chicken fillet burger


McDonald’s Ikasumi Burger & Camembert Chicken Fillet

Just like Burger King, McDonald’s is getting in on the Squid Ink Burger action but decided to add a Halloween spin to it and with a ghostly partner, *“~~``BoooOOOooOOh”~~“*

The Ikasumi Burger contains crispy fried onion, chipotle sauce, two patties, cheese, and the squid ink/ikasumi sauce all between buns dyed by said ink. Much like the BK Burger the squid ink added a bit of zest/bbq-like flavors but this time with the added chipotle sauce and crispy fried onions. With the added spice from the chipotle sauce and the cheese not being flavored like the BK burger it added a nice barrier/middle ground unlike the BK burger which went all out (flavoring everything) with the ikasumi sauce.

The BK Kuro Burger is not bad compared to this but the Mcdonalds Ikasumi Burger is definitely more balanced. At the cheaper price point I would have to say the McDonald’s Burger wins out. I never thought I’d say that in my life (..a McDonald’s burger beating anything).

The Camembert Chicken Fillet is comprised of very floury buns (lol), lettuce, mayonnaise, and chicken breast with melted cheese. This one wasn’t the featured burger but it should have been. It was just quality with no frills attached. It tasted surprisingly healthy and delicious..but by no stretch of the imagination is any of this healthy. The way the buns were prepared along with the great tasting chicken (that had no business being at McDonald’s) with some faux gourmet flair - definitely caught me off guard for sure.

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