five separate cuts in order to showcase the different tastes and textures of the chicken’s largest part…

To ensure maximum freshness, Torisho uses asabiki (”morning cut”) chickens, which are freshly killed at the crack of dawn in the southern state of Kagoshima then trucked directly to the restaurant before they open each and every day…

You even get a little of the chicken skin, oh so lightly grilled…

Much like you see with seafood sashimi, the chef here makes a succulent soy sauce that’s mixed with raw chicken liver. It’s amazing and if you don’t finish it, keep it to use on your other dishes!

A grilled rice ball and Torisho’s famous chicken soup; literally one of the best chicken soups you will eat anywhere on the planet! Trust me.

The fact that the staff here are all Star Wars fans only adds to my love of Torisho…

Jidori yuuke, which is a type of tartare made from chicken…

With raw thigh meat, a raw egg, chopped scallion and the interesting inclusion of grilled cashews for crunch…

Grilled fava beans, which were in season…

We needed some sort of vegetable… :)

Jidori kazeboshi, which is smoked chicken “jerky”…

Made in-house by hanging strips of chicken from the ceiling…

Then letting the smoke from their binchotan charcoal grill works its magic…

And the coup de grace, Torisho’s renowed oyako donburi

Grilled chicken and fresh eggs, cooked into a loose omelet, served over a bowl of rice… with the skin left on the chicken, which you rarely see, this is one of the best preparations you will find anywhere in Tokyo!

And a closer of chicken soup as it’s just so damn good…

The term “farm to table” gets thrown around so much these days that its lost a lot of meaning, but here at Tokyo’s Torisho, every chicken dish lives up to that label.


Oyama Building B1

3-1-19 Nishi Azabu

Minato-ku, Tokyo




Would you eat it?

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Tokyo last year - I’m going to write a nice long post about the hilarious food adventures there (because there are a ton) but this specific culinary undertaking deserves its own post. 

This, ladies & gentlemen, is chicken sashimi.

That’s right, raw chicken. 

In North America, eating raw chicken is considered blasphemy - only those looking to spend an intimate weekend with their toilets would dare eat such a thing. In Japan, however, this is not the case. We North Americans unfortunately raise our chickens in incredibly cramped, filthy farms where sanitation is more a nice idea than reality. The Japanese are obsessive about maintaining perfection (in most cases, anyway) and thus will raise chickens that don’t have nearly the same exposure to disease. Because of this, you’re able to eat the chicken raw. 

I’ve gotta be honest. Looking at this, as a gay man, I had my reservations. 

But, as Julia Child says, I must be fearless.

So I went for it. I expected the chicken to be a little sour and wholly unpleasant - but that wasn’t the case, at all. It was akin to raw tuna. Paired with fresh wasabi and a flight of plum wine, it was actually really good. I finished the whole plate. 

Would you try it?


sourakuya, sri petaling.

came here for some japanese food couple weeks ago, the restaurant is quite cozy and there’s just a handful of staff, lots of customers come and go, seems like a nice restaurant. we ordered salmon sashimi, tamago yaki, oden moriawase and oyakodon to share.

salmon sashimi is quite nice there’s two type of cuts given, the fish is quite fresh and yummy. the tamago yaki is also really nice, very fluffy and smells so good, the radish at the side wasn’t really good though. oden came after quite some waiting time, there’s like 5 diffent inds in it, each one taste good and the soup is really refreshing and sweet, makes me miss the oden in japan sooo much! oyakodon came last, but this is also my least favorite, the flavor is really plain, no sauce and the chicken is tasteless, only egg and onions with rice.

overall, it was a pretty decent meal, waiting time is quite long though and the staff are always busy. food wise is normal, there are hits and misses and they don’t really have any specialty.

Yakitori Nonchan, Kobe, Japan

Friend of ours are traveling to Kobe for Thanksgiving and commented how they couldn’t find many posts about my adopted hometown here on Eataku! At first I didn’t believe them, till I checked, and discovered they were right; I’ve spent a large part of the last 25 years of my life in Kobe but there have been a minimal mentions on this blog. Time to fix that, starting with a post about my favorite yakitori joint, Nonchan…

More of a “locals only” eatery located up a small alley near Sannomiya Station, Yakitori Nonchan specializes in grilled chicken and regional sakes, mostly from the nearby Nada region of Hyogo. However, they do from time to time serve raw chicken as well, sashimi style…

For those who prefer their meat grilled, I suggest starting simpler with the “tsukune”, or chicken meatball…

