chicken house au

Hannibal: Slytherin
Will: Hufflepuff

Tristan: Gryffindor
Galahad: Gryffindor

Nigel: Slytherin
Adam R: Ravenclaw

Basic Chickens
Elias: Hufflepuff
Adam T: Ravenclaw

(feel free to message me about your own ideas, i’d love to hear them. <3 )

The Creatures Hogwarts AU

Gryffindor - Jordan, Dex, Stefani

Slytherin - Aleks, James, Aron

Ravenclaw - Seamus and Dan

Hufflepuff - Joe, Spencer, Artist Joe

Aaand, it’s complete! This was a really fun project for me, and I hope you guys like it! I really hope people can make more fanart, fanfics etc in the HP universe of the creatures, because every fandom needs a Hogwarts AU! ( also in addition to this being very fun, my editing skills really improved, yay!)