chicken nuggets like my family

SJM characters as things my sister has said

Aelin: I’d enjoy watching them burn too.
Chaol: I can’t really look closely I’m kinda blind.
Manon: we could look forward to people dying.
Rhysand: I may be crazy but at least I’ve never REALLY killed a man. Well there were those bikers.
Feyre: I could get up and get food or staycin bed and sleep. Sleep it is.
Dorian: whats great is shes the one planning her fathers murder.
Rowan: ooohhh they’re probably crispy mmmm.
Cassian: and two of each of those would be a full course meal for a family. A family of just me.
Azriel: cereal is good but I’d rather be a serial killer.
Amren: I’d sleep with him. But only if he paid me. In chicken nuggets.
Mor: like haha kill my family.
Elide: hes a psychopath but I think hes hot.
Lorcan: I could kill you but that would take alot of energy and I’d rsther just nap.

My Favorite Thing About Comics...

…Is that everyone simultaneously hates and loves them. Like, you’ll be reading and you’ll want to burn an entire run to the ground (literally), but you freaking keep buying them because this stuff is your lifeblood