chicken parm panini

the boy-decoding diary of a slightly frantic mind

a #kitr somewhat-crack!fic

Tuesday: he was behind me in the lunch line and asked what sandwich I was going to take and of course I was going for the chicken parm panini because COME ON, LITERAL BEST and so he said he would have to try it to. Intimidated by my enthusiasm for melted parmesan cheese, legit trusting my opinion, or other????? PLEASE ADVISE.  

Friday: he told me he likes to listen to Beethoven’s piano sonata no. 21 to get into character for Wentworth.  Piano sonata no. 8 is on my character playlist for Anne.  Coincidence???? or soulmates????????

Monday: so I maybe TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT tripped over the hem of my dress on set and grabbed his arm as I was falling and I think maybe possibly just a little bit he might have blushed?  THIS IS A GOOD THING, RIGHT????

Wednesday: well we talked about how the BIG KISSING SCENE is coming up and this time he FOR SURE blushed and then said something that was maybe along the lines of “not a hardship with you” and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.  it was sort of mumbly.  maybe I misheard????? 

Thursday: he said “i never noticed the red strands of hair you have.” which is weird, right? the way of phrasing it? that makes it sound like he has spent a lot of time looking at my hair and he feels like he SHOULD have seen the red strands???? yes????? am I reading too much into this???????

Saturday: just chillin’ at the tea shop and he walks by with his dog and I’m all like “be cool Porter, be cool” BUT as soon as he sees me he gets this ENORMOUS GRIN all over his face like WHAT EXCUSE ME SIR WHO SAID YOU COULD DO THAT WITH YOUR FACE WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND WHO NEED TO GO ABOUT ACCOMPLISHING THEIR DAILY BUSINESS AND ARE ALREADY DISTRACTED ENOUGH BY YOU

Later Saturday: he texted me another Wentworth quote: “tell me not that I am too late! (went back to the shop after walking the dog but you’d left already)” WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS????????

Thursday: half a week of complete radio silence and then out of NOWHERE he snapchats me a picture of the sunrise. it’s official. I give up.