chicken have feelings too


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i've been thinking about getting chickens for a long time but can't bc my mom is hella against. But, what are some things i could do to persuade her?? like, what's some care and stuff they need. I think chickens are so cute and lovely and i want them :(

My first piece of advice is to ask your mom what her reasons are. Chickens require a lot of care and a safe place to live. You should have a decent size backyard so they can eat grass and have dustbaths and look for worms. You’ll need to build (or buy) a very secure henhouse to keep them safe at night - and make sure that nothing can tunnel under it! You’ll need to secure the backyard, too, so the feathery banditos can’t abscond. Then there’s neighbours to consider. Hens cackle when they’re laying and scream if they’re spooked. You’ll also need to check that the local council allows you to keep chickens where you live. And do you have any pets that might behave aggressively towards them?

If your mother’s concerns are to do with the above, I’d say that’s reasonable. So tell her you’re willing to take on the responsibility of caring for the birds and explain that you understand her point of view. I think you should advocate for it by saying you’d like two or three as pets. They’re wonderful companion animals, very cheap to buy, and (I’m assuming you’re young?) learning to look after chickens is a fantastic thing for kids and teenagers to do because it teaches you the value of industry and how to care for barnyard animals. 

Tell her you’ll feed them the kitchen scraps (along with calcium-enriched pellets, of course), thus recycling household waste. You’ll clean out their henhouse, and compost the chook poop to create a very rich fertiliser which can be used to grow big flowers and veggies. The hens will keep your backyard free of snails, slugs, ticks and even mice and spiders. You’ll collect eggs every morning, which you can eat or give to friends and neighbours. You’ll de-louse them and keep them in good health. You’ll love your little fluffy dames, and you’ll appreciate them as pets.

Owning chickens is a big responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But if you feel you’re in a position where you can build a safe coop for them, care for them, and love them, then I think you have every reason to talk to your mother and convince her to see things from your point of view. 

What if I’ve been lying to myself this whole time and I’m not depressed just stupid and I’m actually straight


I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet around here lately, but this ^ is why. The save I use for my Pixel Rust story is in its death throes right now, and I really need to move Theodore, Westley, Madeleine and co. to a fresh town/save as soon as I can. So with that in mind, for the past couple of weeks I’ve spent most of my sim time building up Bridgeport in CAW, and today I was finally able to export and install the world.

I realize that it doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m actually pretty happy with how it’s shaping up. I expect that this world will be a perpetual work-in-progress for a long time to come, but once I place some of the buildings, houses and other community lots it will (hopefully) start looking like more than just a grassy cement blob. :P

But anyway, after I get my main sims’ houses out of the bin and dusted off, then I can shift my focus back to Serendipity and the writer’s challenge. I *promise* I haven’t forgotten about that, but it seems that I bit off quite a bit more than I can chew and I’m still trying to catch up with it all. But it will happen! Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope y’all have a good weekend. <3


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have you signed this: www(.)change(.)org/p/president-of-the-people-s-republic-of-china-stop-the-yulin-dog-meat-eating-festival? IF YOU HAVEN'T PLEASE DO! YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT YOUR ADDRESS OR ANYTHING JUST MAKE UP ONE! BUT SIGN IT PLEASE!

i’m not going to sign this because

  1. i fail to see how a petition created by a canadian organization will stop anything that’s happening in china. this petition started a year ago, nothing has progressed since then
  2. i read what they had to say and everything they wrote is extremely westernized and disrespectful

more on the second point, they use “man’s best friend” and “babies” to describe dogs, which makes it obvious to me that they are ignorant of chinese customs, traditions, and the reason why people eat dogs in the first place. that, and they’re appealing to other white people to support their cause. it’s a heavily westernized concept to associate dogs and cats as pets rather than a source of food for starving populations. so no matter how much i agree with the organization’s overall goal, i cannot support this particular one because it doesn’t understand anything about china. to me, this is just an attempt at cultural imperialism, at westerners imposing their beliefs and spreading misinformation among other westerners to shame the east.

what especially annoys me is that in their faq, they were asked how they can criticize the chinese when people all over the world eat cows, pigs, etc. their response: “We know dogs feel pain, fear, and joy because we have grown to understand them as individuals who deserve our compassion.”

sorry, do pigs, cows, and chickens not have feelings too?? are they not slaughtered in equally terrible methods throughout america/europe?? maybe focus on how animals are treated in your respective countries rather than point fingers at others. unless, of course, you don’t care about any other animal besides domestic ones. china has its own animal rights movements – people who are a part of that culture, who push for animal rights without belittling china’s customs. if you link me to one of THEIR petitions, i’ll sign that. otherwise, i find this specific movement patronizing and ignorant. and if that’s how i feel, i’d love to know how the chinese government would respond to this.

me writing a text post: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side lol

some fucking random person with a hyphen in their URL: okay this is supposed to be a joke but like CHICKENS HAVE FEELINGS TOO  YOU CAN’T JUST LIKE WRITE A FUCKING JOKE ABOUT CHICKENS AND THE DIRECTION THEY ARE WALKING

like i am sick and tired of tumblr glamorizing chickens and how they walk across roads because they sometimes get hit by cars and die like we need to destroy this idea that chickens need to cross the road

#justafriendlyreminder #chickentruth

When someone tells you to shut the fuck up in response to an ignorant question have you ever thought about this:

Maybe they’re tired of having to convince people that oppression exists.  

You all accept that the earth is round and revolves around the sun while hurtling through space but you can’t accept systemic oppression.

Dinosaurs walked the earth, but the idea that women are oppressed is just too far.

I mean, yeah, scientists have done tons of math an experiments and things to prove it over and over, but let’s say you don’t understand that math.  Because these people study science and are respected in their field you accept those conclusions.  

So why can’t you accept the conclusions not only of people who study this and are well respected in their field but people who live these experiences.  People who go through this daily in varying degrees of severity?  

So when you come to a random person’s inbox and try to be all “but ___________” and come up with some argument you think they’ve never heard before, have you considered that they have and that they are EXHAUSTED explaining the same conclusion over and over again to people who just won’t listen.  There are articles, journals, and entire books dedicated to this subject matter.  Maybe read some of those before showing up with your half baked argument.

“but we need meat to be healthy”

“but our ancestors ate meat!”

“but vegans are extreme”

“but meat is so tasty lolz XD”

“but there’s nothing wrong with dairy!”

“but we have canines”

“i don’t kill animals though i eat them!”

“but animals dont suffer”

“but who cares about pigs, cows and chicken anyways”

“but plants have feelings too!”

“but I Iove meat”