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Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary by legosrcool1000 (deviantart)
What a glorious sight, all of my favorite CN shows meeting one another at the same time! This year will be their 25th anniversary too! Can you find your favorites in this?

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please consider yuuri having a rough day at high school and coming home to hug his dog and daydream about meeting viktor nikiforov somewhere and viktor saying that he could only love a skater who is his equal, and he had despaired of ever finding love, but now he has met yuuri and will not have to live a life of loneliness, and then possibly they hold hands (and when yuuri has had a really bad day, he imagines viktor kisses him on the forehead!!! and they hug!!!)


you realise that one day soon yuri is going to be having a Bad Brain Day and be curled up in his bed, hugging a poodle plushie, and actual victor nikiforov is going to drop down beside him and stroke his hair and say things like, “what’s wrong? are you having a bad day? can I help? how can I help?” and “I love you, little cutlet, my bunny, sweetheart, my gold, my darling, my love” and kissing all the places he can reach until Yuri uncurls and kind of laughs wetly, rubbing his hot, damp eyes, and Victor says, “what? what is it, baby?” and Yuri says, “I used to imagine maybe you’d give me a hug if I was lucky, before.”

and then Victor has to drop down on top of Yuri and cuddle him up in his arms and kiss him over and over again until all his tears turn into muffled giggles and every thing is okay again. for now. for a while.



Lardo hesitates a moment before she knocks. Her knuckles are poised just inches from the old, cheap wooden door, waiting, and she thinks, I shouldn’t bother him.

And then she knocks anyway, too exhausted to care.

She can hear ancient bedsprings creaking slightly. “Come in,” a tired-sounding voice calls.

Lardo twists the rusting knob–someone really needs to replace that before it falls off–and pushes the door open.

Jack is sitting on top of the covers of his not-quite-neatly-made bed. His laptop is open and balancing on top of his legs, but as soon as he makes eye contact with Lardo, he closes it and leans over the edge of the bed to set it down gently. “C'mere,” he says softly, and Lardo is so damn grateful that Jack just gets it sometimes.

She crosses to him, climbs on the bed. He lifts one arm automatically and she tucks herself under it, her head leaning against his neck. She swings her legs over his, perpendicular, and her arms wrap around his core. His second arm comes down and rests on her legs, a hand on her thigh keeping her there firmly but gently. Like a seat belt. Or a security blanket.

They sit there for a few minutes, breathing synchronizing. Lardo closes her eyes and feels the swell of Jack’s chest underneath her arms, and she can’t tell if it’s his pulse or her own she’s feeling.

Sometimes, just being held–just to be held with no questions asked, nothing else expected from it–sometimes she needs it. And she knows that it helps Jack when he’s stressed, too. So what they have can’t exactly be called an agreement, because they don’t ever really talk about it. But it’s an understanding, at least. And a mutually beneficial one.

And between finals week and graduation coming up and the fact that she still hasn’t finished her last piece for the reunion week gallery–well. She needs it tonight. And if the bags under Jack’s eyes are any indication, so does he.

After a little while, when her arms are starting to get stiff and she can feel her thighs starting to stick to his a little with sweat, she reluctantly begins to peel out of Jack’s embrace.

“Thanks, pal,” she whispers, leaning up and pressing her lips briefly to his cheek before shifting her legs back over to the other side so she can stand.

“Any time, Lards,” Jack says quietly, smiling slightly at her. “I needed the break, too.”

One corner of her mouth crooks higher than the other. “You’re a good dude, Zimmermann,” she says, reaching out and ruffling his hair. He doesn’t bother reaching up to fix it, and it stands up ridiculously. She laughs. “Don’t push yourself too much, okay?”

“No promises,” says Jack, yawning. “But yeah, I’ll probably sleep soon. Night, Lardo.”

“Night, Jack,” says Lardo, stretching her arms as she walks out.

She shuts the door behind her, feeling considerably less stressed than she had when she opened it.

She’s got a good team.

[LYRICS] Outro: Wings by BTS


Take me to the sky
어릴 적의 날 기억해
큰 걱정이 없었기에
이 작은 깃털이 날개가 될 것이고
그 날개로 날아보게 해줄 거란
믿음, 신념 가득 차 있었어
웃음소리와 함께

가지 말라는 길을 가고
하지 말라는 일을 하고
원해선 안 될 걸 원하고
또 상처받고, 상처받고
You can call me stupid
그럼 난 그냥 씩 하고 웃지
난 내가 하기 싫은 일로
성공하긴 싫어
난 날 밀어

난 날 믿어 내 등이 아픈 건
날개가 돋기 위함인 걸
날 널 믿어 지금은 미약할지언정
끝은 창대한 비약일 걸
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ’em up high
니가 택한 길이야 새꺄 쫄지 말어
이제 고작 첫 비행인 걸 uh

Take me to the sky
훨훨 날아갈 수 있다면
영영 달아날 수 있다면
If my wings could fly
점점 무거워지는 공기를 뚫고 날아

날아 나 날아 난 날아가
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
날아 나 날아 난 날아가
붉게 물든 날개를 힘껏

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

이제 알겠어
후회하며 늙어 가는 건 break up
나는 택했어
조건 없는 믿음을 가지겠어
it’s time to be brave
i’m not afraid
날 믿기에
나 예전과는 다르기에
내가 가는 길에 울지 않고
고개 숙이지 않어
거긴 하늘일 테고
날고 있을 테니까 fly

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly


Take me to the sky
I remember the young me
Probably because I didn’t have any big worries
These small feathers became wings
Because I was full of faith
That those wings would allow me to fly
With the sound of laughter
Like a bird

I go places they tell me not to,
Do things they tell me not to do,
Want things I shouldn’t,
Get wounded again and again
You can call me stupid
Then I’ll just crack a smile
I don’t want to succeed
With work I don’t like
I push myself

I trust myself, Since the reason why my back hurts
Is so that wings can sprout
I believe me, you, though the beginning may be humble,
The future will be prosperous
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ‘em up high
This is the path you’ve chosen kid, don’t chicken out
This is only the first flight after all uh

Take me to the sky
If only I could fly freely freely
If only I could escape forever ever
If my wings could fly
I penetrate through the air that gets heavier and heavier, and fly

Fly I I fly I fly away
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
Fly I I fly I fly away
With all my strength, my rosy* wings

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

Now I know to
Break up with the idea of growing older while having regrets
And I’ve decided to
Have unconditional faith
It’s time to be brave
I’m not afraid
Because I believe myself
Because I’m different than before
I don’t cry on my way,
Don’t bow my head
Because it will be sky where I’m going
And I will be flying fly

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

(T/N: * Referring to the rosy sunset light on their wings and also mean blood-stained wings.)

Trans cr; Julietq01 & Joyce @ bts-trans


Since we saw Uncle Grandpa did a major crossover with all the old and new cartoons, I thought I could share the promo and bumpers from 2004-2007 known as the CN City era.

Overheard in Computers Class

Kid 1: *Coming back in the classroom* The water in the water fountain tastes like fish.

Kid 2: I wish it tasted like chicken.

Kid 3: I wish it tasted like actual water.

living noah
  • fandom noah: soft punk pastel skater boi, haunted soul, probably read milk and honey, bleached undercut
  • canon noah: adderall personified, probably that asshole who skates in the hall, 'CHICKIE CHICKIE CHICKEN !' rich white kid in a mustang