“Kawa”, or skin, with salt not sauce, and “nankotsu”, or chicken cartilage…

I prefer my tsukune with “shichimi”, or hot pepper, on the left in red, and the rest with “sansho”, Japanese mountain pepper, on the right…

Gizzards (zuri)…

Liver (kimo)…

Heart (hatsu)…

Ice cold mugs of Asahi always help…

Some pork belly to break up the chicken parade as we get into some funkier cuts…

Like the chicken’s digestive tract…

Or its reproductive parts (hina)…

Local sake and housemade pickles as we move on…

Japanese “karaage”, or fried chicken…

Grilled thighs (momo yaki)…

And my favorite part of poultry, the “bonjiri”, or chicken butt…

…where here at Nonchan, they leave it still attached to the rest of the tail!

Some “ginnan”, or gingko nuts, to help some cut of the fat at the end of your meal…

And I highly recommend closing out your meal with Nonchan’s “tori zosui” or chicken & rice porridge…

Kobe is one of the most international cities in all Japan with a vastly underrated dining scene, except when it comes to beef. I definitely recommend you spend a few days in town sampling more than just yakiniku and steak, and would start at Nonchan, where they treat their chicken with the same respect!

Reservations recommended.


1-8-2 Kita-Nagasadori

Chuo-ku, Kobe




[140826 | INTERVIEW] Hello! We're Topp Dogg PT 2

Please tell us Topp Dogg’s ‘favorite things’!

In order to have an even deeper understanding of the members’ characteristics and personalities, we asked them about their preferences! What kind of answers will fly out?

Q1. What’s your favorite food?

Q2. What’s your favorite place?

Q3. What’s your favorite fashion style?

Q4. What’s your favorite type of girl?

Q5. What’s your favorite song?

Q6. What’s your favorite color?

Q7. What’s your favorite word/phrase?

1. P-Goon

Born October 18th 1991

Libra / Blood type A

176cm / 58kg

A1. Beef and kimchi soup. As long as there’s rice and soup, I’ll eat anything well.

A2. The East Sea. I like the sea, so when I’m too overwhelmed I go to the sea to yell.

A3. A simple, neat style.

A4. Someone with cat-like beauty who looks good when smiling, and becomes more charming the more I meet with her.

A5. Korean rapper Swings’ ‘Are You Listening?’

A6. I like black, so black is the color I have the most clothing of.

A7. Dream. Dreams are for achieving. I think it’s a good word.

2. Sangdo

Born March 2nd 1993

Pisces / Blood type AB

181cm / 63kg

A1. Sashimi, sushi, soba, ramen, bento, etc.

A2. The Han River and my house. I like spending time on my own.

A3. It depends on my mood at the time~.

A4. Someone warm who will love me from the bottom of their heart.

A5. Eric Benet’s ‘Still With You’. I feel at ease listening to it.

A6. Silver, gold, black, white.

A7. Like, I love you, annyeong.

3. Hojoon

Born October 31st 1992

Scorpio / Blood type B

173cm / 55kg

A1. French fries and Coca-Cola suit my taste. Hehe.

A2. At times a noisy crowd, at times a quiet place where I can rest, and my hometown.

A3. Hip-hop and a style that’s a bit unique.

A4. Someone that’s cute and pretty, has aegyo and is eccentric.

A5. Jason Derulo’s ‘Fallen’, Jay Sean’s ‘All or Nothing’.

A6. Black, white, blue, red. Colors I’ve liked since I was little.

A7. Words I am happy to hear are: good (as in, skillful), pretty, cool, cute.

4. Hansol

Born June 15th 1993

Gemini / Blood type B

172cm / 61kg

A1. Chocolate. The color and shape is sexy but the flavor is sweet (laughs).

A2. High places without safety device[s]. Because I feel free for some reason.

A3. It’s different each time! But maybe something unique?

A4. 2NE1’s CL and IU! I like women that are cool.

A5. The song that gives a nostalgic feeling: ‘My Old Story’ by IU.

A6. White and black. They’re colors that are safe, but can express complicated feelings.

A7. Light. Shine, seeing the light. Doesn’t it make you feel hopeful?

5. B-Joo

Born January 8th 1994

Capricorn / Blood type B

175cm / 55kg

A1. Yogurt. It’s sweet, refreshing, and delicious.

A2. My bed. It’s soft and feels good.

A3. Cute hip-hop style. I feel like it looks good on me (laughs).

A4. I like a girl with cute charms.

A5. Michael Jackson’s ‘Love Never Felt So Good’.

