chicken pizza

anonymous asked:

Hey Angie, i was thinking what you like on pizza? i have to order pizza for myself cuz im stuck at home and idk what to get on my pizza?? im so sick of what i usually get (pls no pineapple or mushroom)

(fruit on pizza is strange i dont like it and i dont like mushrooms either)

okay so i’m a fussy eater. i don’t like mushrooms, onions, sweetcorn, pepper (i’ll eat sweetcorn and pepper on a pizza though)

i like a simple cheese and tomato, a good pepperoni. my fave, however, is a BBQ Chicken pizza (bacon as well if that’s an option). from dominos, i’ll get a Texas BBQ pizza minus onions and peppers and from pizza hut i’ll get a BBQ Americano pizza. i’m a simple gal, i like chicken and i like barbecue sauce.

i hope that whatever pizza you get its good and i’m jealous and now i want pizza