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Edgeworth: Are your eyes really failing you now, Phoenix? I thought I was the one with the eye problems, not you. It’s a puppy, of course. Australian Red Border Collie to be precise. 

Phoenix: …I’ll be going to the computer to answer some stuff in our blog.


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Every time I read your stuff I think about how proud I am of u, (and then I gotta reign it in because I'm too much of a mom for this shit omg) just never stop writing ok

i… really want to make a joke here but i cant because i got this during spanish class after a really, really hard week and almost started bawling in the middle of school, elaina you really made my entire day thank you mom ilysm i promise i’ll never stop writing

My Favorite Thing About Comics...

…Is that everyone simultaneously hates and loves them. Like, you’ll be reading and you’ll want to burn an entire run to the ground (literally), but you freaking keep buying them because this stuff is your lifeblood

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please tell any story of your choice just the best one you have

alright okay let’s do this

so last march was my dear friend paul’s birthday and for his birthday he wanted to do the chicken nugget challenge right

and the chicken nugget challenge is this unholy ritual in which you get a metric fuckton of nuggets from your fast food establishment of choice and stuff as many of them into your system without purging over a period of 20 minutes and whoever eats the most by the time that time runs out wins

so our friends abrianna and stevie bravely go out into the night and buy 150+ nuggets from mcdonalds

(this took them roughly half an hour even though it was right up the street because they had to confirm with the MANAGER) that this was, in fact, their intended purchase and that they did, in fact, have the currency required to obtain this absurd amount of fried poultry patties)

so they arrive with bags upon bags filled with 20 piece boxes and we get them all set out around the table and it looks like this:

and the rules are repeated and those brave enough to step up to the challenge take it upon themselves to go forth and gorge on the trial of their entire lives

since i did not wish to desecrate the sacred mcnugget nor my own system i volunteered to film this debacle and pay witness to this historic fucking battle. lemme sum up our bold challengers for you:

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