A6. I think the bright hue of white suits my personality.

A7. The term that’s popular in Korea: “obligation.”

6. Xero

Born February 3rd 1994

Capricorn / Blood type A

181cm / 61kg

A1. Samgyupsal. Ever since I was little, if I were having meat, it was always samgyupsal.

A2. Right now, I miss my house in my hometown.

A3. If I try it on and I like it, anything is OK.

A4. A girl who’s chic but also cute like a cat.

A5. Foreign hip-hop. It brings my spirit up!

A6. I don’t know why, but I’ve liked black since a while ago.

A7. Happiness. Because my enjoyment in life is through happiness.

7. Yano

Born September 27th 1995

Libra / Blood type A

178cm / 58kg

A1. Snacks/candy, sashimi, chicken, bossam, budae jjigae, udon.

A2. A quiet cafe with a nice atmosphere that might help me come up with good ideas.

A3. Hip hop style clothes that I can relax in.

A4. Someone who’s a cute cat type and has aegyo.

A5. A Pink’s ‘Good Morning Baby’. I feel refreshed when I listen to it.

A6. Black or white. Simple is the Best!

A7. Trust. Even above living, trust is the most important.

8. A-Tom

Born May 23rd 1995

Gemini / Blood type O

178cm / 62kg

A1. I’ve always liked noodles more than rice, so ramen.

A2. I’m the type to sleep a lot, so I feel calm and relaxed when in bed.

A3. I feel more comfortable when I get to wear loose, baggy clothing.

A4. A kind and gentle girl. Someone motherly.

A5. Big Bang. They have moving songs and also pump-up songs so I like [them].

A6. Red! And other attractive colors.

A7. My own name. I like when people call out my name.

9. Seogoong

Born Mar 1st 1992

Taurus / Blood type A

179cm / 65kg

A1. Hamburgers, pizza, sushi, meat, etc.

A2. Jeju Island. I went for a vacation once and it was really fun.

A3. Hip hop, dandy, modern. I wear all sorts of clothes!

A4. A girl that looks good in a one piece, is pure and womanly.

A5. Ginuwine’s ‘First Time’. XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’.

A6. Black, white, blue.

A7. I miss you, I love you. It makes me feel loved!

10. Nakta

Born April 24th 1993

Taurus / Blood type O

185cm / 68kg

A1. Ramen. I like noodles with tastes that have a little kick.

A2. Fishing spot. It’s good for when I want to put my thoughts together in a quiet place.

A3. I usually go for vintage.

A4. Someone cat-like and a little chubby. Cute and sexy.

A5. Crush. He’s a rare type of musician in Korea.

A6. Black. I think it’s the color that suits me best.

A7. Love. Because love is a good thing.

11. Gohn

Born August 1st 1992

Leo / Blood type O

183cm / 68kg

A1. Sushi, sashimi, bento, soba, etc. I love Japanese food!

A2. Studio. Even when I feel down, I feel better when I write songs.

A3. Hip hop, street, jeans and t-shirt.

A4. A short girl that looks cute when she smiles.

A5. Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’. It’s the first song I liked that made me like him.

A6. Black and white. Because it’s neat and chic.

A7. (in Japanese) I love [you]. It’s a phrase I would like to yell out!

12. Jenissi

Born August 2nd 1991

Leo / Blood type A

174cm / 62kg

A1. Hot dog, hamburger, chicken.

A2. A park or movie theater I can relax at.

A3. Casual and hip hop. I really like clothes with a hood.

A4. Someone cute with aegyo. Someone with a big heart.

A5. August Alsina’s songs. They’re totally my type!

A6. Black, blue, white. Out of those [I like] white the best because it’s neat.

A7. Good, ill, cool, dope, love, friends, family.

Part 1

Source:  LOVE!K-POP | Via: Ride on Dogg
Translated by: Topp Dogg Intl



Picture 1-3: Stewed Chicken Thigh & Katsuo(Bonito) Sashimi feat. Dassai(Japanese Sake) Dinner, August 2015

Picture 4: Takikomi Gohan with Left-Over Chicken & Corn, August 2015


Dinner: Mizuki Buffet. For our last dinner together, my family and I went to a sushi buffet for dinner. It’s kind of expensive ($27.99 per person for dinner), but I heard good things about it so we decided to try it.
Basically every plate has half sushi and then half meat/misc. things. The sushi was really fresh tasting and well made. I don’t know if I really ate ~$30 worth, but it was a good dinner. 3 hours later…I can still hardly breathe, I’m so full.