chicken goulash

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I have a question of grave importance! What is the best and worst of Hungarian cuisine?

oooh it actually depends on what you like!!

traditional Hungarian dishes are usually made with a lot of fat, garlic and paprika paprika is a true blessing tho 

a few of our most well-known dishes are paprika chicken, stuffed cabbage, goulash and fish soup- I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a handful but these are the dishes I also love!

as for the worst uhhh… as you see I’m not very picky BUT there’s one dish which makes me cringe: it’s pacal, which is made of the fukkkkkin’ stomach of a cow. imo it’s disgusting but many fellow Hungarians love it a lot so uhh I don’t know, give it a try if you’d like??

also we have this thing when we just spead fat (yes, fat) on bread idkkkk I don’t rlly like it but people say it’s delicious, especially with paprika and onions