chicken pastel

It’s almost easter, so here’s a very easter-y little thing for you guys! I thought it was only appropriate to bring back the pastel for this.

I also turned this into a #HeaderForDan and #HeaderForPhil, you can see (and retweet if you like) it on my twitter.

Have a happy easter everyone (or just a lovely week in general if you’re not celebrating that :) )

Peep peep, happy early Easter apparently! Pearl, Blue Pearl, and Yellow Pearl as chickens, we all know Blue would be a silky.

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eldiahope  asked:

what your fave food and if pork dont say i like pig to much so would upsteing for me to her

(Second day of cold for Feitan. He doesn’t look better…)

I like anything as long as it’s spicy. If Shalnark doesn’t start to cry just by smelling at it, I don’t want none. - mod Uvogin

I have simple tastes, and I’m not picky. But when it comes to candies, I love the more sour ones. You know, those that make you feel like they dislodge your teeth and peel off your scalp? Yummy. (*´ڡ`●) - mod Shalnark

I like tsukune. No matter what kind of tsukune. I like the texture. - mod Shizuku

Sweets are my weakness… Especially chocolate. But I’d rather die than eating Shalnark’s candies. He creates holes in the floor when he spits. - mod Chrollo

I like sushi. My family used to have a chief specially dedicated to them. He invented exclusive recipes for us. You can’t eat them anywhere but at our house. But of course I won’t return for such a trivial reason. I’m not a baby. They tasted great, still… - mod Kalluto

I like shell pasta with ham this is my favorite food I also like apple sauce and strawberries - mod Kortopi

With my hole in my stomach, I need highly digestible food. I mostly drink rich beverages and soups.  When i was a child my mother used to make a traditional gruel of my clan. It’s my favorite food and I wish I cook it as well as her. - mod Bonolenov

 Nothing is better than fried chicken eaten with the fingers. - mod Machi

I have a soft spot for seafood. My favorite dish is oysters à la diable. - mod Pakunoda

Pizza and cheeseburgers. Because you don’t need tableware so no washing-up afterwards. - mod Phinks

Da bitter tears of by edebies. See dem driven before me. Hear da labentation of der wobem. - mod Feitan

Phinks : would have sound better without the stuffy nose

Chrollo : But… for real Feitan?

Feitan : Chicken doodles

Chrollo : Chicken… what?

Phinks : You doodle chickens and you lick the paper?

Feitan : No! Doodles! Like in pasta!

Phinks : You doodle chicken in pastel? You eat the concept of chicken? Wow, that’s deep. No wonder why you’re so skinny.

Feitan : Fuck y…*tcha!*