chicken kid

I made dinner. But things were really odd & up in the air about when they were leaving so there wasn’t enough food. I mean there was enough food, but not to my standards. Not everyone could have seconds if they wanted and I’m not sure the men had enough even though the extra chicken went to them. Basically if I don’t have leftovers I haven’t cooked enough bc SOMEONE could be left wanting. And we ate EARLY so they could get out at a decent time.

This was a long way of saying I’m hungry again and I’m gonna make nachos.

1d as people outside my dorm tonight when the fire alarm went off

Niall: the guy that came out in nothing but a blanket wrapped around himself and holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and a box of orange juice in the other

Harry: the girl who continued to do her contouring while the fire department arrived with sirens

Liam: the guy with a 20 piece chicken nuggets box taking selfies the entire time

Louis: the barefoot guy who was only wearing a bathrobe and standing on the bank yelling about how he was going to find out who the fuck was responsible for this mess

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“look at all those chickens”


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Maybe not cute to some but I’d like to share my kids with the world.

These are my hens Bronze, Clucky, Pirate and Pippin.
I love all my chickens kids but these three hold a very special place in my heart.

Bronze, [AKA Bronzie or Bonsey] featured with dried egg on her face, was hand reared by a local school as a part of their science class. However the school didn’t have the space for her, despite being a tiny ball of pure YELL. She was taken home by my neighbor’s grandkids but they soon encountered a problem as they already owned Isa brown layer hens who would very violently attack her and so she was kept in a much smaller makeshift cage. That was until the day the neighbours asked if we would take her as she wasn’t doing well in this tiny 3x3 foot cage. I agreed and hoped to god she wasn’t as flighty as our other bantams. 
Rather than socialise with the other bantams she would try to jump on my back or my arms (I’m pretty certain the kids taught her to do this or it has something to do with being hand reared) and follow me everywhere. She would also be very loud if she didn’t get attention.
Nowadays though we only have three bantams and she’s stopped jumping on people. She still follows people everywhere and yells quite loudly if she hears people talking. She’s also very aggressive towards our rooster (mostly jumping at him and fluffing up) but she’s never tried seriously hurting him. 

Clucky [Cluckster, Cluck-a-duck] is by far my oldest chicken at 14 years. She’s one of our 21 original chickens we purchased when I was 6. She only stopped laying about the time that photo was taken which I had no idea was possible for a hen that old. She has limited vision and is really starting to slow down, being unable to sit on the higher perches with the rest of the chickens she sits in the nesting boxes at night (I’m unsure whether or not this is a good thing for her) She still has her explosive dust baths regularly and is eating and drinking just fine (she does sometimes miss and bite my fingers quite hard if I’m hand feeding her) If anyone has any tips on how to further provide comfort for her please let me know!

Pirate [AKA Pie, Pieface, BEETLE DESTROYER] is a hen we got from my old highschool since the hens had stopped laying eggs. Funnily enough I was the one that selected the hens and Pirate was the first I caught. She is missing her left eye (presumably due to being in a very cramped space with about 30 other chickens) however this has not seemed to have affected her one bit. She is one of the healthiest hens we have and has a beautiful purple/blue sheen to her feathers currently. She’s an incredibly friendly chicken but does not like being touched or handled at all. we’ve had her 3 years (spent 2 at the school) and other than a rather rough molt she has been happy and healthy.

Pippin [ AKA Pip, Pipster-chick, Partyhorn-Pip, Pippy] Our dominant(?) hen. She was very small when we first got her one christmas with three other pullets but has turned into a very pudgy yelling butt. I thought I’d include her because who doesn’t love a good tornado chicken on their dash.

One other hen I’d like to mention (not featured) is my precious Heidi [AKA the Heidimeister] We recently bought four more layer hens as all of ours are getting long in the tooth and aren’t laying much. Three of them are still very skittish but Heidi seems to not give a flying fuck about people. She will walk all over your feet, try to eat the zipper on your jacket, peck your shoelaces, peck your toes and will let you pet her. She’s so pure.

Anyway those are my kids and they send you all many beeps and yells to help youse through this stressful time.


Since we saw Uncle Grandpa did a major crossover with all the old and new cartoons, I thought I could share the promo and bumpers from 2004-2007 known as the CN City era.

The story of chicken kid:

I was at a Chinese buffet today and there was a family that came in, a dad and his two kids (a son and daughter). 

Well his son was very annoying. Granted he might have had an intellectual disability but here are some of the things he did:

  • Yelled that he was not afraid of the french fries, then proceeded to get a heaping plateful of them
  • dropped a piece of chicken on the floor, then yelled that he dropped his chicken and needed a new piece, so he reached across from the wrong side of the buffet and grabbed some
  • criticized his father’s choice of food
  • stole his sister’s spoon
  • talked really loudly
  • yelled “I KNEW YOU WERE POOPING” when his sister got out of the bathroom
  • yelled a lot
  • grabbed all the food with his hands basically
  • almost pissed his father off entirely
  • stared 
  • a lot
  • wanted to fight someone probably
  • walked around with earbuds in the whole time?? I don’t think he even had them hooked up to anything??

I dunno it was just really funny and then my brother added to it by taking a piece of chicken out of the restaurant when we left, then he dropped it and mocked the kid which was probably uncalled for but plunged me into a laughing fit all the same.