chicken roti




tandoori goodness in Delhi

when in india it is HIGHLY recommended not to eat , but to be bluntly honest i love tandoori , and for the right tandoori joint and the right piece of succulent crispy char grilled chicken thigh ….i would happily spend an eternity dealing with the consequences .

tandoori as most people know is actually an oven , however it does translate over to a special type of masala marinade , which is just awesome , tonnes of yoghurt, cayenne , paprika , chilli , gara-masala  and other things go into this mix which is then generously basted on to meats , vegetables cheeses and whatever else before being grilled over an open flame .

in this case i ordered ½ a chicken with some taws roti and lashings of green chilli yoghurt sauce . fuckin ’ eh ^^

30 Day Challenge: Day 8

8) What I ate today.

The most delicious boneless chicken roti from a West Indian/Caribbean Restaurant in Brampton. It was massive! It was actually from yesterday but because it was seriously so massive (weighed about 5lbs!), I only ate a quarter yesterday and now I’m having another quarter and have half left for the rest of the day! :p

I love trying new types of food, as long as it’s cooked well and not staring back at me. :p I highly recommend trying some West Indian chicken roti and doubles! They are delish! Make sure you ask for mild (they love spice!) and boneless.